The 5 Most Fun Games to Cheat In

Cheating. It’s something that we all do whether we want to admit it or not. But what games are worth the cheat codes? Below are the five most fun games to cheat in. They don’t just cut corners like other cheats… these are the cheats that change the game for the better.

5. Pokémon

Finally, a Venusaur and a Charizard.

Anybody at my elementary school that had a Game Shark was automatically promoted to bad-ass status. Probably because using a Game Shark made your Pokémon party undefeatable with the simple entry of a couple codes. But now that I’m older I’m beginning to grasp how awesome the Game Shark is for Pokémon games.

The best part of Pokémon is organizing your team, but the game has built in obstacles to keep players from achieving their ultimate Pokémon party fantasy. For instance, you can only get one of the starting three Pokémon (except in yellow). The only way to have a Charizard and a Blastoise is by getting two Gameboys, two games, and a transfer cable. Same thing for version exclusives, the same generation Pokémon that are in one color of the game but not the other. All of these Pokémon can be added to you party with the simple entry of a code.

Using the Game Shark to catch and level your Pokémon up to max stats might defeat the main purpose of the game. But at the same time the Game Shark adds a whole new level of fun to battling Pokémon with your friends. You can easily change your party with every Pokémon already unlocked and at lvl. 100. It also makes it so your friend who sunk an extra 20 hours leveling their Pokémon doesn’t always beat you.

Pokémon starts the list off at number five because it’s a huge time saver and adds a new dimension of fun to the game. Plus, because people now are replaying the game instead of it playing it for the first time, you can input codes that skip the boring parts and get right to the action.

4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Darth Maul with all of his accessories.

I remember specifically the cheats in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. With so many different cheats easily accessible from your start menu this series defiantly had to make it to the list. This is a game that perfectly balanced cheat codes that added characters, changed the game, and were just funny.

After inputting the cheat code “yohomies” players get access to all of the characters available. Some of the added characters are good, others are just funny. You can choose to be Darth Maul from Star Wars, Wolverine from the X-Men, the hotty Private Carrera, Officer Dick the police man, the drunk and smelly Ollie the Magical Bum, Kelly Slater the surfer (with his surf board instead of skateboard), the max stat Demoness, and the useless Neversoft Eyeball.

Then you have access to all of the helpful cheats like perfect grinding and ollie balancing. With the perfect stats cheat there’s no more fighting over the best character and with the always special cheat you can continue to pump out bad ass moves over and over again. And after playing with moon physics who could ever think about returning to the original version.

But the best cheats were the ones I’m classifying as funny. Not only did Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 have the classics like the big head mod and the tiny/giant skater cheats, but they added new ones that were fun and funny to use at the same time. Like the snowboarding cheat that adds a new form of flow to the game. Or the slow-mo cheat that was funny if not a little annoying to watch. Tony Hawk gets the number 4 spot with such a variety of cheats available, all of which are fun to use.

3. Age of Empires

Bombs away.

Ensemble Studios has always been respected for their RTS games. With the Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology, and Halo Wars they have some big names under their belts. Every RTS game has cheats that and add resources to your stockpile, but Ensemble Studios has always held on to their goofy side with some classic ridiculous cheats.

In the original Age of Empires typing in “bigdaddy” spawned a black convertible with a rocket launcher. There are very few things in a video game that are as surprising as sending in a troop of archers to be met by the big daddy. There was also the cheat that replaced the rocks catapults threw with cows and villagers.

In Age of Empires 2 they replaced the black convertible with a blue and white one. Shooting rocks wasn’t as cool as the rocket launcher, but they retained the original idea. There was also the useless monkey headed villager and the “aegis” cheat that automatically completes all construction and training of units immediately. But the best cheat in Age of Empires 2 is the cheat that allows you to control all of the wildlife instead of actual units. It’s interesting cheats like this that make video game cheats fun.

But the final reason that Age of Empires is on the list is actually because of Age of Mythology’s cheat “O CANDADA.” It takes some real creativity to make a cheat that spawns a flying caped bear that shoots lasers out of his eyes while the rest of the game is using bows and arrows.

2. The Sims

Looks like dad has put on some weight.

The point of the Sims is to control the daily life of people. But somehow going through the motions and controlling your character to eat, sleep, pee, and go to work gets boring. Thankfully Maxis added plenty of cheats to keep us entertained.

There are a ridiculous amount of things that you can do with cheat codes in the Sims. You can add money, change your age, change relationships, change your size, go slow-motion, speed up time and kill your enemies.

The best cheat in all three of the Sims games is the “boolProp testing cheats.” Using this cheat unlocks all available cheats at once and makes them an easy to use part of the game. There are so many things to do with this cheat it would be ridiculous to try to list them all. But there are a couple that stick out in my head. Like making men pregnant with any random women’s baby. You can make an infant move and behave like a senior citizen. You can have twins, spawn tombstones and make your friends pee their pants. “boolProp” is the king of all cheatcodes.

The Sims gets the runner up position because it’s already such a freelance game and the cheats push the boundaries even more. With so many interesting things to do I can’t think of a single person who played the Sims and didn’t cheat at least once. At least as a little help to get a job promotion or “Wohoo” in a hot tub.

1. Grand Theft Auto

I found a knife, then I spawned this.

There’s not much to say about cheating in Grand Theft Auto. Cheats might not be as fun if people cared about the storyline, but because the game is mainly comprised of Shoot ‘em up rampages cheats are a must have for the GTA series. Spawning fast cars and unlocking all the guns are important cheats for when you’re running from the cops or fresh out of jail. What other game could deserve the number one spot? Comment below and tell us what your favorite video game to cheat in is.

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  1. Kuja_rules

    Agreed Grand theft auto is the king of cheating games another fun game that you didn’t list would be the final fantasy games. Being able to mass level or start off with all the summons is awesome.

  2. Martin R

    Great list. Theese ARE the top 5 when thinking about it but I think Roller Coaster Tycoon could have made the list too!

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