The Ten Strangest Fighting Game Characters Of All Time

In order for a fighting game to be successful, it must have two things: balanced gameplay where any character can defeat any other character, and a varied roster of selectable fighters. Not every person on the list can be a Ryu-like martial artist or Scorpion-like ninja; players need variety in order to keep things interesting.

However, some fighting games take some serious liberties with the “varied roster” idea. To put it simply, there are some wacky fighting game characters floating around in the video game universe. I’ve listen ten of them here, and they range from prehistoric to Russian mystic and more. Enjoy the Ten Strangest Fighting Game Characters of All Time.

Blanka (Street Fighter 2)

Street Fighter has become a household name for gamers everywhere. Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li…there isn’t a fighting game fan that doesn’t know these names. Among the original eight Street Fighters is Blanka, a green-skinned, orange-haired wild man from Brazil. He rolls himself into a ball and flings himself into his opponent. He channels incredible amounts of electricity to shock his foes. Best of all, as his ending reveals, he’s actually a little boy raised by the jungle after a plane crash who gets reunited with his mommy. Blanka has followed the Street Fighter series through the years, only missing the Street Fighter III games, and he’s still as strange as ever.

Amingo (Marvel vs Capcom 2)

Speaking of giant green people, Marvel vs Capcom 2 featured a living cactus that could spawn mini cactuses. Amingo was an original creation for MvC2, I assume because Capcom needed one more character to even the roster to 56, and he’s one of the weirdest fighters I’ve ever seen. One of his super moves would see him turn into a giant, turning beanstalk, the other had him summon a flower that, if it hits, will throw the opponent INTO AMINGO who then shakes them up and spits them out. He’s a strange cactus dude, but he’s well worth a try if you’re still playing MvC2.


Roger/Alex/Roger Jr. (Tekken)

Boxing kangaroos aren’t all that strange, but seeing one in a fighting game? That was new, especially for an impressionable nine-year-old like myself. Namco upped the ante, though, adding a boxing dinosaur doppelganger named Alex. These two were on my short list of favorite Tekken characters back when Tekken 2 lived in my PS1, and their absence from Tekken 3 and 4 was a bit disappointing. Then, Roger Jr (literally a boxing joey in a boxing kangaroo’s pouch) shows up and I get my boxing wildlife back. All three of these characters stick out like sore thumbs, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to play.


Hornet (Fighters Megamix)

Of course, pugilist fauna have nothing on a fighting race car. Fighters Megamix on the Sega Saturn threw a bunch of Sega franchises into one huge fighting game. Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, even Sonic the Fighters made an appearance in this title. However, nothing tops Hornet, the race car from Daytona USA. The car punched and kicked with its tires and made race car noises as it fought. Despite the defied logic, Hornet was actually a decent character in Fighters Megamix. DAYTOOOOOONAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Double (Skullgirls)

The newest member of the weird fighter list, Double is, well…I’m not sure what the hell Double is. It’s a nun, then it’s a monster, then it’s any of the other Skullgirls fighters…Double is a lot of things. There’s one thing that’s not for dispute, though: Double is freakin’ scary. When she (it?) morphs from the nun to the monster, it’s downright frightening. There were some other Skullgirls chararacters I could have included, Painwheel being an example, but no one out-weirds Double. No way.

Bridget (Guilty Gear)

If you’re not familiar with Guilty Gear, you’re probably thinking “what’s so weird about a woman in a nun outfit?” If you ARE familiar with Guilty Gear, you’re laughing to yourself. Bridget is not a female; this is a man. As the story goes, Bridget hails from a village where twins of different genders are considered cursed, so his parents raised both of the twins as females despite being one of each. Takes a whole different spin now, doesn’t it? Guilty Gear should be commended for being brave enough to include a transvestite character in their game, aside from Poison I can’t think of many others. However, it’s still a big surprise once it’s figured out.

Rasputin (World Heroes)

Russia’s greatest love machine made his way into World Heroes with a moveset utilizing projectiles and abnormally large hands and feet. This guy also has the single best laugh in fighting game history. Just watch the clip above, that laugh plays ad nauseum. I LOVED using Rasputin, his crazy style threw off all of my opponents, and THAT LAUGH…let’s just say I was once told I wasn’t allowed to use him anymore because of that laugh alone. Plus, how many fighting games have ACTUAL historical figures as combatants?

Mokap (Mortal Kombat)

In making this list, I’ve noticed that there are different types of strange: weird strange, funny strange, awesome strange, etc. This guy falls under “stupid strange.” Mokap had to have been a throw-in-at-the-last-minute type of character just for laughs, but I didn’t find anything funny about him. He just looks silly with those balls coming off of him. I’m sure plenty of people were cool with Mokap, but to me he represents everything that went wrong with the PS2 MK games.

Gon (Tekken 3 PS1)

Perhaps the greatest guest character of all time, Gon turned Tekken 3 into his own personal playground. Gon was unstoppable: his short stature made him hard to hit, his ranged moves like breathing fire and farting (yes, farting) made up for his barely-there arms, and he was a fast little jerk in the right hands. Plus, he has the best ending in the game, a never-ending loop of him getting into trouble out in a wooded area somewhere. Gon was awesome, a highlight of one of the best Tekken games ever. And he farted to damage his opponent. Awesome. However, Gon is not the only prehistoric combatant to make his way onto this list…

Barney The Dinosaur (Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport)

I’m not playing any tricks here. I didn’t make this up. Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport was a fighter for DOS wayyy back in the 90s by 3D Realms (then Apogee Software). Eight different alien beings are transported onto a starship to flight for glory.  Anyone who wants to try it can download it for themselves right here.  Tucked into the code of the game was an Easter egg for everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur to join the fight. He doesn’t do much of anything, he just flings hearts at the opponent until they submit, but it’s still surreal to see Barney going toe-to-toe with this aliens. Apparently 3D Realms weren’t big fans of the lovable guy…


Fighting games don’t get much weirder than the ten fighters above. From a living cactus to whatever the hell Double actually is, these are the weirdest of the weird in the fighting game universe. Make sure to try every single one of these characters, if only because of their sheer oddities.