Remember These Games With Day One Bugs?

Game development is a long, harrowing process. Code must be written, characters designed, animations created, and a whole host of other items have to be addressed before a game can even be considered complete.

Because of the complexity of development, it’s a common, yet unfortunate occurrence for bugs to slip under the radar during testing and be found in the final build of the game.

The most recent example is Blizzard’s Diablo III, which suffered a game-breaking bug and left some players out in the cold with error codes flashing on their screens.

While frustrating, it’s not the first time a game has been released with a set of issues. Here are some games from recent memory with day-one glitches ranging from hilarious to game crippling:


Dead Island

Techland’s take on the zombie genre was among the most anticipated games of 2011. However, with issues regarding save files, multiplayer connectivity, and performance, it left much to be desired among gamers.

Especially PC gamers, who were alarmed to discover that the version released on Steam was the incorrect build to be sold to consumers. The PC version was racked with bugs, most notably a nasty camera that switched to a third-person view, and the strange ability to warp to parts of the Island that were not normally accessible.


Fallout: New Vegas

Bethesda’s games are an interesting animal in the fact that their games are both ambitious and notoriously buggy. Due in part to their massive size and scope, the games have a long history of strange glitches that both amuse and frustrate gamers.
While the Fallout series is not new to bugs, New Vegas gets a special mention here due to its strange game-breaking bug involving locking players out of the New Vegas strip, an area necessary to access in order to continue playing the game. Other strange bugs included enemies being stuck on rocks, lengthy load times, random enemy spawning, freezing, and frequent crashes, eventually being dubbed “A heaping pile of bugs” by one reviewer.



Adding to Bethesda’s roster of bug-ridden titles, 2011’s Skyrim was no stranger to glitches. Most notably affecting the PS3, Skyrim was guilty of freezing, frequent game crashes, chugging frame rate, and a rare bug that even corrupted PS3 systems. Outside of those, Skyrim’s bugs bordered more along the amusing, with everything from placing baskets on unsuspecting villagers to getting launched a million feet in the air upon dying.


Battlefield 3

Of all the strangest set of bugs on this list, Battlefield stands out amongst the most hilarious. Part of that long list includes character models becoming distorted with giraffe-length necks, bodies flying around the map, people sliding along the ground instead of crouch walking, camera dipping below the screen in some instances, and players continuing to fire bullets in the air after dying. Within the game were some more serious breaking bugs as well, including a broken quicktime event in the final mission, lack of quitting options, and eternal load screens.


Modern Warfare 2

Glitches in Modern Warfare 2 became a massive headache for anyone playing online, as they were repeatedly exploited and used to score easy kills. Among those were random enemies re-spawning next to you, accessing parts of buildings you shouldn’t be able to, walking through walls, and an infamous glitch involving carrying a rocket launcher to become a walking human bomb that resulted in players getting suspended from Xbox Live for a day as the glitches were getting patched.


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Probably the oddest installment on this list, Skyward Sword suffered a massive game-breaking glitch toward the end of the game that resulted with the rest of the game being rendered unplayable after speaking with a certain NPC. Nintendo is not known to have many serious bugs in their games, which made this especially painful for Zelda fans.



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  1. Crazyknight01

    Maybe but aside from the fact that Diablo III has been in development almost a decade , we also have to consider that D3 doesnt really push the genre or technology much like all of this games you listed here. The only thing that D3 really pushed was the cinematics and those dont have anything to do with the bugs.

    So counting all that and knowing they had not only the time AND resources then one cant really feel remorse for the fire they are getting on the bugs from the fans.

  2. Irk72ag

    Реальность такова, что все игры будут с багами, какие-то меньше какие то больше…

  3. Lord_cack

    Not sure if anyone Remembers the launch of Anarchy Online, but WOW, that was maybe the worst launch ever!!!

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