Casual Gaming and the Retro Scene

Casual Games don’t command much respect from serious gamers. And why should they? It hurts inside when I see a friend engulfed in Bloons or Farmville. Especially friends who are close minded about video games, but love the flash games they play on their phones. But even though casual and mobile gaming is a source of anger for serious gamers, it is fulfilling a couple specific duties for the hardcore community.

Casual Gaming is reviving the old school classics. People who never tried these old titles, or video games at all for that matter are downloading games that would make an serious gamer proud. It’s not just old arcade games like Pac-Man and Dig-Dug either, its serious video game classics. Right now you can download Doom, Final Fantasy I and II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wolfenstein 3D, and Rouge all onto your iPhone.

With the technology of smart phones increasing it’s easy for them to play old games. How much processing power does a unit really need to run the first Final Fantasy? And as more people buy old games for their mobile devices, more companies will see how they can push some more money out of old games. Soon, hopefully, we’ll have a whole library’s worth of NES and Sega titles available for download on App Stores.

Having Classic titles available for download is an awesome improvement to the casual gaming world. Now serious gamers have games that are worth their time. But more importantly it’s also getting new people into the video game movement. They are starting out their gaming career like so many others with early console games. These aren’t people that would ever go out and buy a NES, but because it’s on their phone they’ll give it a shot. The games are fun, but simple, and are ushering more people into understanding the point of playing video games. How long does it really take to jump from Wolfenstein 3D to Call of Duty?

So in-between the Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja games we’re seeing a revival in retro classics. Even if it’s not reviving the old school scene it’s doing its part in preserving the past of gaming. More retro titles are being released in app stores every day. More importantly, it’s getting more people interested in video games starting at a basic level of gaming. So even if you think casual gaming is the tarnish of the gaming world, it’ll be interesting to see how many new members it ends up adding to the video game community.