5 Franchises That Need MMO’s

We’ve seen established franchised head toward the MMO route before. Be it a TV show, movie series, stories, comics, or an old game revived we’re seeing a ton of MMO’s announced. They get announced, they release, and they die. It is tough to make a good MMO. It costs a metric ton of money to put the right effort into and the MMO crowd may have the highest expectations of any other genre. If you’re going to put out an MMO, you need the kind of effort that Blizzard, Bioware, AreanNet, and En Masse put into their projects. You have to have the right tools, premise, and gameplay to pull off a successful MMO. It needs to make sense if you’re not using an original IP. Does Stargate need an MMO? No. Did Conan? Sort of. Does Zelda? Absolutely not. However, with the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online today, it’s fun to think of some more franchises that are ready to make the leap.

The follow are five franchises that could use an MMO because it makes sense. Each one is different. You won’t find five WoW clones below. In fact, none of them would play traditionally. Only four of them play in the third person and one doesn’t even require the player character to fight himself. Each of these games would take their respected series to new heights and possibilities. Given the effort, money, and team they deserve these five games could even be some of the best MMO’s ever.


Dark Souls

Imagine a game like TERA Online but with even more freeform combat, a darker world, and a high difficulty. That would be Dark Souls Online. The gameplay wouldn’t even need to change. Just take what is done, add in full open world multiplayer on severs and flesh out the PvP. The PvE battles would be amazing and huge. Every fight would test your ability and patience. Not once would you get bored. Well, you might get pissed but not bored. One thing I would hope gets upgraded from the current games is the way the character models look. They are ugly as sin.


Mass Effect

This series is ripe for an MMO. If Bioware didn’t just shell out a ton of money for Star Wars, I’d say this needs to be done immediately. The multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 showed one thing, playing that kind of gameplay online with people only makes it better. The classes would be fleshed out more and there are a ton of races to pick from. Can you imagine raiding a fortress colony with a team and fighting some huge boss at end in Mass Effect gameplay? Absolutely epic sounding. This series needs to be taken online and open world.


Call of Duty

Stick with me here. There have been first person MMOs that tried and failed. Huxley is one of them and that game was in development for years before hitting a dead end. It is a hard genre to fit into an online experience but it can be done. Given the resources Call of Duty has, that kind of effort is exactly what an MMO like this needs. Keep it first person and have a war story but for PvE, each town or camp is a quest hub. You get quests and head out to the battlefield and do them. You move from town to town to checkpoint and you have more areas like this for leveling. Put some group quests and epic battles with tanks and stuff and you got yourself a cool online, open world first person shooter. PvP would be just like the game is now except you’ll have a fully customized soldier with quality gear, customized weapons using parts you find or earn, and you get the kind of satisfaction the series is dying for right now.


Grand Theft Auto

What would be cooler then an open world city where you can join a gang, do missions, lift weights, get smarter, train with guns, shoot pool with your cousins, and actually do it online with people. A real live, digital, breathing city with not just NPC’s but with player characters roaming about in GTA-fashion. Crimecraft tried this and failed. Rockstar’s quality of games would go a long way into making this kind of MMO soar. Take the kind of character customization we saw in GTA: San Andreas and the scope of GTA4/5 and put it online. Whew boy, I’m getting excited over a made up concept by myself.



What else would be number one? Everyone wants an online Pokemon game. In 3D! In modern graphics! On the Wii U! C’mon Nintendo, you’d make a gold mine. Package it with the Wii U and make it an instant buy for gamers everywhere. We all (well mostly all) loved the Pokemon games and bringing it online where you see trainers in the wild played by other gamers would be awesome. They can walk up to you and ask for a battle, inspect you team, or see your Pokedex. We want a true 3D Pokemon game. Gale of Darkness and those games didn’t give it to us. I would go bonkers to be able to create and customize my own Trainer, give my starter, and beging making my own team in a grand Pokemon online game. Nintendo loves Pokemon tournaments and giveaways. This would be huge for competitive play. My only concern would be how kiddy the game might be. Don’t stray from how the games are know. Don’t over do the kid factor when you gotta know how many young adults and other demographics play these games.