Bruce Willis is Apparently in Project X Zone (Well, Sorta…)

Update: Better scans added below.


The crossover to end all crossovers! Capcom is teaming up with Sega and Namco to produce the spiritual successor to Namco x Capcom called Project x Zone (the ‘x’ is pronounced as cross). This we already know. The game was announced, showed off, and featured back in April. The game features some awesome tactical RPG action where you get to team up with some of your favorite video game characters. Mega Man X, Frank West (Dead Rising), KOS-MOS (Xenosaga), Jin Kazama (Tekken), Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter), and Ulala (Space Channel 5) are just some names to roll off for each company’s rosters. More and more characters are being show off periodically but this rumor is particularly from left field.

Taken from a 4chan thread (yes, I know…) we have scans from a magazine showing off new reveals, information, and screens for Project x Zone. I was alerted to this by a friend and couldn’t believe it until he showed me the scans himself. A new character, what looks to be Bruce Willis, standing next to Chun-Li. Say what? Well, turns out there is a very possible explanation for it all.

Sega wanted to produce to a Die Hard game for the Arcade and Sega Saturn. They were afforded the license and came out with Die Hard Arcade back in 1996. In Japan it was known as Dynamite Deka. The problem was that they were unable to get the license for anywhere other than Europe and the US it seems. Instead of John McClane, Japan had Bruno Delinger. The character bore a striking resemblance to Bruce Willis and there was even a sequel known as Dynamite Cop. Sega, obviously, still owns the license and publishing rights to Dynamite Deka and Cop and I guess they thought it would be fun to include Bruce Wil– sorry, Bruno Delinger in Project x Zone.

Hard to believe still? I don’t blame you. Here are the scans (including all the ones that 4chan thread had) and even the cover of Dynamite Deka showing a very Willis-like Delinger.


Dynamite Deka with Bruno Delinger (Bruce Willis' non-licensed twin)


Now for the scans, the first being the picture of Bruno Delinger (Bruce Willis/John McClane) and Chun-Li. Followed by the rest of the scans.
(Update: Better scans added. Older scans deleted!)