10 Movies that Need Video Games

There are so many video games out there that are based on movies that suck. There’s no denying that whenever you hear movie “X” is getting a video game  its usually followed by moans and groans. But this type of video game doesn’t have to be capitalism trying to sell out a crappy story. Here are 10 movies that should be made into kick-ass video games.

10. Ocean’s 11

Game Type: Action

Imagine a stealth based game where you played as more than just the actual thief. The Ocean’s 11 (or 12 or 13) crew gives players a variety of crime related activities to do. With so many different characters fulfilling so many different roles one game could be the separate parts of one heist. Or they could break the game down into numerous smaller missions where you play as one character through them all. Either way, they wouldn’t have to add that many missions, just make them playable by numerous characters in different ways and this movie could be an instant hit.

9. District 9

Game Type: FPS/Action

The story starts out with your character getting infected. Then you progress through the story evading capture and trying to find a cure. At the beginning of each level you can mutate more, which makes you more susceptible to being caught, but also adds more alien powers. Also, the multiplayer in this game could really rock. Think of Alien on Human combat in levels like District 9, the city, and the alien spaceship.

8. Shoot Em Up

Game Type: Third Person Action Shooter

Who cares if they follow a storyline the movie’s storyline with this game?  Hell, who cares if they follow any story line? This third person shooter game would just be ridiculous stunt after ridiculous stunt. This game wouldn’t have character development or leveling up options. It would just be great graphics and intense combat. And the main character would remain Clive Owen. Who wouldn’t want to buy this game?

7. Inception

Game Type: Mission based FPS

Inception sets up the perfect scenario for a video game. Because a lot of the time you’ll be jumping into people’s dreams the settings can be diverse and dramatic. In between missions inside people’s minds you can do other missions with the character out of dream world. I’m picturing something similar to how Assassin’s Creed does the Animus, but with more action when you’re not using the machine. This game was announced two years ago but I haven’t heard of anything since then.

6. Hidalgo

Game Type: Linear RPG

There’s a lot of ways for developers to base a video game on this movie. But I’m thinking some kind of RPG that takes place in the Sahara Dessert during the big race in the movie. You have to manage your time in between getting further in the race and doing side quests along the road for skill points, food, water, money, and favors. Then you have to watch after your horse and fight different groups of bandits and competitors along the way.  I think it would be cool to play as a cowboy in the Middle East dessert and could really make for a fun game if developers made it right.

5. I Am Legend

Game Type: RPG

An open ended RPG with Will Smith as the main character would be a great starting point for a video game. You have the destructed New York as your setting to fight zombies and locate a cure to the disease. Unlike other zombie games there wouldn’t be any other survivors… Just you and your dog. Picture Dead Island’s gameplay meets destructed GTA4’s New York meets Fable’s dog sidekick meets Will Smith and I think you have a damn good game.

4. Kill Bill

Game Type: FPS

I’m surprised this movie doesn’t have a game yet. It’s got everything a good video game needs: Guns, Samurai swords, and hot chicks. Play through the movie’s storyline or make an entirely new campaign and this game would still be fun. As long as they reenact the part where Uma Thurman kills like 500 people in 5 minutes and I’ll be happy. They might want to make the game in third person actually, so we can see those leather jumpsuits a little better.

3. Futurama

Game Type: Open ended RPG

Futurama isn’t a movie, but I think it could still make a cool video game. The TV show has introduced so many planets and characters, races and technology that it really is afunny animated version of Star Wars. They already have a video game for Futurama but I want a better one. You play as Fry traveling through the galaxy doing quests and missions on different planets. Along the way do enough missions for friends and unlock them as companions. Bring Bender intergalactic boos and cigars or deliver enough packages for the Professor and they’ll come along on your adventure. With so many quirky episodes and inventions this game could really be an entertaining RPG if developers made sure to keep it funny.

2. The Hobbit

Game Type: Action/RPG

Yes, they already made a Hobbit video game. Of course, it was animated and sucks horribly. But with the new movie coming out this year there is a chance for a great game to come out of it. Whether it’s an linear action game or open RPG playing as Bilbo on his epic quest would be too much fun. Developers could add a lot of background to the world of Middle Earth while preserving my favorite childhood story. This ranks as game number two because I think we could actually see this game coming out soon.

1. Any Miyazaki Film

Game Type: Open ended RPG

It doesn’t matter which movie, or which characters a developer uses. If I can see a well-made RPG set in one of Miyazaki’s worlds before I die my life will be complete. His movies are so creative and the worlds are so different and unique that I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Prince Mononoke or Hal’s Moving Castle, or even Porco Rosso game yet. Even better, Miyazaki could design a world just for the video game. Miyazaki wins the number one spot because who could create a better world than him?


Can you think of any other movies that deserve video games? Let us know with a comment below!