Diablo 3

Blizzard’s Fixes for Diablo 3 Servers

It’s a trying time for anyone to play Diablo III right now, be you in the Americas, Europe or Asian servers. Blizzard have announced that they are currently working on an emergency fix update:

  • Increase server capacity to reduce Error 37 (that number shall haunt me for the rest of my life).
  • Working on resolving Error 3006 – a major, game-breaking error resulting from trading between the player and the Templar NPC. Basically, Error 3006 means that your game has been desynchronised from Blizzards servers, making the system believe that you have obtained the game license illegally.
  • Attempt to resolve kicking players from their world.
  • Re-patch lost game progress (personally affected me twice) or, more likely, a stop to data loss but no way to retrieve that which is already lost.
  • Attempt to fix map data loss.

The internet is baying for Blizzard’s blood after this poor launch. The repeated chorus maintains that all this is to do with the companies intent on stopping piracy/cheating by forcing players to play their singleplayer games whilst connected to the internet. However you feel about this, the way that Diablo III launched is, in my opinion, inexcusable. The only consolation so far is that Blizzard are at least aware of what they need to fix and are working on it – although the mind boggles at how a company as experienced with massively multiplayer games could fail to anticipate the problems that they are facing. There is at present no details on how quickly this emergency fix will be implemented. I’ll update this post with any news of new fixes/bugs/work arounds… etc, so keep tuned.