The Characters of Diablo 3

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As we prepare to enter the world of Sanctuary once again, it is good idea to know the names you will be seeing and be acquainted with them. This list will contain no spoilers for Diablo 3 but only information known from the previous two games and what came forth from The Book of Cain. I highly suggest picking that book up. It is very, very informative and presses all events from the beginning of time and up to the beginning of Diablo 3. That being said, let us roll on since there are many names to go over.




Deckard Cain

“Stay awhile and listen!” Although we may not be hearing that this time around, Cain has been hard at work following the travesties of the Pandemonium Fortress and Mount Arreat. He has compiled a tome full of mortal and immortal histories with many notes to his niece, Leah. He wishes to teach her about all things and get her to understand how desperate these times are. Cain is foreshadowing the End Times. From what Leah has been seeing, Cain is trying to prepare for the worst. He also recognizes that his days may soon be up.



The daughter of Adria, the witch in Tristram from Diablo 1. Cain has taken her under his protection and guidance. He had a dream about Leah when she was very young. He saw her in the midst of a trecherous war but Leah was an adult — the same as she appears now in Diablo 3. Cain’s dream was just the beginning as Leah would had visions of nightmarish things all throughout her life. She has seen things that would scar a person for life. However, with the temperance and shoulder of Deckard Cain she has bloomed into a caring woman. She will need more that, though. She has seen a new enemy at the gates. One that promises to destroy all she knows and every thing that Sanctuary holds.





The Lord of Terror. This Prime Evil has been the main focus in both prior games and may return for the third. The truth is, we have no idea what remains of Diablo after his defeat in the hellish realm of Destruction. Although it would be safe to say that he will have some sort of influence over the story, I cannot say either way. His Soulstone was shattered and according to the Horadrim and Tyrael, that should all the Lord of Terror wrote. Diablo is a master tactician and feeds off the fear of others. As long as there remains turmoil, chaos, and pain in Sanctuary, Diablo will have a way into the mortal heart.



The Lord of Sin. He is a Lesser Evil but do not take that as a weakness. In the times before the Lesser Evils have been known to be just as ruthless and cunning as the Primes. Also, during the Dark Exile, the Lessers drove the Primes out of Hell. Azmodan was at the center of the exile. As one of two Evils to never grace Sanctuary, Azmodan remains largely an unknown force. As the Lord of Sin, his prowess is temptation and seduction. He can force you to do his bidding by falsely giving you a taste of what you want or bend your will to the point of no return. It remains to be seen what kind of play he will have in the story.



The Lord of Lies. The second Lesser Evil to not step foot in Sanctuary. However, the accounts of Belial from captured demons are far from good news. As with the nature of Belial’s powers, he could already be on Sanctuary. His deception is near immaculate and he can impersonate anyone he wishes to close perfection. If he has entered the mortal realm, it is unknown how long he has been here. His lies turn to illusions as the intricate webs of deceit only serve to bring his targets in close until finally Belial’s true nature comes forth. He relishes in the sight of one knowing he was deceived.


The Other Evils

It is safe to say that we will not be seeing Mephisto this time around. His essence was capture within the sapphire Soulstone and shattered upon the Hellforge in the Realm of Destruction. If the Horadrim and Tyrael were correct, then that should have ended the Lord of Hatred for good. However, like mentioned above, the same happened to Diablo’s ruby Soulstone. As for Baal, his body was obliterated during the shattering of the Worldstone. It is believed that his essence was poured into the Abyss like Diablo and Mephisto.

As for the Lesser Evils that were defeated, Andariel and Duriel, it was never mentioned if these demonic lords required a Soulstone capture or not. If they do, then their essences are free to enter Sanctuary again provided they have a way in. If not, then it is safe to say that the Maiden of Anguish and Lord of Pain are gone.





The Angiris Council

Although we are mostly new to the High Heavens and their denizens, there are plenty accounts of them given to mortals by Tyrael and the Horadrim during the Hunt for the Three. The Angiris Council sits the Archangels who preside over the High Heavens and the angelic armies. These five angels are among the most powerful entities in the known universe and each of them possess a legendary item that they use either in battle or to further their studies and powers.



The Archangel of Valor. Imperius lives for the Eternal Conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. He won’t stop until the war is done and he stands over the enemy’s broken and shattered bodies and conquest. Although this seems harsh for an angel, Imperius’ first steps into existence were of a soldier and he continues to be one. His duties with the council show him as the commander of the angelic armies, tactical mastermind, and unofficial leader. His legendary item is Solarian, the Spear of Valor.



The Archangel of Justice. Tyrael has had much contact with the mortals of Sanctuary and even sacrificed much for them. He was once known as an angel with a strict adherence to the law and governed rules. However, he is now known as a renegade. His work during the Hunt for the Three along with the Horadrim mages angered Imperius. Tyrael has tried to end the Eternal Conflict against the wishes and ways that Imperius wanted. Through all this, he still stands on the Angiris Coucil. However, when he destroyed the corrupted Worldstone, his body was seemingly obliterated along with Baal’s. His legendary item is El’druin, the Sword of Justice.



The Archangel of Hope. It is said that her words are calm and soothing. Only she was able to separate Imperius and Tyrael during their personal conflicts. She is in possession of Al’maiesh, the Cord of Hope, and uses it against her enemies but also to drape her comrades to keep their minds focused and soothed. While she resides in hope, she is also a feared opponent on the field. Auriel can quickly use Al’maiesh in a destructive way to clear lines of foes and she does not shy away from the Eternal Conflict.



The Archangel of Fate. Itherael is said to be a quiet one and spends most of his time studying the threads of fate. He records and reads so that he knows all that he can. Imperius has asked him many times to wonder about the outcome of the Eternal Conflict. However, Itherael has always commanded a dedication to victory yet has never shared the true outcome with the Archangel of Valor. Itherael is in possession of Talus’ar, the Scroll of Fate. This mystical device looks and unfolds like a normal scroll but the contents of it change with what Itherael wishes to read. He is calculating in battle and extremely fast.



The Archangel of Wisdom. Not much is know about Malthael other than his intelligence and the way he carries himself. Like Tyrael, over time there has been a change in Malthael’s character — however, in this instance, for the worse. Malthael went from someone who cherished life into a morbid and feared member of the Council. He sees truth in all things and does not give in to rumors or speculation. Perhaps because of this he understands the situations that all entities in the universe face. He receives insight from Chalad’ar, the Chalice of Wisdom.


And so we have it, the characters of Diablo 3. Be it more or less, these entities were gone over in the Book of Cain. If you like what you have read here, then I highly suggest buying it to learn more. My few lines for each character are paltry compared to the pages Deckard Cain wrote. It is a great way to prepare for the journey ahead.

We have less then 13 hours (as of this writing) before the servers for Diablo 3 come online. Our twelve years of waiting are about to end. Are you truly prepared to face Evil once again?





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