Through The Looking Glass: War Is Coming

Welcome to Through The Looking Glass, Leviathyn’s weekly take on the big video gaming events in the seven days ahead. Here we’ll look at upcoming releases, big events, and others going on in the industry.

This week, the week ending May 5th

Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Call of Duty.  The world will find out what the new Call of Duty is all about. Even though we know the name (Black Ops 2, for those unaware) and the release date (November 13th, if Target is to be believed), the reveal will still dominate every facet of the gaming world as soon as the information is available. I particularly can’t wait for this reveal, not because I want to see more of the game, but because I can’t wait to stop hearing about how it’s being revealed on May 2nd. Stores have marketing posters announcing the announcement…is that really necessary?

Another Sony Reveal. According to French game site JeuxVideo, another big Ps3 exclusive is to be revealed on May 2nd, the same day that the Call of Duty information is due. This would make the third straight week that a PS3 exclusive is revealed, joining God of War: Ascension and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I have a theory that JeuxVideo is just going to talk about All-Stars but couldn’t name it because it wasn’t officially revealed yet. However, another rumor mentions a MMO set in the LittleBigPlanet universe. We won’t know for sure until Wednesday, so hold tight for that.

This Week’s Releases:


Mortal Kombat Vita lets you take the bloodiest game available anywhere you want. The portable version is quite faithful to its console counterparts, and exclusive retro costumes for a few characters (MK3-style ninjas, YES) make it a little extra enticing for seasoned MK players.

TERA Online offers a brand new MMO experience to PC gamers. Calling itself the “first true Action MMORPG,” TERA looks to revolutionize the way MMO players fight their battles. I know a lot of people have been playing TERA already and so far reaction has been positive, but let’s see what happens when the game hits the public on Tuesday.


Fable Heroes marks Week 3 of Xbox Live’s Arcade Next lineup. Lionhead takes a new Castle Crashers-like approach to this Fable game, which hopefully will mean more interesting gameplay.

The Legend of Dragoon sees re-release on the PlayStation Network. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who may have missed this excellent RPG to make up for their mistake. Like Final Fantasy? Play Legend of Dragoon.


That’s everything we know about the coming week. There could be some surprises, but I’m thinking that with the impending Call of Duty announcement, everyone else will just sit back and let the info rush happen. No sense trying to challenge THAT behemoth. Enjoy the week everyone, and keep it here at Leviathyn for more great reactions and reviews!