Cheap Steam Games You May Have Missed

Got a $20? Steam has a huge collection of games and a lot of them drop prices faster then a desperate… well, you get the idea. Thing is, with the growing list of games coming out and how many price drops there are on Steam, some of the highlights may get pushed aside and shoveled into the mix. Unless these titles are brought up on the front page for a specific sale, you may not even know they exist nowadays. Which is a shame because the following games are extremely fun, affordable, and feature various types of gameplay for just about everyone. Another great aspect of this article is that most of them are considered Indie with the exception of one or two of them. Indie titles deserve all the face time they can get and it has been a while since these titles have had any.


Dungeons of Dredmor


Old school dungeon crawler with great humor and even greater challenge. You stride through the halls block by block finding mystical items and tough creatures trying to survive as long as you can. There are no continues here, folks. You die, you stay dead. You can start over using the same configuration as last try but you won’t have all those sweet items you had found. Dungeons is a fun game and can get kinda addictive for a bit. When I started playing I think I died and started over at least 20 times before I called it quits that night. If you’re looking for a fun, old school game featuring tons of items and character customization you’ve found your buddy in Dungeons of Dredmor.

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Bloody Good Time


Looking for a cheap multiplayer game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and loads up on crazy characters and weapons? How about one where you have to make sure you kill others in devious ways and not get caught by the guards? You’ve landed a role in an upcoming movie but the problem is that seven others did, too. You gotta kill them off so Director X picks you! Every stage (set) has a ton of traps you can set like poison in the living room, spikes, and a lot more. These kills can take a long time, too. During the game you have to make sure you eat, stay clean, and sleep. This makes you fight better but leaves you open to possible death.

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Serious Sam Double D


As a part of the pre-release for Serious Sam 3, the company commissioned a couple smaller studios to create games based on the series in genres other then first person shooter. The first to come out was Double D, a side scrolling shoot ’em up with a ridiculous twist: you could fashion up to four guns on top of your current gun. Say what? Yes, you can equip a rocket launch and then attach four more rocket launchers on top of them. Just look at the picture to the right! Also, five chainsaws at once. Five. Chainsaws. At. Once.

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Like Mega Man? You’ll love A.R.E.S. This game features the same type of gameplay as the Blue Bomber but with full circle shooting action and a collection of suits to change into depending on the way you want to play and the challenge ahead. A.R.E.S. is really fun and some of the bosses are huge! You even collect parts from enemies and find secret items to get more weapons, powers, and upgrades. The soundtrack is boss, too. You’ll feel like Maverick hunting all over again with the sense of nostalgia this game will give you. Great platformer!

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Super Meat Boy


One of two game on this list that were actually really popular for quite some time but now have faded into the mist. Super Meat Boy is a really fun and challenging game where you have to get Meat Boy to his girlfriend Bandage Girl in every map. You’re constantly foiled by Dr. Fetus and you follow him across many different worlds in order to save your love. Sound good? You betcha! This game, in my opinion, is best played with a controller but it is doable with the keyboard. Oh, and man that soundtrack is so good.

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Just click on the link below and check out the video that plays for VVVVVV. The game is lighthearted, fun, humorous, and extremely challenging. The soundtrack features some sweet chiptunes to keep your head bobbing while switching the gravitational pull across the areas. You have to get your character through the ship safely which, seriously, is not easy. Don’t get me wrong, though. The game isn’t so hard that it discourages you. It’s one of those “oh man, duh!” type of games.

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The Binding of Isaac


This old school Zelda-esque game features a twisted story of a boy who is to be sacrificed to the high heavens by his own mother. You escaped into the cellar but are transported into a horrifying and gut wrenching world where you must escape. You have to feel for Isaac. All alone and trapped in a… Clive Barker type of place. The game is a bit challenging but gives off that Zelda-like charm with hidden rooms, weapons, and items that make you satisfied and is just fun.

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Realm of the Mad God


This online quasi-MMO of a game features nice 8-bit graphics and directional attacks as you try to get down the Mad God. Servers hold p to 85 players and everyone on it gets the same alerts for quests. The game tries to keep players together to fight and earn weapons, armor, items, and levels. The trick is that you only have one life. If you die, you have to start over from level one. The game rewards patience and good playing with new classes. In order to get your first new class, you have to hit level five with the starter. It gets a bit challenging to unlock later on as you have to hit level 10 or higher with two different classes to unlock some of the cooler ones.

Click here to check out Realm of the Mad God on Steam




The other very popular game on this list but to be honest, Terraria has really escaped the front page and Top Seller list on Steam. It is also a shame that the game is basically finished. We had a couple big patches and now the creator of the game has decided to call it quits and moved on. Terraria is extremely fun, especially with friends. You start with basically nothing and have to dig and mine your way to becoming an armored badass. The various bosses and events that you come across really give the game some replay value. Once again, the team may be done with it but you can still find plenty to do in Terraria.

Click here to check out Terraria on Steam

Also, if you like Terraria, click here to check out Starbound, a new game being developed by an ex-Terraria team member


Poker Night at the Inventory


Made by Telltale Games, this humorous team-up of characters is ingenious in its design and execution. Poker Night is very simple and does not stray from what it was meant to do: Poker with funny characters. You got the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Strong Bad from HomeStar Runner, Tycho from Penny Arcade, and Max from Sam & Max. Each of them come with their trademarked sayings and attitudes. Every game is just as fun as the last as you don’t know who is going to say what or even place what on the table as their entry fee. You can gain items for Team Fortress 2 like a new Heavy weapon, Spy gun, and other stuff.

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