Help the Avengers fight Skrulls in Battle for Earth on Wii-U, Kinect

Usually, it’s a given, Marvel releases a movie, and then there’s a video game based on it. Not so for the Avengers. While there are games for mobile and Facebook, there isn’t one for consoles. THQ’s was developing one, but the game ended up in Cancellation Land. Now Ubisoft has picked up the reins.

But their game won’t be based on the massively popular movie playing in the theaters right now. Instead, it draws from the “Secret Invasion” comic storyline, which has the Avengers fighting Skrulls, shape-shifting aliens trying to take over Earth. Coincidentally, in the Ultimate line of Marvel comics, Chitauri is the name of the Skrulls. So while it’s not a direct movie tie-in game, it’s a spiritual sister to the movie. The Skrulls begin their invasion by secretly taking replacing some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes with Skrull replicas, causing no end of confusion and fuss, so it’ll be interesting to see if any of that gets into the game.

Ubisoft is using motion control for the game’s UI, which could make for an awesome game or a disastrous mess. It’s obviously too early to tell which way it’ll go, but I’m hoping Ubisoft will make a stellar game.

One interesting mention by Ubisoft is a competitive gaming aspect. Unfortunately, that’s all the information they gave on the idea, and who knows whether it’ll make it into the final game. Plans do change, after all. But I’m curious to see what they’ll do.

Battle for Earth will include over 20 different heroes, so the Avengers are only the beginning.

Tony Key, US senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, had this to say: “We are excited to team up with Marvel Entertainment to bring some of the most iconic comic book characters from the Marvel line-up to life in motion-gaming. Fans of the Marvel universe and superhero games are going to love the extensive combinations of characters, motion-controlled moves and competitive gameplay.”

As of now, Avengers: Battle for Earth is slated for a Fall 2012 release.