The Top Ten Games for Moms

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and while some have moms they’ve had to compete with for game time, most of us usually end up explaining what the A button does or which character she is on the screen in the rare occasion we can convince her to join in.

So, what better way to celebrate than sharing in your hobby with her? Keeping simple controls and easy fun in mind, here’s a list of ten Mom-friendly games you can get her into this Sunday.


#10 Fruit Ninja Kinect

The iPhone bestseller has made its way to the Kinect, and it’s just as much fun on the big screen as it is on iOS. Not only featuring the basic modes found in the original version, such as Arcade, Classic, and Zen, the Kinect version also has a co-op mode that will allow you and Mom to face off against each other or work together to accumulate points in the fruit-slicing frenzy. No need to worry about explaining difficult controls; much like the swipe-based simplicity of the original, all she has to do is wave her arms.


#9 Dance Central

If Mama likes to bust a move, look no further than dance central. With upbeat, recognizable music, different difficulty modes, and a host of interesting mechanics, Dance Central is a game sure to entice Moms who aren’t afraid of getting on the dance floor. The Kinect again makes the game very appealing to non-gamers who aren’t so controller savvy, so Mom should be able to pick it up pretty quickly.


#8 Brain Age

For Moms who aren’t so competitive, Brain Age offers a great alternative. Based on the work of a Japanese neuroscientist, Brain Age is a “workout for the brain”, composed of exercises meant to stimulate mental function. While that sounds like the empty promise on the back of an educational toy, Brain Age is fun, playing a lot like a puzzle/quiz style game. Players can link up multiple DS systems to compete in speed calculation games together, and once she gets the hang of the stylus and touch screen, brainy Moms will surely get a kick out of it.


#7 Bejewled

Pop Cap’s bestselling puzzle game is a favorite amongst many, finding success on both Smartphones and the PC. Gameplay is simple; line up as many like-colored gems as you can, all done with the click of a button or a tap of the finger. Visuals are striking, gameplay is satisfying, and like all of Pop Cap’s other games, it’s strangely addicting. Put Mom in front of Bejewled, and it’s likely you won’t see her for a few hours.


#6 Words With Friends

With the widespread appeal of Zynga’s Words With Friends, you’ve probably already played it with your Mom. With droves of players, the Scrabble-style word game has quickly found itself as one of the most appealing and easy to pick up games on the Smartphone. On top of scoring points for using rare letters, Moms will enjoy schooling you in spelling, too.  


#5 Professor Layton

Look to Nintendo’s story-driven puzzler Professor Layton for a game hardcore puzzle fan Moms will enjoy. With titles like The Last Specter and The Diabolical Box, there are several Layton titles sure to keep Mom busy once she gets into the intrigue. Once again using the DS and the stylus, players solve a host of different ingenious puzzles as they help solve whatever mystery Professor Layton has found himself in the middle of.


#4 Little Big Planet

While picking up controller may be a little more intimidating, the sidescrolling platformer should be pretty Mom friendly by the time she gets the hang of it. Gameplay is fun and simple with just enough challenge to keep players interested, but not deter them in any way. Plus, who doesn’t love the adorable Sackboy?


#3 Super Smash Bros

For moms with a competitive edge, look no further than Super Smash Bros. Any of the installments on Nintendo consoles are fun, and while the combat system does have some advanced chains and combos, button-mashing Moms will still be able to knock you off the screen, especially if they pick up dangerous dropped items. The only thing that will hurt is your ego when her spasm-ridden Kirby destroys your carefully-controlled Link.


#2 Mario Kart

Mario is an easy swing with Moms. He’s recognizable, and the characters surrounding him are comfortable and fun.

What better way to introduce mom to a Mario game than one of the bestselling kart racers of all time?

It will take a moment for her to figure out the controls, but with a cute, quirky air about it, Mario Kart is one of the least intimidating video games to put your Mom in front of. It’s likely she’ll be happy to play as Peach, too.


#1 Kinect Sports/Wii Sports/Sports Champions

With an individual take on the motion-controlled sports genre for all three platforms, these games continue to hold up as some of the most popular amongst casual gamers and even those outside of the gaming know. With easy controls, great technical response, and a wide range of different sports, any one of these will be a sure bet to keep Mom entertained this Mother’s Day.

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