Elsword Turns One, Gives Away 3DS Packages To Celebrate


Kill3rcombo’s excellent side-scrolling MMO Elsword Online is celebrating its one-year anniversary this weekend, and to celebrate they’re giving back to the players that got them there.

Throughout the weekend, players can gain raffle tickets by participating in anniversary-themed in-game events. On May 9, after the celebration has ended, five of those tickets will be chosen to receive a 3DS prize package. What is in those prize packages remains to be seen, but rest assured there is a free 3DS in there for a player to win.

Aside from the raffle, Kill3rCombo is also planning plenty of in-game rewards for those who log on during the events, including double EXP and drop rate, the ability to craft Anniversary Cubes containing rewards, and special rewards for those who play more than an hour throughout the weekend.

Developer Kill3rCombo should be commended for opening showing appreciation to their fans like this. Far too often do we hear stories about game companies being absolute jerks to the players who buy their games, so this type of event is a breath of fresh air. If you play Elsword and enjoy it, make sure to log on this weekend and take advantage. If not, maybe the incentives can serve as a good excuse to try it. Either way, there’s plenty of reason to look at Elsword this weekend, as they’re hosting one hell of a party.

Check out Elsword at http://www.elswordonline.com.