E3 One Year Later: Sony Media Briefing

Welcome to E3 One Year Later, my look at the biggest E3 announcements of  last year’s show. I’ll talk about what was announced and whether or not it came to fruition.

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Today we’ll revisit Sony’s media briefing. The Vita made its North American debut, a ton of games were shown, and another ton of promises were made. Did Sony keep as many of their promises as Microsoft? Here we go:

NOTE: Because I can’t find a full clip of the conference, I’m using the four parts broke the conference into on YouTube. Thanks to IGN for the foresight.



Jack Tretton apologizes for the PSN outage. Man, hard to believe that was over a year ago. We knew Sony would acknowledge the outage, but I feel that Jack went about it with class and grace. Gotta give the point here. SCORE: 1/1

PS3 media offerings. He mentions Hulu Plus, Vudu, Netflix, CinemaNow, and more. They’re all there. I say he was right. SCORE: 2/2

Uncharted 3 demo. I want to dock a point for how long it took to get to the first demo of the show, but I can’t because this demo was just too damn good. Oh, and Uncharted 3 came out on November 1st, 2011, so promise kept. SCORE: 3/3

Resistance 3 demo. After a lengthy Uncharted 3 session, Insomniac takes the stage to dish on Resistance. Once again, an impressive demo for a game that did in fact launch the following holiday season. SCORE: 4/4



PlayStation 3D Display announcement. Having seen one of these in action, I can vouch for its excellence. Wasn’t a big fan of the price tag, though, but that takes nothing away from the product’s potent 3D abilities. +1. SCORE: 5/5

NBA 2K12 Move demo. While I haven’t tried it myself, I’m told that Move support for NBA 2K12 did in fact ship with copies of NBA 2K12. Plus, they got Kobe Bryant to help out. What a Maverick move that was, I wonder why he wasn’t busy… SCORE: 6/6

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest demo with Move. Sorcery it was not, however this fun little demo did impress me. Once again, the game shipped over the holiday season. Man, Sony’s on a roll. SCORE: 7/7

inFAMOUS 2 trailer. The game came out the next day. They had to talk about it. The mentioned Move support also did release in the fall, November 2nd to be exact. SCORE: 8/8

Starhawk trailer. Just a quick trailer showing the game off. Starhawk launched three days ago. SCORE: 9/9

Sly 4 trailer. Another quick trailer with a screen at the end saying “Coming 2012.” We’re still in 2012, so the jury is still out. I can’t dock the point yet, as it’s currently slated for the fall. SCORE: 10/10

Dust 514 reveal. A console shooter connected to a PC MMO seemed like a tall task during the presentation, but the recent press outing in Iceland quelled all doubts. CCP seems to be delivering the goods. SCORE: 11/11



– BioShock Infinite. A trailer (awesome), Ken Levine talking about Move support and BioShock Vita (also awesome),  and BioShock 1 being included on Infinite’s PS3 disc (triple awesome). Didn’t mention any dates, timeframe, none of it. Careful inclusion of information means another point for Sony. SCORE: 12/12

Saints Row The Third Exclusive DLC. Yup, it happened. SCORE: 13/13

Star Trek footage. We haven’t seen or heard anything else about this since this presentation, so I don’t know if this is a kept promise or not. Because of the lack of info, I can’t necessarily give them the point. Sorry Sony, the streak ends here. SCORE: 13/14

EA PS3 exclusives. Exclusive content for SSX, Need for Speed: The Run, and Battlefield 3 all came to the PS3, making this segment another promise kept. SCORE: 14/15

PlayStation Suite for mobile devices. While this hasn’t been officially released, it did go into Open Beta on April 19th. It’s expected to launch with Android’s next update, Ice Cream Sandwich. Looks like things are shaping up nicely. SCORE: 15/16

Vita introduction. Dual touchpads. OLED screen. Dual cameras. Official naming of “Vita” from NGP. Dual analog sticks. Wi-Fi and AT+T 3G networking. Networking features like Party and Near. Vita shipped with everything mentioned in the briefing. Kaz Hirai did not disappoint. SCORE 16/17

Uncharted: Golden Abyss demo. Having played this game at Vita’s launch, I can say that everything they showed did make it into the game. SCORE: 17/18



Ruin demo. A action RPG with crazy networking possibilities, including building and invading personalized “lairs.” Couple that with the ability to switch between PS3 and Vita on the fly makes for an interesting RPG. Too bad it’s not out yet, and we’ve heard nothing on it since. Sorry Sony, I need more from this. SCORE: 17/19

ModNation Racers Vita demo. This demo showed off the new touch-screen track builder bundled into the Vita version of ModNation. That track builder also made it into the final game. Huzzah! SCORE: 18/20

LittleBigPlanet Vita trailer. A trailer showing off all of the new features the Vita version of LBP is receiving. Once again, after E3 this game went away and we saw barely anything else about it…until Wednesday, when beta sign-ups began. Good move, Sony. SCORE: 19/21

Street Fighter X Tekken Vita demo. While the Vita version isn’t out until this fall, Ono also revealed Cole MacGrath as a Sony exclusive character. Cole did in fact make it into the game, and he happens to be one of my best characters. SCORE: 20/22

Vita trailer. This trailer showed Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout, Little Deviants, LittleBigPlanet Vita, and more. All of the games are currently still in development, so good on ya, Sony! SCORE: 21/23

Vita pricing and release. Kaz mentions that the Wi-Fi only Vita will be $249, while the 3G will be $299, both are correct. He also mentions that the Vita would debut in the holiday season, which it did in Japan. Best of all, he did it without mentioning RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER. SCORE 22/24


FINAL SCORE: 22 out of 24

Sony talked about two more topics than Microsoft, but unlike their main rival they only missed two of their announcements. The Vita is an impressive system so far, let’s hope that this year Sony makes it incredible. The efficiency that both companies have shown is rather surprising, I always thought there were more empty promises, but that’s not the case. Let’s hope the Nintendo conference analysis next week will yield the same results.

NEXT WEEK: As mentioned above, next week will be Nintendo’s time to shine. Did the House That Mario Built make due on THEIR lofty claims from last year? Check back next week to find out.