5 Games That Need Movies

Last week I wrote an article titled 10 Movies That Need Video Games. And while there are even more movies I’d like to play in a video game, I thought the opposite of the list should be made. This list is much harder to compile because there have been so few successful movies based on video games. People are afraid to dream about the possibilities and fear their favorite games will end up like the Super Mario Bros movie. But I’ll give it a shot. So today here are 5 video games that I think need movies.

5. Metroid Prime

I didn’t play Metroid much as a kid. Actually, I don’t think I played it at all. But I had a lot of friends who were diehard Metroid fans and I always ended up watching them play. Personally, I think watching a live action Samus sounds more appealing than watching the old side-scroller Samus. A battle suited female bounty hunter fighting aliens and space pirates is the perfect set up for a kick ass movie. I remember hearing rumors for a Metroid movie years ago, but they never resulted in the blockbuster of my dreams. Metroid starts off the list because it’s one of Nintendo’s best series and deserves to have its name in the box office.

4. Dead Space

Dead Space’s story really brings together multiple elements that could drive a good movie. For starters, the main character isn’t over powerful like most Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies. The movie has a horror/suspense feel to it, but it’s still primarily an investigative/shoot em up alien game. The Dead Space movie would be cool because Isaac Clarke, the main character, doesn’t just find weapons lying around. Using his engineering skills he makes weapons like Kinesis Module and Hydrazine Torch Flamethrower. This movie could push the boundaries on so many genres, just like the game did. Although if they make it as creepy as they made the game I wouldn’t watch this one by myself.

3. Red Dead Redemption

I’ve never been a big Western movie fan. Probably because most of them are old and filled with bad actors. But the first director to choose John Marston as the main character is going to be a genius. There’s already a good storyline and interpretation of the Old West laid out for a movie. This is a title that could redefine the Western genre. Even if they choose to go an untraditional route with this movie, I think the Undead Nightmare version would make a fantastic movie too. What’s better than adding the greatness of Red Dead Redemption paired with zombies into a movie?

2. Zelda

It’s a classic story straight from the original Zelda game. The green clad Link features as the main character has he strives to save the beautiful princess Zelda. This movie could use the storyline of numerous different Zelda titles, from Ocarina of Time to the Twilight Princess. This game would make for some cool action scenes where fans could watch their favorite gadgets in action. Bombs, boomerangs, grappling hooks, and maybe even a tingle tuner? Link, who I imagined could be played by a younger Orlando Bloom would travel across the world until his epic fight with Ganondorf. Ganondorf could be played by Ian McKellen (from LotR) or Gene Simmons (from KISS). I can’t think of a better line-up.

1. Halo

How could any other game make the number 1 spot? Fans were promised a Halo movie years ago. We saw set pictures and short clips of combat scenes. There were pictures of Master Chief and a life sized Warthog that spread like wildfire across the internet. The rumored 100 million dollar budget pushed the movie to only 6 months of filming before the project was declared dead. Every year Microsoft says they’re thinking about restarting the production. Until then, we keep our fingers crossed and ears perked in hope of a definitive movie title.

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    • TravisFreese

      I definitely considered Mass Effect but in the end I just thought it had way too many choices for the player to make. Everybody would be mad with which ever direction they took the movie.

      I totally agree Metal Gear Solid would make a good movie.

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