Dragon Ball: Sparking Omega Announced for this Winter

Update: It seems this is a false report. Click here to see the real DBZ game that was announced.

Revealed by V Jump, Dragon Ball is headed back to consoles this Winter with another fighting game. Touting the largest roster ever, Sparking Omega is labeled as the “final form” for the series. In America the Sparking series is called Budokai Tenkaichi, for those of you wondering.

Nothing else is known about the game yet but announcement should be coming soon.

You really have to wonder how many of these they can churn out before they try something new. You can only add some many “new” characters before its back to the drawing board. I love me some DBZ but maybe its time to come up with something new. Like maybe a whole new storyline featuring new characters but still have the DBZ world. We could follow Goku Jr. after A Hero’s Legacy. Either way, I’m starting to hear from my friends who are crazy about Dragon Ball that these fighting games are getting ridiculous. They are wondering if they are going to add Super Saiyan 3 Nappa just to help increase the roster’s “What If?” section. Given the change I always play as 100% Frieza or Janemba.

The RPG games like Legacy of Goku, Sagas, and whatnot were always my favorite. I enjoyed the first three Budokai games but let’s start getting into some other genres, guys.

Enough with my doubt, Sparking Omega is headed to the PS3 and Xbox 360 this Winter.

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