Blizzard Allowing Players To Change Their Battletags

Blizz has seen some issues with player “names” or coming up with ways to let their players find each other and chat. Remember the Real ID fiasco? Players didn’t want their actual e-mail addresses and names being shown to millions of World of Warcraft players. Who would? If you ninja’d an item off a boss and left, those people would know how to get in contact with you. Well, it seems they’ve come up with a good alternative.

Blizzard has implemented the Battletag program with Diablo 3’s release to give their players a shorter and easier way to find friends. These tags are composed of a word and some numbers, though you won’t see the numbers in-game. For example, let’s take a made up tag like Leviathyn#0663. Leviathyn is the tag I chose. #0663 is a string of numbers that Blizzard applies to my tag that I can use to give out to my friends. They can find me either by searching for Leviathyn or for #0663. It’s sort of like the Real ID but much more simpler and less risky.

In the rush to participate in Diablo 3’s beta, players chose a Battletag to not only test the new system but put in place your chosen name and applied number onto your account. Blizzard sees that many players are asking for Battletag changes since they did not understand that the beta’s chosen name would stick. Because of this, Blizzard is allowing players one free Battletag change. You can only do this once so ensure you pick the right tag this time.

To change your Battletag, log into’s website with your account and head to the Summary page. On the left side you’ll see information about you and your account. There should be text saying you can change your tag that you can click on. Once you click on that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose a new name for the tag. It does warn you that you can only do this once.

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