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Thanks to Paradox Interactive, Leviathyn is giving away five free retail keys for their newest real time strategy game Warlock: Master of the Arcane! We just reviewed the game on Tuesday and gave it a great score saying that it has replaced Civilization 5 for me and some of my gaming buddies. Something new happens every turn and it keeps the intensity up from start to end. Clicking ‘End Turn’ is exciting just to see what will happen. Will my four ships take down the Kraken? Could I take that village next turn? In just two more building upgrades I can make vampire troops! Things like this make Warlock a great game. If you’re looking for a new 4x, RTS civilization building game, Paradox has you covered.

In order to enter the contest, simply head to the comments section and use your Disqus account (free to signup, ensure you use your correct e-mail address so we can contact you if you win) and leave us a comment on this page answering this question:

Warlock: Master of the Arcane, eh? What can you, dear reader, honestly say that you’re the master of? Whether it’s a skill, a specialist subject, your sixth form common room, whatever. We want to hear about it. The most deliciously readable entries win! Video proof is extra!


The deadline to enter the contest is May 12th, 2012 at 12:00am (midnight) eastern standard time. Any entries after that time will be discarded. Contest begins on May 10th, 2012 at 12:00am (midnight). Keys are for US Steam only.




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Contest Rules: Five winners will be chosen at random on May 12th, 2012. To enter the contest you must answer the above question in our comments section on this post. Sign-in or sign-up for Disqus using your real e-mail address or you may not receive the reward. If you have commented on Leviathyn before, be sure you are using the right e-mail address. All winners will receive a preliminary e-mail from the Leviathyn staff ensuring the address is correct. If no reply is given by May 13th, 2012 at midnight EST that reward will go to another entrant. You may only enter the contest once. Multiple entries will be ignored and your first entry will be used. All keys will be awarded to winners no later then midnight EST on May 13th, 2012 (unless we need to pick another winner due to faulty e-mail address).

Steam Activation Help:

1: Start Steam client
2: Click “Games” in the main menu
3: Select “Activate a product on steam” and enter code.

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  1. iunee

    I am the master of telepathy. I’m using my powers to find people who think bad about this game and convince them otherwise.

  2. SpaceMan2000

    I am a master of theoretical physics. I’ve already discovered what dark matter and dark energy are and why the universe is not only expanding but accelerating while doing so.

  3. Rooter1014

    I am the master of my own Destiny, be it through might, intellect, or just plain awesomeilitude. 

  4. DrPixel

    I am…..teh master of the masterverse! All masters bow down to me, look up to me, and more, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! All the Pokemon Trainers just want to be as cool as me so they added “Master” and took out “Trainer”. All kung-fu instructors? HAH. They call themselves “kung-fu master” yet barely know how to master their mastery of mastering their masterliness. Aww yeah.

    And don’t even get me started on Masters Degrees……. 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. AlrikIroneye

    I am the master of the masses. Not only am I a quantum phyisicist but also a president in the student government, being a master of mass and the masses of people.

  6. metazombiegoat

    I am the master of distraction. That means I sow disorder and confusion in the hearts of my enemies… oh wait. No, it rather means I’m liable to forget my things in the unlikeliest of places 😛 . Makes for a nice treasure hunt afterwards.

  7. gerbercage

    I am master of Strategy battle. Setting ambush for surprise attack. Trick people to my trap by providing false information. Making other 2 side in conflict so that they will fight and I am going to take advantage after both side in heavy lost.

  8. elfletter

    I am the master of observation. I can see from your eye. I can hear from your heart. I can understand from your body language. I can link to your mind. I can know the whole thing from part of your talk.

  9. shadow5890

    I am the master of Undeath. All those who have died will raise up under my command and destroy everything in my path to create an even bigger army until all fall under my command . Being evil is way to much fun.

  10. bwt2q

    I am the master of logic.  As proof I offer the following:
    “The most deliciously readable entries win” and “five winners will be chosen at random” are contradictory statements.  Given that one of these statements is contained in the contest rules, and one is part of the marketing blurb, I can deduce that the effort spent on this post is unnecessary… unless random chance believes in irony.  I’m betting that it does.  🙂

  11. Kapwned

    I am the master of cold food. I don’t get brain freeze. My friends made me eat a blizzard as fast as I could… didn’t get brain freeze.

  12. InkSix

    I am a master of story. I can create vast worlds and lovable characters. I entertain and intrigue, sharing with anyone who wishes to listen or read.


    Well I’m a
    self-proclaimed master of the kitchen. You see, my father was an
    award-winning baker and my mother, actually she was simply a woman..
    who then later became a chef! I say ‘chef’, she was actually a dinner
    lady. Anyway more importantly this has granted me the power to
    develop and hone my culinary souper powers passed down through the
    genes of literally very few generations so I can have the ability,
    the mindset and the frying pan to create ultimately the most
    mouth-watering, succulent and potentially mind-blowing bacon sandwich
    ever devoured, such a tasty treat would be fit only for a Warlock,
    Heavy or possibly even Batman.

    Thanks for the giveaway Ron and of course Paradox!

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