Want Minecraft on 360 for free? Check out Raptr’s Reward Program!



Raptr, the video game social network, is making huge waves lately and their Reward program is proof of that. Although winning free stuff is cool, Raptr has a ton of value for gamers on the site itself. You can attach your Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam accounts to track your progress through games and achievement points. The further you get in a game the more you rank up on Raptr. Thanks to my 200-something hours in DC Universe Online, I hit Elite status on that and four other games.

You can find all your friends and invite them or add them to your list of buddies. The connectively doesn’t end there, though. You can download Raptr’s IM client and talk to your friends or compare achievements while they are on the PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam. The desktop client can do a lot and you can see the features on this page.

However, back to the rewards program! Raptr has a huge reward coming up on the 10th for Minecraft for the Xbox 360. They have 2500 codes to give out and if you aren’t on Raptr yet, then you’ll want to sign up now to get ready.

Minecraft isn’t the only thing Raptr Rewards has, though. You can get a ton of free items for Pandora Saga and even something for Spirit Tales in the next couple of days. Earlier rewards have been discounts off gaming keyboards and mice and other in-game packs. You can see that Raptr Rewards is something worthwhile. Minecraft is just one huge step forward for this program so sign up on Raptr and test your luck at a free code.


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