Amazing Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots

Earlier this year at GDC, Epic Games debuted the Unreal Engine 4. The company has long enjoyed success with their Unreal Engine 3, an engine that has powered a large percentage of games since its initial release, ranging from small indie games to big titles like the Gears of War franchise.

With Unreal Engine 4, it appears that Epic is looking toward the future and gearing up for the next generation of console releases. While it won’t be revealed to the public until June, we have a handful of screenshots from the tech demo and some information that has been leaked regarding the technology and power we have to look forward to from the UE4.

What we know:

-A new scripting tool looks to make development seamless, featuring a connection between objects and behaviors in the environment and a cause-and-effect relationship between the two.

-Amazingly detailed particle effects, environmental destruction, fire, and far-off landscape detail.

-Overall aesthetic of insane photorealism.

Now, close your eyes and imagine for a moment…a Gears of War game on this engine. I know, right?!

Check out screenshots below (click to expand):

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