Why God of War: Ascension’s Multiplayer Makes Sense

News broke out that the next God of War game will feature not only Kratos’ fall and rise but also mutliplayer. This is a first for the franchise and introducing multiplayer in an already established single player series can be tough. Mass Effect and Uncharted did it just fine. Can Santa Monica Studios’ strike gold with Ascension?


What is it?

The multiplayer in Ascension plays out in teams of four as they vie to control sections of the map that allows them to secure a goal. In footage that we have seen, the goal is to kill the Cyclops. It may be to strengthen your team’s link to a god. The combat is just as bloody and visceral as Kratos’ adventures normally are with extremely violent finishers and plenty of stage traps to throw your opponent into.

Your character in the multiplayer portion of the game will not be Kratos. Don’t be upset though because Santa Monica are finally giving you the chance to create your own avatar of the gods. Players will attach their character to a god – either Zeus, Hades, Ares, or Poseidon. As you grow you’ll receive special abilities that mimic the nature and powers of your chosen god.


Why does it make sense?

Ascension is a prequel. It shows how Kratos falls and becomes entranced with the gods. This legend of the Ghost of Sparta couldn’t be the only thing going on. Obviously, we’ve seen that Kratos was fully successful in his quest for revenge but he isn’t the only avatar on Earth. There were plenty of soldiers laying their lives down to the gods in exchange for gifts to defeat their enemies. Some worshiped specific gods. Either way, Kratos wasn’t the only one on the field of battle and couldn’t have been the only one screaming for the gods’ help.


Why is it awesome?

I mentioned above that this is our chance to create our own legend and forge an avatar for the god of our choice. That just screams badass. In other games you may be a solider or something along those lines but how many times are we given reign over a god-infused walking battle tank?


God of War: Ascension will bring the beginning of Kratos to full clarity but also our own adventure. It asks us how far we’d go to please the gods. Will you take down a Cyclops? Go head long into battle with gargantuan beasts? Will you sacrifice yourself? I, for one, am excited to finally bring the God of War combat and violence to an online platform and combo someone’s head off. I want to bury my giant sword into someone’s neck and scream out for Hades’ approval. Because… well, you know I don’t do that in real life. At all.