Minecraft’s Next Top Mod

Arguably the best part about Minecraft is its mods. But everybody plays Minecraft differently and so the mods we think are cool and important aren’t going to be the same. Instead of writing a top 10 list of Minecraft mods I decided to break the game down into five categories and pick the best mod for each: Best mod for Builders, Best mod for Explorers, Best mod for Adventurers, Best mod for Fighters, and Best Overall Mod. So, without further ado, here are the winners of Minecraft’s Next Top Mod.

For Builders

A complex mining structure built with BuildCraft.

The Winner:Build Craft

If you’re serious about building then Build Craft is going to save you a lot of time. It gives players tons of tools and new items to play around with to make intricate structures. It adds tons of cool features like transportation tubes that move items from one place to another, better electrical uses, and automatic mining and crafting machines. Whether you craft on creative mode or survival the Build Craft mod is going to save you time and add so much more to your Minecraft building experience.

Runner Up: Kaevator

This simple mod is the runner up because it adds a simple but super cool feature: diagonal bocks. Now you can build more realistic looking structures.


For Adventurers

A screenshot of a Legend of Zelda mod made using AdventureCraft

The Winner: AdventureCraft

If you like adventuring than AdventureCraft has it all. It adds currency, stores, npcs, quests… you name it and it has it. There are a lot of cool mods that use AdventureCraft as their base. You can go through the Ocarina of Time dungeons, or old Metroid levels. The best part though is it’s easy to make your own missions and quests to share online or with friends. This mod is great for people who want more direction in their game and really turns Minecraft into a RPG/Action sandbox game as opposed to just a building one.

Runer Up: Death Chest

Another simple runner up. This one is important for anyone far from home. When you die, instead of having all of your items spread out and lost forever your items are all placed in a convenient chest at the place of your death.


For Explorers

Time to throw this little guy out.

The Winner: Mapping

Third party mapping mods are arguably one of the most useful mods available. The built in maps players can create in-game has small parameters and are hard to read. There are mapping mods out there with as much detail as a player could ever need. And, with so many modders making mapping software there are tons of helpful features being added all of the time. Not only does this mod help you explore above ground, but also underground, in the nether, and some even add mini-maps to your Minecraft client.

Runner Up: Vehicle Mods

Whether you want a plane or a boat, any mod that allows players to travel in unique ways is a must have for those of you who like to explore.


For Fighters

One of many new monsters you'll encounter with Mo Creatures.

The Winner: Mo Creatures

There are players out there that like combat, and until now were left unsatisfied. If you aren’t doing PvP online than fighting skeletons and zombies is going to get old quick. The Mo Creatures mod for Minecraft adds snakes, goats, dolphins, bears, bunnies, birds, Ogres… over 30 new enemies in total. Minecraft now doesn’t have many fighting players because there’s not that much to do with it. But, this ground breaking mod creates a whole new genre of Minecraft player and deserves an award on the Next Top Mod list.

Runner Up: Weapon Mods

Once you have interesting creatures to find, fight, and capture, the next step is to arm yourself. There are tons of mods out there from spears to laser pistols.




Grand Prize Winner: Texture Packs

One of many unique skins available.

It doesn’t matter how you like to play Minecraft, texture packs are something that every gamer uses. Not only is it most players first experience with modding, but Mojang Studios have it built in as part of the Minecraft client. This makes it easy to install and switch the look around. They aren’t just easy to find but they’re also the easiest mod to create. For someone like me who had a hard time even figuring out how to install other mods, creating my own was easy and fun. It gives Minecraft a unique look for each user, and is at the heart of what Minecraft is about. Texture packs might not be considered the best mod to some gamers, but it changes the game in a personalized way for every type of user and deserves the grand prize of Minecraft’s Next Top Mod.