Why Did They Add That? 10 Terrible Game Features

Every game has parts that some people like, and others hate. But there are a couple of features in games that not a single person is happy with. They might be frustrating, annoying, or just don’t add anything. Here is a list of 10 things that developers should have just left out.


10. Halo Announcements

No one can deny that Halo’s multiplayer is fun but the game would almost be more fun if it was on mute. “Gained the lead, Tied the lead, Lost the Lead, Double Kill, Gained the Lead.” That commentators voice constantly ringing in my ear could have been easily replaced by a little font telling me I’m winning in the corner. The audio commentary would even be helpful if he wasn’t commenting on every action going on in the game. Sorry Halo voice, but I got that double kill two deaths ago, you’re still just catching up.


9. Collectibles

I completed the main quest, I’ve done every side quest, unlocked every weapon and found every follower. Why does it say I’ve completed only 50% of the game? So many games have collectibles hidden throughout their levels that players are expected to go out and find. Whether it’s gathering flags or shooting pigeons, these collectibles usually only give players an achievement. This waste of time has found its way into too many titles to name and doesn’t add anything to the game play. Who actually goes around trying to find them all?


8. Trading to Evolve Pokémon

How does trading a Pokémon with your friend make it evolve? I’m sure developers thought this was a ground breaking idea, but when it was implemented it turned out to be just a hassle. You need two Gameboys, two versions of Pokémon, and a cord to connect them. It probably was just a money making technique for Nintendo, which would explain why some of the coolest Pokémon like Alakazam and Gengar only evolve this way. Plus, now that I’m in College, it’s embarrassing to ask my roommate to borrow his Gameboy to trade Pokémon.


7. Mini-Games in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption has so many cool things to do. Horse races, hunting, finding treasure, killing bandits, starting duels…. And then it has the mini-games. Sorry Rockstar, but I don’t feel like wasting my time playing five fingers and horseshoes when there are innocent civilians to rob. Poker and Blackjack would be fun if I could win more than $100. And virtual arm wrestling? Who would ever want to do that? Why are you going to limit my outfits because I don’t want to waste my time with games I wouldn’t play in real life?


6. Death Streaks in Call of Duty

Since when did games reward losers? In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 the multiplayer tried to balance things out by giving people rewards if they died enough times in a row. I understand the idea, and it could make the game fun, but the perks were way too over powered. Why should I be punished for getting a kill streak by a dead guy who can’t get any kills strapped with C4?


5. Grand Theft Auto Social Features

This feature could have been awesome if it actually worked. But unfortunately, the phone and internet were nothing but annoying. Trying to make a functioning virtual internet is one of those projects that’s just too hard to actually do. It was Rockstar’s idea of getting players engrossed in the game. The only thing more pointless than the internet in GTA IV is getting a phone call in the middle of a chase from Roman saying, “Hey cousin, let’s go bowling!”


4. Alcohol

This is another feature that has found its way into numerous games. Alcohol makes your screen unrealistically blurred and confusing. How does having my virtual character drink translate into my entertainment? It doesn’t. It makes me fall down and crash my car. Developers, stop making in-game booze and send the next copy of your game out with a bottle of Jameson.

Now that is a video game feature I’d go crazy over.


3. Cut Scenes You Can’t Skip

Cinematic breaks can be a powerful tool for developers when used right. They add story and flair that couldn’t be added with the player in control. However, as a gamer I should have the right to skip it if I want to. Especially if I am replaying the game for a second time and know exactly what’s going to happen in the cut scene even before it plays. This is a feature that can ruin the excitement of gaming and destroy any chances for replay value.  I’m looking at you L.A. Noire.


2. Tingle from Zelda

Specifically, his appearance in the Wind Waker is what set players off on Tingle. The annoying little bodied big nosed green creep has to be one of the worst additions to a game ever. He charges players outrageous fees to decipher their maps and gives players one of the most useless items ever made. The Tingle Tuner itself is a terrible feature that somehow tried to get people to play their GBA on their Gamecube. All I can do is shake my head at Tingle and wonder what Nintendo was thinking when they added him.


1. Skyrim’s Wood Cutting

Skyrim’s wood cutting is the worst feature in one of the best games. Bethesda wanted to “immerse players in the daily life on Skyrim’s citizens.” But I don’t want to spend time in a video game doing every day activities when there are dragons to fight and adventures to be had. The repetitiveness of chopping wood at least gives you planks to sell, but the saw mill? You move some logs around and get no benefit out of it. Couldn’t developers spend more time fixing bugs and adding content instead of making an interactive saw mill? That’s why this tops the list as the most useless and terrible game feature.

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  1. Helium Isotope

    tingle didnt debut in wind waker…. his debut was in majoras mask and he was just as annoying back then. Just as a POI. though I agree with most of the list I disagree with the announcer voice in halo. Sure it would be nice to have an option to turn it off, I dont find it affects the game for me at all and is actually satisfying when you get some of the harder medals like an extermination, perfection or any of the 15 kill sprees with a weapon (well at least in reach). Or just hearing your friends groan and curse when they hear the announcer say one of the multi kills after destroying everyone at a lan party.

  2. Isaac King

    Helium Isotope beat me to it. Please correct.  In Japan, Tingle got his own spin off GBA title.  Not a bit surprise that that one didn’t come state side…

    • Stormbow

      I’d like more information about that, if it’s true. I’ve cut hundreds of logs to make arrows and I don’t recall seeing a “trophy” (or achievement, for that matter).

  3. Dean Martin

    God am i the only person alive who actualy loved the skyrim woodcutting then? lol its prob becuase ive always dreamed of becoming a lumberjack, and thankyou travis, finally somone has picked up on how pointless booze is in a game!

    • JZSquared

      I really hope that you’re just trolling about the woodcutting. At least it’s not as bad as the jobs in Fable II however, that was just God awful. And booze are pointless, unless they want to add some kind of in game benefit to them, they’re a waste.

    • cusman

      I don’t know why wood cutting is so high up on this list. I agree with Collectibles being the scourge of good game design generally reducing a games enjoyment value. I think visual distortions have been used as effective gameplay mechanic to enhance immersion like in Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

  4. Koliekins

    I almost clicked the fancy little X in the corner as soon as I saw number 10, but i decided to give you the benefit of the doubt. What a terrible decision that turned out to be. Adding unnecessary content just brings the game further into reality. Just think, when you step out the door of your house, are you angry that you have the ability to say… Go kick a rock? Watch a bird? Yell profanity at a stranger? Probably not. So why are you irate at games for adding unnecessary content that you have absolutely no obligation to participate in? 

  5. Bobby McQueen

    Worst. List. Ever. GTA IV Social Feature was the focus of GTA IV, something SA lacked. Why do I bother reading this crap? Some people shouldn’t be allowed running a website.

    • Jerry Curlan

      Not sure why you bother commenting on ‘this crap’ either. As for the social features in GTA IV, I would have put it right at the top of the list. I have never hated a mechanic/feature so much that it caused me to give up & sell the game before I had spent more than a few hours on it – and I’ve played Alone in the Dark & Deadly Premonition both, to give you an idea of how junk I thought it was.

  6. AJ

    I honestly disagree with almost everything on this list.. The most realistic thing to hat on this list is probably the cod deathstreaks. 

  7. e4ducky

    8,4, and 2 are just fine.  8 actually gives you a reason to play this game with other people, like you know FRIENDS!  4 thats just a cool visual effect they tried plus you don’t have to drink.  2  tingle? ok the map pricing was absolute bullshit, but nothing else

  8. Erik WP

    How random can you get? If you talk about terrible features there are much worse things to talk about:
    1. Invisible walls and slopes you can’t climb. My Skyrim characters are bloody Dovakiin that eat Elder Dragons for breakfast (with a bit of mustard) and yet they can’t climb a steep slope or go beyond the “boundaries” of Skyrim. Really? I can understand a game isn’t infinite but at least give an excuse for that.
    2. Save games that are bound to one machine. Yes you can copy save games from one PC to the other but what if I want to play The Witcher 2 on my laptop, then jump to the Xbox when I get home? Why not save in the cloud?
    3. Modding for PC only. I understand that the evil pirates are just waiting to jump on the possibility to use mods for their evil deeds but really. why not open the modding tool community for the same games that I have on my PC? 

    I could go on and on!

  9. kronzly

    Minigames in Red-Dead is a feature that shouldn’t have been added? Well… if you dont like it.. then don’t use it.. It’s not a requirement to get anywhere in the game. Honestly, it adds ambiance to the game. Thats how the west was back then.

    • cusman

      I agree that mini-games even of varying quality not really a problem unless the game requires you to try and excel at those to get through main quest objectives and they suck. That said, I think Collectibles sprinkled all over that add no value to gameplay are the scourge of game design. I also think tedious gameplay mechanics like Pokemon trading are just forced measures of causing word of mouth and social interactions between gamers which ends up being both positive and negative.

  10. Tyler Wierzalis

    i disagree, the Halo Announcer makes the game more memorable and whats better than hearing “DoubleKill” or higher medals announced when you clear out a room with a Rocketlauncher.

  11. Crunchyfunkus

    I can see the halo commentary being annoying… But i thought that getting a call in GTA during a chase was funny. I thought they intended the cellphone and internet to be useless and/or annoying, because in real life, they are. I know I kind of feel that way right now.

    • Jerry Curlan

      If the intent of the social stuff in GTA IV was to be useless & annoying, I would have to say that they have an unqualified success right there.

  12. Machete

    Dont know about halo, but in COD you can turn off the announcer’s voice if you want to. No one is forcing you to find collectibles, i know some people who do like hunting them down, and some people who obsess over getting all the trophies/achievements for a game, and in order to make it a challenge, developers add collectibles. The next two share the same answer: dont like it? dont use it. Death streaks aren’t ridiculously overpowered, they are all designed to help the player get a single kill,especially if the enemy team is spawn trapping. Boo hoo if you get killed by dead mans hands after hunting down the same unskilled player over and over again. Don’t know enough about GTA to make a reply to that one, i do know that alcohol in gameplay, or drugs in certain cases, is used to make a level harder than it would normally be, or as an optional feature to make gameplay harder. If you cant handle it, stop bitching and move on. 

    Unskippable cutscenes can be annoying, but L.A. Noire is NOT an example you want to be calling out on that. L.A. Noire isn’t supposed to be an action packed rpg, and is very dependent on the cutscenes. Replaying L.A. Noire and skipping the cutscenes would be like rewatching L.A. Confidential and fast forwarding to the gunfight at the end, ignoring the actual movie itself. Replay it for the story, even if you have seen it before, like every other normal person on the planet would rewatch a movie, watch a rerun, or reread a book. Front Mission did have this problem in its series, that would have been a good example to pick on.

    My response to tingle: the series is Japanese, case closed.

    And skyrim’s woodcutting. No one is forcing you to do it, it is an option in case you are in need of cash and don’t have too many options. Sure, they could have spent the time finishing up the mechanics of woodcutting, but that would have delayed release for a component to the gameplay that really wouldn’t change much. Its not bothering anyone, so why feel the need as listing it as the most annoying thing you have ever come across in a game when it has no bearing on what you are doing, and wont bother you if you don’t do it.

  13. Chuckbh89

    well mr travis freese i have to say im glad you’re not in the video game creating field becuase from the sound of it your game would be boring, have an unrealistic world where everyone is judt either walking to or from work and the only thing you can do in the game is go for the end. see what good creators, like the rockstar games, bungie, or infinity, they go for a game that feels real, that pulls you in and wont let you go, i myself am a huge fan of online halo and although sometimes the announcer can get a little repetitive i think it only adds to the atmosphere of it being a competition/ having alcohol bestow effects on the characters vision is to give all people that special feeling inside when you giggle at your character stumbling down the sidewalk only to fall over, why however, you would choose to drink it during a car chase only further explains the lack of common sense you had when doing this list, i can empathize on the cut scenes to a certain degree, because it should be your choice to ignore the storyline if you wish, and god knows everyone hates fighting a boss you have to see the cut scene for every time you fight him (i.e. mymost recent adventures with deadspace’s final boss, lol) but some games just expect you to want to know the story, and i guess have a higher expectation of our game survival skills.i cant say i completely disagree with the call of duty death streaks because, well in all honesty im just a bullet magnet in mw3 lol, hence my Reach addiction. The social features in the gta games, although rough at points, is only another way at drawing a player into the game and in my opinion was a beautiful way to organize and initiate cheat codes, probably the best ive seen since the game shark. Okay if you are still stuck on gameboy you dont deserve to be called a gamer, seriously whats it been, 15 years, get over it. And another thing, although i dont enjoy finding all the collectables in a game, like the riddler trophies in batman, i think they are a great addition, i love all the 3d model unlocks and background story on batman, being a avid comic book fan myself, and although there definetly could have been a cooler way of unlocking them, the game would loose some major brownie points in my book. I have yet to play skyrim because im not a huge fan of the mmorpg genre and its styled in the same way, that being said, if you are going to play a game dont bitch when it has a feature thats in every other game in its class(ie woodcutting in wow, skyrim, runescape) i could say, oh yea youre right they should have a skip the bull shit feature on those type of things, but then i would have to throw in my view point that i just want every game to have fps as an option for the cam, which i do, but not alot of people would agree so i obviously wouldnt expect that, although dead space would have been SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much better if it was fps in my opinion, okay, ya know what, im tired of debunking your list, youre an idiot, keep your terrible opinions to your self.

  14. remption

    Wow, um, rather than hate on cool details, you could just ignore them, yes?  It’s not like you HAVE to deal with them.  They flesh out the games though.  And personally, I love the Halo announcements, as they aid in competitive play when I’m too busy killing to look at the screen.

  15. Defender

    Wait, you’re upset with games that let you collect completely-optional-and-in-no-way-obligatory items?How is that a bad thing?It’s better than having a crappy linear game with nothing in it to collect but cut-scenes.No one’s forcing you to collect them, you don’t want to do it, then don’t!And you’re exaggerating, most games don’t feature 50% of the total game hours as collecting pointless items.And for the record, a lot of people like to collect things, in fact most RPG gamers are hoarders.Don’t assume for one frakkin minute that because you don’t want something in a game that it means that EVERYONE else doesn’t want it.That’s arrogance in it’s most blatant form.

    • Z0MB1C

      Well said. The hoarders part is so true! I can never find enough room in my backpack on skyrim to fit that darn wolf pelt. I’m glad there are console commands to increase my carry weight just a bit. Also a plus for PC gamers. Its a good feature unless your a little kid and cant contain your non-ligitness from getting the good stuff. But i like to use it for testing of new mods. Checking to see if they work or not.

  16. SSJRockyRambo

     Why should someone be rewarded for being good in Call of Duty? How is exponentially increasing the power of a player in a multiplayer game a good idea?

    A good player becomes a god, and a bad player becomes the worst player known to man. You sound pissy because you’re obsessed with your killstreaks and can’t handle the fact you died to C4. If you bash deathstreaks, then get rid of killstreaks because both are just as broken.

  17. Beas7ie

    I really hate when people complain when a feature is ADDED to game, such as woodcutting in Skyrim. I thought that it was pretty neat and immersive as Skyrim was designed that if you literally want to just live a quiet life farming and cutting wood, then you can do that. Besides, it’s not like the game ever FORCES you to cut wood or do some of the other stupid things. If you don’t like it then don’t do it, but don’t bitch and complain just because it’s in there. Oh no! You have the OPTION to cut wood! How evil of Bethesda to include such a terribad feature. What a stupid list.

  18. Alienange

    Would you look at the angry mob that showed up here. Nothing wrong with your list Travis but you know how kids are, you say one thing about their favorite game that even remotely sounds negative they break out into a hot rash.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  19. Josic

    Halo announcements really weren’t bad it was a Halo original feature that players loves. Collectibles usually unlocked a rare item like music or weapons in GTA but there were those games that didn’t.gain you any benefit in game but gave u a secret story like the audio logs in Halo reach. Your a pansy gamer if you can’t admiy you like pokemon to a college roomate. Hell my girlgriend pllays and I play with her makes thing better. If you know what I mean. No I don’t roleplay but videogame girls are pretty cute. Death streaks help the lowerbplayers have a chanve towards prestige that have all weapons unlocked. Gives yhem a motif to keep playing and not quit. Minigames aren’t a requirement conaidering rockstar games always have cheat codes. Just spend an hour playimg all and you win moy hard. Cutscenes I agree with. After one playthrough it should allow you to skip.

  20. ub3rchief

    (i ahve no experiance witht he zelda games, but that tingle guy is really… lets jsut say i agree with you on that he is a feature that we could do without) i agree with number 3, i almsot always watch cut scenes when i play games, i care about the story-line, but after ive played a game dozens of times, i dont want to see character A telling his life story to character B. 4, well, the first part, i dont drink so i wouldnt agree with the last part you said. and finally, 8, that ticked me off so bad, i had to find people who would eb willign to take the time to trade, and often times there would be a problem, and it would take forever to trade, a few times i actually lost the pokemon i was trading because of some glitch, and on two differant occasions the guy i traded with stole my pokemon… i hate that feature….

  21. Caiha

    I used to love getting my characters virtually drunk… when I was in junior high. After that I was playing a halfling on lotro and got my character stone drunk and realized… holy crap, there’s beer in the fridge downstairs, and I’m here having milk and cookies and giggling over my character getting plastered. How unbelievably nerdy even for me! So I um… stopped doing that and never did again.

  22. Skyler Gray

    you are missing they most annoying ‘feature’ in any game ever made. the only defence of it i ever heard was that if they offered an option to disable it, everybody would. i am of course talking about tripping in super smash brothers brawl. christ that is annoying. sorry about the bad grammar. i am typing this on my phone, and it won’t let me format right.

  23. Anthopologist

    Gotta disagree with Halo announcements. That voice is perfect. And I have very fond memories of the first time some friends and I were sitting around playing 4-player local deathmatch and we heard an unintentionally executed “Betrayal”.

  24. Shiloh Kleinschmit

    Look,if you dont want to cut planks,..just dont do it.That’s no problem with the game.I think its kinda fun,actually, a myriad of other real life things you can do besides just kill,kill,kill,over and over.

  25. cusman

    I think Collectibles feature should be number 1 on your list. You are bothered by a lot of trivial other things a lot more. The wood cutting is number one on your list? Really? It never interfered with the game and it did add to immersion and it was an interesting curiosity to try… if it were labeled as an easter egg instead of a feature people would say that is cool.

  26. Just trollin

    Look, when it comes to things like the booze and woodcutting. I see your points. But the reason they are there is a thing called “Immersion”. I live through my characters. It just gives you an option. You don’t have to do it, or worry about it. Why complain? It doesn’t make anything less awesome. Tingle is comic relief in a way. Weird thing he is. Just another thing to laugh at. Death streaks in call of duty are for people who aren’t good, so it can somewhat balance things, so they dont commit suicide from embarrassment. If you were a good enough player, you could just kill them again, right? Just like the guys with kill-streaks. And there is a certain feeling you get from getting all the collectibles in a game, i mean it can be ridiculous, but I’m sure you have never felt it. Like Shiloh said, you don’t have to do it. Stop bitching. Btw, the halo announcements are awesome, you don’t appreciate halo if you say that.

  27. Stormbow

    You want a list of stupid stuff in games? How about “soulbound items”, “unclimbable terrain that’s shorter than your character”, “ridiculously limited bank storage space”?

    As for the #1 on this list, sorry, but that’s just bullshit. The owner of the mills offers you money to cut those logs, so they are not “the most useless and terrible game feature”. Someone obviously needs to pay more attention to his surroundings.

  28. Sasha_Je

    I agree with what Mr.Travis said about GTA IV and Syrim. Regarding GTA those social activities where kinda bland and at some point become chores. As for Skyrim, cutting wood does not add immersion, for a fantasy game it’s stupid. When developers would come up with mini-games and things to do more creative maybe I will waste my time with them. But as Mr.Travis stated I rather go and uncover a lost cursed treasure in some distant island and fight a sea monster and after it’s dead I will take this magic tooth and go find a secret blacksmith that will craft a mighty unique sword with the power to slip a mountain in two rather then cutting wood in a fantasy world. I don’t say I agree with his list, but I am saying that all this activities that people shout out loud “it add immersion” are like going to play pool in Second Life rather then going to play pool live.

    Best regards,


    p.s. Skyrim is a fantasy game, we should be doing some neat crazy stuff

    • RealTimeGamer

      As many said before. dont like it. Dont play it. Just like your opinion you think you are obligated to make people hear it, when in fact, they do what any normal gamer would do if they dont like it. IGNORE IT! And I suppose slitting the gut of some elder orc adds immersion to a game? Oh wait, every fantasy game has that…

  29. Videodrome

    In response to the Alcohol comment, I do like what they did with drinks in Shadows of the Damned. Reverse rules: Alcohol makes you healthy in hell.

  30. sly cooper fanatic

    *WARNING* spoiler alert in this comment! (Twilight Princess)

    I can sort of agree with the Wind Waker’s version of Tingle trying to utilize a GBA for finding additional treasures (it’s kind of pointless, really) was lame, but the other features,such as very overpriced maps, in retrospect, were understandable. The game had you acquire bigger wallets and make treasure quests for rupees necessary.

    Take Twilight Princess, for example. I was really stoked to go from carrying 600 rupies max to 1000 rupies max the bigger my wallet became, but, other than buying the cool suit for Link and powering it, there was no real use for all that currency. Plus finding all the Poes just to get free access TO more useless rupies was a real letdown.

  31. Hannah Smith

    The saw mill probably took about 10 minutes total to design without textures. And it’s completely optional. I didn’t even know you could until I was jumping around one day and saw an action pop up. Just don’t do it. Treat it as a part of the scenery.. which adds texture to the NPCs lifestyles.

  32. Neighborhood Gamer

    First off, to the man who made this , ‘troll-bound rant’ , as I will dub it.

    There are SO many things I can say about this but I will just keep it simple as I can.
    1. Skyrim was made as the ultimate in a gaming genre known as “Free roam”. And with that they decided to let you do whatever you want. Be it making planks for the mill. Or chopping wood for, believe it or not. Easy gold. You tried this and believed that somewhere in your head, the game is shoving it down your throat. I am sorry to correct you, but the feature is optional. I do not know what you may think, but the game was put in there to have fun. If you cannot handle it, do not want to, or are unable to. then please, stop playing the game, quite your childish whining about something you have no power over. and play a game that you can handle. A great suggestion for this is maybe Two worlds II. I would have said Minecraft, but that has much more useless, but awesome features in it, and I do not think you can handle that game.

    2. The only agreeable choice you made in your ‘Troll-bound rant’ was the cut scenes. Maybe, I repeat, MAYBE the Alcohol feature. The best example I have of a good use of this feature, is in one of two games. The first being The ‘Elder Scrolls’ series. Where it not only give you a positive and negative effect. but it tries to give you the same effect if the same drinks where ‘real life counterparts’. Another acceptable one is in the ORIGINAL Fable. But only for the comedic factor. Nothing is funner then buying out a inventory of the local distillery and then running amuk outside town trying to rage all over a few mobs. But all in all the best use of this feature was in Fallout series. Where it gave your a minor sceen effect so you knew the drink effect was active. (Also dont get me wrong saying I love alcohol in games, my point of saying this was that if done write, it can add a little comedy to a game. And should be nothing more. And I know I will still get replies on this.)

    3. The deathstreaks. Treyarch implemented this into their games to even out the playing field. And I do not see you coming up with any new concept to help out other then bitching like some pampered mama’s boy. (No offense intended) I like to think of myself as a 50-50 FPS player. I am around a constant 0.90 to 1.10 KDR value in most FPS games. And I must say, when we have a end gamer tagging our spawn point with a shotgun. It is finnaly nice to give him a nice little present. So dont bish about a game feature that gives the spawn campers their Karma factor.

    And lastly, is the in game hidden content, Also known as Collectibles. The game is counting its content in a whole. And when you can say “Been there… Done that… Got the T-shirt…” type of deal, then it gives you 100%. They add those hidden features for players wanting to enjoy the game by immersing themselves into the environment. Most players will never fully enjoy a game because they just do the whole run and gun style.

    In closing. I would like to say for future reference. you should focus more on stating the bad. Why it is so bad. What can fix it. And so forth. Trust me. I have written guides for many games. Some of which include Battlefield P4F, Diablo (when I used to play it way back when it was new and fresh.) And even Pirate King online. and a few others. I started off like how you rant, but after lots of feedback, both good and bad. I learned what people will accept as opinion. and before you try and give me a random reply like the others got. I already heard it before. Back when I was 12 many years ago.

    Thank you for your time.
    Friendly neighborhood gamer.

  33. DanielleHodges

    because when i play a video game i want to waste time cutting logs. personally i think they should create a skyrim expansion, or even its own sequel, devoted entirely to wood chopping and carving. my grandma would hit that up

  34. yeckitipod

    While I may not agree 100% with this article I must say the way you Insult Tingle is a typical non-Japanese thing to do.Nintendo really likes Tingle (they always have at least one weird character in their games) and their Japanese audience loves him as well (they often like weird characters we don’t care for in their games) so it’s only natural to recycle him from time to time in the games (Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, etc.) as for the Tingle tuner, it’s a Japanese game so it’s number one priority is to appeal to the Japanese audience while most features may also appeal to us (it did get an international release) there are some features that we just don’t see the point in.

  35. Storm_Worm5364

    This article is the worst article I’ve ever read!Some collectibles are awesome (for example: the bottles in the Sly Cooper games) if you don’t want to collect them, DON’T COLLECT THEM!Mini-games in RDR, if you don’t want to play them, DON’T PLAY THEM you don’t need the oputfits too beat the game and every sidequestAnd the person who wrote this article must be a fucking douchebag! “Couldn’t developers spend more time fixing bugs and adding content instead of making an interactive saw mill?”That’s was rude as fuck!!!!

    • Kairon156

      @Storm_Worm5364 I agree. and he missed what I would consider just as annoying as cut scenes you can’t skip. I posted it in my comment after yours.I’m not a huge fan of collectibles but if I’m bored while playing a game than I adventure around looking for them tell I want to go back to the main quest.

    • JaredJeffers

      @Storm_Worm5364 I agree. The devs at Bethesda made the sawmills for the NPCs. They didn’t have to throw in the interactive bit, but they did anyway to give us little more immersion. This guy is a filthy douchebag who shouldn’t be allowed to touch anything but mainstream first-person shooters, because it’s obvious that’s all he likes.
      Hey Travis, go get your Cock of Doody 19: Black Ops 7 and $300 worth of map packs and get the hell of this website. You shame it.

  36. Kairon156

    the wood cutting early game is a good way to make money. I’m disappointed you left out my all time hateful game feature and that’s forced tutorials. I’ve plaid hundreds of “insert game type here” I don’t need to know how to click on that icon and move it over there, I’ve done it countless times in other similar games before.

  37. Kairon156

    the wood cutting early game is a good way to make money. I’m disappointed you left out my all time hateful game feature and that’s forced tutorials. I’ve plaid hundreds of “insert game type here” I don’t need to know how to click on that icon and move it over there, I’ve done it countless times in other similar games before.I do agree with giving bad players overpowered skills. it’s just not how the real world works and is a very bad game feature.

  38. AdamMidderigh

    minigames from red dead redemption…. are they fucking high? the minigames were fantastic, i often go back to red dead just for the atmospheric yet simple poker and liars dice

  39. Gaystradamus

    out of all the good list they have, this one is a freaking shame, its just one of the rights complaining about things they don’t have to do in games

  40. piemantr

    its easy gold for low level players who don’t have any good armor, or for lazy people who can collect over 1000 firewood and get 5000 gold

  41. wezlay92

    Okay Skyrim Wood cutting as number one? You dont have to cut the wood if you want, and if you do its generally to get a little extra Gold? And i love how you can cut wood and what not in skyrim, makes it more realistic and gives the character more choice. I have played many characters of skyrim where i have not used the saw mill once because its not on a have to do basis, than i have made characters where all i have done is Farm and cut wood. Makes the game much better and doesnt force the player to be in combat 24/7 to make Gold. after all it is a fucking RPG you Twat.

    • AnyaNoneya

      @wezlay92 Agree completely but I would like to point out that you can also make arrows now. Not having to waste money on arrows was a big happy moment for my archer.

      • MewMew34

        @AnyaNoneya  @wezlay92 Is making arrows an official thing now? My roommate has a mod for it, but we only have the base game and Hearthfire. No Dawnguard or Dragonborn yet.  Though, I’ve never needed to worry about arrows.  I pick up more than enough from enemies as I play that I don’t have to worry, even when it comes to higher powered arrows like glass or Ebony.

  42. wezlay92

    LOL! IKR! This man probably went over to the Chopping Block and used it and his reaction was like ” -.-………UUGHHHHH!!! HOW FUCKING DARE THEY!? THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! FORCING ME TO CHOP THIS WOOOD!!! WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE TO THESE SEMI-RETARDED GAME DESIGNERS!? DAMN YOU BETHESDA!!! IM GOING TO RANT ABOUT THIS ONLINE!!! ” What a fucking tool, its like Ranting because game designers added a Brightness Level Adjustment in the Options menu.

    • MewMew34

      @wezlay92 It’s not chopping wood he’s complaining about, it’s using the sawmill.  You know, the big long wooden thing where you grab a log, toss it into a little channel, and then have it move down and be sawed in half?  That served no purpose in base Skyrim.  I haven’t actually tried to cut my own lumber in Hearthfire so I don’t know if you actually can do it now or not, it’s faster to just buy a bunch from somebody.

  43. JaredJeffers

    Travis F., this is the last article of yours that I will ever read, and I am considering leaving the website as well. Bethesda already developed the animations for NPC sawmill owners/operators to use their sawmills, why not unlock them for the player character to add a little immersion? It’s not a bad feature, it’s something that they didn’t have to put in, but let us do anyway.

  44. JohnThompson1

    This post is ridiculous to the highest degree. No one is fucking forcing you to use these in game features. They are there to add balance and lore to the games to create a sense of realism. Without some of these game features, some games would be lifeless and boring. I for one enjoy playing the red dead mini games, and collecting items in assassins creed etcetera…
    As for skyrim….MODS allow me to customise the game the way i want it to be.
    Your opinions suck.

    • PabloRodriguez

      @JohnThompson1 Excuse me, but how are unskippable cutscenes, Halo announcements, trading to evolve Pokemon or Death Streaks not forced?

  45. TonyShannon

    I disagree about the Red Dead mini-games.Also, Hearthfire in Skyrim’s DLC gave lumber a very specific purpose, although the lumber mill itself remains useless. 
    Otherwise, spot on.

  46. Blazorazor

    Whoever wrote this article is clearly  fucking retarded. I don’t know about you but I would sell my first born son to have the Halo announcer narrate everything I do for the rest of my life.

  47. TacticalTimbo

    I actually liked the retarded commentator voice in Halo; used to ape it and terrorise my bro with it…he go so annoyed lol!

  48. Ninjaguy

    You do understand that skyrim is an rpg and should have some features other than killing dragons? Also Alcohol adds that customization thing and it’s fun, especially in wow where it causes you to go a little right or left like a real drunk and adds a .hic… or a shh in your chat. Now death streaks mean someone can keep up when things get messy and not just the guy who got the lead in the beggining wins. Collectibles are to give you something to do after you finish storyline and DAMN YES I would collect them even for no reward at all. And seriously pokemon? They made the trade-evolve so you cannot just get all pokemon in a week all by yourself and back when they were new and there was no website to gve all secrets and information away it was a nice surprise to see you haunter or machoke evolve out of a suddden. So basicly you just came here to say everything that annoys. Also i think that you really wanna get all the collectibles and all the pokemon with trade or not, but ou are too lazy and you wanna make yourself believe it’s the game’s mistake.

  49. PetaGselmann

    skyrims wood cutting YES! my first playthrough, right at the beginning i found the sawmill and decided to earn some coin, so spent aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages chopping wood, then all of a sudden 2 random bandits came and murdered me mid-chop. lost all that wood and a good quarter of my own lifetime.

  50. joewebbuk

    the wood chopping in Skyrim is one of the “sandbox” behaviours that the NPCs do, and which players can, incidentally; like sitting in a chair in Fallout 3. It’s not designed specifically for something super fun for players to do…

  51. LuluLiota

    Note: Not everybody who plays games is old enough to drink. When kids see alcohol in games its like: WOW Booooze! Hmmm I wonder what would happen if I drank 60 bottles.
    They do it and see their character throw up. It’s a classic moment. It’s hilarious, and its fun. Yeah, its not literally the act of putting alcohol into your system, yet its not going to get you drunk, but then again not everything virtual should have the same effect as in real life. Duuurp. You don’t run around with a gun and shoot people in real life do you? But its still fun virtually right? Point and case.

  52. QuinWalkerGaudet

    the woodmill for Skyrim is intended for Characterization for the villagers of the holds (due to the fact, they REQUIRE lumber to make fires and build homes), and also is meant for Skyrim’s DLC Hearthfire, allowing you not only to use the saw logs for building homes, but the woodchopping allows you to fletch arrows.

  53. Cryloc

    I disagree about almost every point, get your act together. Why not do research into actual statistics rather then make a list of your personal opinion?

  54. JohnMarcoAguilera

    I disagree with everything you just said except for the COD part. (MW3 only.) MW2 Deathstreaks are balanced. The MW3 killsteaks and deathstreaks are overpowered, the Stealth Bomber is too overpowered.

  55. Artistic_Evolution

    Pretty much every case has been argued except for one: the social aspects of trade-evolution pokemon. The reason Creature Inc has released tow copies of the same game for over a decade is to force people to be social  to share, and that great things can be accomplished through team work. I would bet that you would have been negative towards shared (non-split) screen multi-player, “I don’t want to be confined to the view of this guy next to me. Who needs this teamwork forced on them?”

  56. johnqjay

    Theres a reason for the wood cutting now. Its for logs in Hearthfire. But the original point is correct. Upon release it was useless.

  57. AaronFritsch

    Crysis 3’s seemingly nonexistent lame excuse for a storyline. Boss fights with glowing spots. There is so much wrong with games right now its hard to want to play anything new because every time a new game comes out there is this uncanny fear that something somewhere within the game is going to be so flawed that it makes you wonder who actually made this game and how much time did they actually spend making it.

  58. AnnMariePatterson

    The collectables and the unskippable cutscenes, god yes absolutely.  I will never understand the point of grinding for achievements that don’t give me anything other than e-peen.  At least some of the achievements in Mass effect gave me in game character benefits.

  59. iluth79

    I’m puzzled about why you hate Skyrim’s woodcutting so much.  If you don’t like woodcutting, don’t use it.  I dont like magic, so guess what, I don’t use it.
    Additionally the feature isn’t even useless.  I use woodcutting to get wood so I can make arrows.  I also use the mill to get lumber to build my houses. So yeah.

  60. Peter Plank

    the only one I agree is the Cutscenes since one has no control over it. the other ones, if you don’t like them, just ignore them. Like the social part of GTA IV I just ignore their calls, it is not like I wouldn’t be able to play and enjoy the other features if I didn’t want to go bowling with roman.

    • AnnMariePatterson

      Peter Plank The reason why stuff like the collectibles with their respective achievements bother me personally, is because I’ve been gaming long enough to feel like they’ve been added at the expense of actual content in some games.  I mean with some types of games they were actually added content and that’s cool.  Not my thing but like you said, I can skip it.  But with certain types of RPGs and games that I would say feel similar to an RPG (because of deep plot arcs and the like), well if you’ve been gaming longer than 15 years you know that the deeper elements of these games have been often dropped in favor of adding yet one more round of collectibles or one more achievement.  It feels like it’s adding a forced replay value that’s cheaper than what USED to be found in such games.

  61. Ranterbach

    Man, every article I read on this site is worse than the last. Leviathyn, you’re trying too hard. If you don’t have any real content, just don’t post anything. I’d rather see you post nothing than more of this crap.

  62. SilentXero

    Normally I’m drinking alcohol anyway when I’m playing so the screen actually looks pretty clear.

  63. SilentXero

    Kairon156 Storm_Worm5364 
    Agreed! As long as the collectibles (hard to find ones anyway) don’t interfere with the final out come of the game, I see no reason to hate it. Some people, such as myself, enjoy trying to find every piece or treasure (Zelda,Uncharted,Mass Effect,G.O.W,GE.O.W.). If  I couldn’t finish the game because I missed something way back, yeah, then I’d be pissed, but that’d be the only reason.

    • JaedonRousseau

      lolsparta4 The EXP in Minecraft allowed you to use enchantment tables, you used your levels to give your items cetain enchantments, it is far from useless

  64. MichaelAxline

    I’d have to include [at number 1 no less] is the stupid interactive cut scenes. Especially when you aren’t aware (we’re looking at you new Tom Raider game!)
    You are engrossed in a cutscene when there’s a quick flash telling you to press a button, then you die. I spend more damn time watching for that “Push the button! Push it or you die! Push it!!!” than I do the cutscene, and I can’t enjoy the bloody thing.
    So you have the “Unskippable cutscene” with the addition of not being able to watch it, with the addition of having to repeat it over and over and over.

    • sensi2fr

      MichaelAxline Haven’t played late tomb raiders but this remind me of Mass Effect, stupidly and frustratingly watching at a corner of the screen waiting for any paragon/renegade actions to react to, missing most of the cut scenes…

    • vampiricprince1

      I can’t say I liked that feature in the Tomb Raider game nor in Mass Effect but was never really bothered by it after the first few times.

    • DanWestgate

      MichaelAxline The only game I ever actually enjoyed the quick events in was Resident Evil 4.  It added to the intensity.  That should be far away from rpg driven games like Mass Effect…but oh wait, that’s exactly the point, isn’t it?  That they butchered Mass Effect.
      They’re plenty of space action games out there.  Give us the RPG we loved…

  65. DiegoJavierNogueraRico

    1. Skyrim’s Wood Cutting
    Not sure if you’re stupid or haven’t played the game at all. You don’t have to do this at all in the game.

    • Cbird7

      DiegoJavierNogueraRico That is not the point. The article is “worst game features” not “Stupid things you HAVE to do in games”

  66. sethrawls

    Just saying, In red dead, the minigames get you money. Sometimes I want to keep my honor high and NOT kill then loot civilians. Sometimes theyre required for certain outfits. And for Skyrim, woodcutting is good for making arrows, bolts, and improving bows and the grindstone. And for cut scenes you cant skip, sometimes they dont want you to skip it because it says something super important you CANT miss. And for the Collectible part… Really.. Seriously.. Many gamers love this feature, including myself. You can sell them, use them for crafting, so much more. Sometimes to get them you have to go through trials of killing or parkour, which proves to be fun. I couldnt believe you put Collectibles.. And for the Halo announcements.. I couldn’t agree more, I wish they had subtitles on the side instead of that gruff voice yelling shit.

    • DanWestgate

      sethrawls Yeah but what about being forced to see the same cut scene over and over?  This isn’t as much a problem nowadays, but remember those super hard boss fights back in the day without an autosave after the scene?  Haha…

  67. thecountduke

    What’s useless is your choice for the Skyrim woodcutting being the worst game feature. That doesn’t even make sense, It is a choice you can do and can’t do. In the continent of Tamriel they can’t just not have anything to help produce wood, and when you get to it you don’t have to do it. The fact that Skyrim is free roam and you can choose what you want to do, pointing out the littlest detail is completely against what you can do with the game. I can’t even find the proper words to use because it should be common sense that you can do whatever in Skyrim so pointing out a little detail you don’t like is pointless when there is an entire realm to explore. Why you chose that and put so much hate into one of the most insignificant things is beyond me.

  68. thecountduke

    What’s useless is your choice for the Skyrim woodcutting being the worst game feature. That doesn’t even make sense, It is a choice you can do and can’t do. In the continent of Tamriel they can’t just not have anything to help produce wood, and when you get to it you don’t have to do it. The fact that Skyrim is free roam and you can choose what you want to do, pointing out the littlest detail is completely against what you can do with the game. I can’t even find the proper words to use because it should be common sense that you can do whatever in Skyrim so pointing out a little detail you don’t like is pointless when there is an entire realm to explore. Why you chose that and put so much hate into one of the most insignificant things is beyond me.

    • DanWestgate

      thecountduke ‘cept you can’t kill the yarls and they’re stewards.  f*ck that.  I get not killing kids–that’s just in poor taste, but c’mon, you let me kill run into NCR headquarters and kill everyone, after killing Ceaser and House and I can’t get an ending?  Maybe they learned, but that’s your damn choice.  Just make it so that if you kill everyone in Skyrim the dragon challenges you anyways.  He’d show up sometime and kick your ass.  Oh well.  You failed.  There’s no one left to fuck with anyways, so who cares.

    • DanWestgate

      MasonMiller Yeah.  I was expecting this list to be more about features, like Halo’s announcer or, um, let me quickly think of a better example…what about in Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty when you have to scroll through all the text when you get a call that you already got?  The hell is that shit?

  69. goldkitsunebrony

    I’d but “Sub par MMO anti-bot detection” as number 1. Very hard to enjoy and MMO where lazy fuckers are shitting all over the economy with bots, make resorces more and more worthless.
    Then farming more and more gold until IT has so little value its not worth playing.

  70. sensi2fr

    JaredJeffers There is really no need for a drama about Skyrim sawmill, people should seriously chill out . 🙂

    • PantslessAaron

      sensi2fr JaredJeffers  What’s really amazing is that people still get bent out of shape over an article that’s well over a year old. Disagree? Fine. Write it up and submit it somewhere, maybe even to Leviathyn! Then maybe you can do the job that Travis does and eventually have someone complain about your piece over something ridiculously petty. And the cycle continues!

  71. lapsio3

    Skyrim woodcutting rocks! I didn’t buy this game to fight dragons, just because it’s better than Sims 3! As well as all Bethesda games, I haven’t finisheshed even one of them because why when I can do side quests which are safer and earn money and improove my home :3 and in skyrim even have wife! (It was also possible in Morrowind but with mod)

  72. vampiricprince1

    Ninjaguy Collectibles are ok when they do something useful a lot of games have way to many for stupid things. Why would I want to die 100 times to unlock nothing but the satisfaction of my system saying I got something for it? Or having 20% of the game being the story line and 80% being extra useless stuff. Yes they are something to do after the story, but having them as the most prevalent part of the game, seriously? Everything game developers do is for some small purpose or other but I think some are missing the point of games. It’s all starting to stray from what what it should be.

  73. robinwitch

    bouzane Indeed. I loved the Crotch Shot mod on UT and the announcer roaring “CROTCH MASTER!” when you got five people in a row in the nads. Good times.

  74. robinwitch

    MewMew34 AnyaNoneya wezlay92 Yes it is official, and you can also make Dragonbone arrows that are the most powerful in the game, even more powerful than Daedric.

  75. robinwitch

    MewMew34 wezlay92 I was rather disappointed though to find that you can’t feed the corpses of your dead enemies into the sawmill. It would be a powerful way to send a message to the local bandits.

  76. robinwitch

    DanielleHodges But who’s forcing you to do it? It’s an absolutely optional activity. The only time I cut wood is when I need it for making arrows.

  77. robinwitch

    @Defender Bugs in glass bottles. I try to get the whole set of them every time I play Skyrim, but they have no earthly use. They’re just fun.

  78. robinwitch

    @Travis Freese It’s a standard feature now, after Dragonborn. You can’t buy or find the best arrows in the game, the Dragonbone ones — you have to make them yourself, and cut wood to do it.

  79. ScrittySEO

    Whoever wrote this list is a frikking moron. Woodcutting in Skyrim is a craft skill and adds value – allows you to sell the planks and make stuff IT’S AN RPG YOU  FECKWIT Crafting is a vital part of RPG. Have you played a game before you bufoon?

  80. pixellooter

    Game announcers are awful. Call of duty is complete shit for adding any streak rewards. Cod4 was forgivable. Anything after that was shit. Finally Skyrim’s woodcutting was just plain stupid as hell UNLESS you got a mod where it became useful. For the standard game it was dumb and anyone who thinks skyrim’s standard woodcutting was great is an idiot.

    • StaceyTyner

      pixellooter Perhaps if they think it was ‘great’ but I aalso don’t think it was ‘stupid as hell’
      But please explain indetail, why someone disagreeing with your exact tastes makes them an ‘idiot’ now I’m not saying you’re wrong but please explain to everyone, in detail and using facts, why liking woodcutting makes you less intelligent. 
       Again please use only site facts and no opinions, thanks 😀

      • pixellooter

        First, you’ll have to quote me exactly where I said anyone who enjoys skyrim’s woodcutting is an idiot. Your attempt was weak and easy to overcome. You tried to set something up and it failed. Thanks for trying though. Go cut some wood.

        • AnHaSch

          pixellooter  “For the standard game it was dumb and anyone who thinks skyrim’s standard woodcutting was great is an idiot.”

        • StaceyTyner

          pixellooter You know what the funniest part of that post is? I have a woodcutting skill cape in Runescape XD  That shows that I have cut entirely too much wood.

        • Cbird7

          pixellooter “For the standard game it was dumb and anyone who thinks skyrim’s standard woodcutting was great is an idiot.”

          ‘Nuff said

  81. jammidodger0611

    Woodcutting in skyrim is for getting sawn wood, which you need to build a house in the hearthfire dlc… i dont know if the hearthfire dlc was out when this was posted… but even if it wasn’t skyrim is a RPG. Role.Play.Game

    • pixellooter

      jammidodger0611 good to know. That’s better than just turning in wood for money. I, on the other hand, do not own hearthfire since there are plenty of mods to get my own housing. With mods I use wood to craft weapons, arrows, lanterns, and other things that should have been in the standard game.

      • DanWestgate

        pixellooter jammidodger0611 With how much the game gives us I am not sure “should” is the word to use here, on such a tiny thing as wood weapons and arrows.  There were things that should of been in the game–like killing any npc.  It pisses me off that I can’t and makes no sense.

  82. hideo

    As an indie developer it’s about adding choices, you want people to feel like your game was worth their purchase whether that be by adding in horseshoes or a newspaper that changes every day to tell you how people responded to your actions, they are an added bonus to be skipped if you want but add a sense of realism to the world.
    I do agree about cut scenes though, as for Halo voice? Someone hasn’t played UT3, that’s real commentator annoyance.

  83. UEC_Bloater

    Ok, I LOVE in game booze, because it’s funny. If you don’t think so, don’t make your character drink it. It translates into entertainment because it’s funny. Get over it.

    • DanWestgate

      UEC_Bloater The most fun I had drinking in a game was in Deux Ed Human Revolution.  What transpired in my mind was something like this: “Okay, need information.  Talk to bartender.  Buy a drink?  But this is like, a world defining conspiracy I am breaking over—important job/mission—f*ck, I hope there isn’t an intense shoot out soon.”

    • Hiyoto

      With mods, I did this in Skyrim. I was completely wasted and started wondering around. I should have recorded myself as a dragon came in and handed my ass to me. Quite hilarious.

  84. ASKFanOffStuff

    I agree with some of these, but alcohol in games like RDR and GTA is pretty funny imo. And even though I don’t find myself playing the RDR mini-games too much(except card games and liar’s dice), I feel like they do add some life to the world. Also I’m pretty sure you can win multiple times more than 100$ depending on how many people are playing with you. Also in the high stakes poker table that you unlock by signing in to social club and wearing the gentleman’s attire the buy-in is 250$. 
    Collectibles I think I kinda agree on. Generally games that involve a lot of looting can be a bit tiring. After I played Bioshock: Infinite I didn’t want to replay it in a long time, because of how I had to check every damn corner on each area.

  85. headsign

    What about this: being forced to scroll through menu lists and press OK and YES 5 times in order to quit the game.
    Also: save points of any sort… I want to be able to save any game wherever I like and not have to fight my way to a save point or be forced to give up half an hour of progress.

  86. DanWestgate

    I like save points.  It adds challenge.  Save any time should only be on the open map.  Some games of course are fine having save any time.
    Trading Pokemon to evolve was probably a social thing–ya know, have friends.  What I hated was needed two games to get um all–but then again, a friend can help with that, so long as one will concede on the game.
    I hate achievements in general.  Unless it’s for something VERY hard like, beating a boss, or going out of your way to do something, or taking an interesting route in a choice driven game, screw um.
    I don’t play COD but the original owner of my xbox did and I liked at the achievements and you get one just fro starting the game.  WTF?  Talk about pandering.

    • DanWestgate

      Oh, and no one is forcing you to do wood cutting.  I kind of like sitting back and relaxing while immersing myself into the world.

    • Aurora Moon

      agreed… as a deaf gamer this pisses me off to no end. >=( What if I don’t feel like using my hearing aids, people?? sometimes it chafes and causes too much wax build up in my ears which can cause it to ache.
      IT’s just… arrgh! sdfdmglfddsfkjds;fdlsfdsfld;lfds;fdslfd;lsfd.sfkd;s

  87. SomeangryDragonborn

    WTF? WOOD CUTTING BAD? Well maybe wood cutting with the axe could be boring but have you ever killed someone and then put their body in the sawmill? his body gets stuck in the saw and it goes up and down in a hilarious manner just try it

  88. Incognito44

    This article is bullshit. Most of things you listed here are activities that you don’t have to do if you don’t want. what an attention whore…

    • xmindlessx

      Complaining about optional stuff is stupid. Especially when you can tell they spent minimal time on most of it.

      I half agree with the collectibles. However if you take a look back at the history of games collectibles were added in a decade ago (my earliest memory would be Ocarina of time with the spiders).

      The first thing I read on here almost had my sides in orbit. The voice announcers have been around for almost 2 decades, although they didn’t quite catch on until Unreal Tournament 1999.

      In summary the writer of this article is very young or very out of touch with the video game world. I only hope he has learned some seeing as this article is a year old.

      • Colt

        You’re correct that collectibles go way back, but the gold skulltulas earned you rewards. The poster is referring to collectibles with no benefits, other than reading some lame tidbit in the bonus menu on thetitle screen.

  89. LastDay

    I thought that the Sawmill in Skyrim was a nice little detail and it’s very memorable to me.
    I think that Tingle is funny!
    I also used the Tingle tuner a few times and was surprised by all the hidden things you could find with it.
    It also game much more use for Rupees after you had finished the game.

    I like collectibles and I’m surprised that somebody actually thinks they are a bad thing.
    Alcohol is pretty funny in some games. Usually rather pointless but I see nothing wrong with it.
    Having to trade Pokemon to evolve them is rather annoying.
    For a generation or two you could use Global trading to evolve them alone, but not anymore.
    I see the charm in it, though.
    Oh and I love the silly announcements in most games!

    To me this seems more like a list of the writer’s personal preferences than a list of bad game design.
    Bad design would be Skyrim’s UI on PC (which is clunky and somewhat glitchy) or tripping not being optional on Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

  90. Teddy

    Though I agree the saw mill is very lackluster, the thought of being able to see how real Skyrim citizens live life, is very immersive in the fact that it actually makes you feel like this world is alive. Though the concept of a saw mill may seem dull, it adds a certain depth to the world of Skyrim. You are able to enter every building (as far as I know), you can find love, you can forge and grind and swim, and many other amazing features. The game is supposed to make you feel like you are in the land of Skyrim, that your character and those inside the game as well, have lives that they live, even if they are actually just a bunch of matrices and lines of code. And isn’t that what every body wants out of a game? For it to feel like you aren’t just playing a game, but seeing the lives of others as well as your own? Believe me when I say, that feature is easily one of the most important parts of the game.

  91. CL

    With the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, the sawmill is not at all useless. If you become friends with the mill owner, you can either buy wood from them (20 sawn logs for 200 septims) or you can ask to cut it yourself. They’ll allow you to, and each log you saw, you get 10 sawn logs.

    This is pretty important if you’re low on money. Yes, you can saw logs if you don’t have the DLC – but it’s there for a reason.

  92. Ryan

    Red dead Redemption’s minigames were fun and a good distraction if you didn’t want to do the main storyline constantly and Skyrim’s sawmill is a cheaper and more fufilling way to get lumber for your house in Skyrim Hearthfire dlc.

  93. Mike

    Collectibles that actually give you some in-game reward are the way to go in my opinion. Think Crackdown agility orbs, or getting stat bonuses and the like for completing sets of collectibles. As for achievements, I think the original Mass Effect had a great idea. Achievements in that game translated into different perks that were made available in new game+. More developers should try that tactic!!!

  94. fuckyou

    fuck off, most of these games you whine and bitch about out of your cunt are just added extra features, you didn’t need to do them to actually beat these games. You obviously were hell bent on beating them as fast as fucking possible without taking the time to ingrain yourself into the games, why even bother with talking about games at all if you don’t treat them like they are. An intricate story.

  95. DG

    This list doesn’t contain Quick Time Events, therefore this list is shit. No game should have QTEs. QTE is an abomination. If I was in the same room with Bin Laden, Hitler and the creator of QTEs and had an AA20 with a full drum mag (that means 20 shotgun shells), I would unload the whole mag on the creator of QTEs. F*ck QTEs.

  96. DeadlyQuestion

    I get that this is all your opinion; I’ve written plenty of opinionated articles and then have gotten fussed at. But most of these things shouldn’t be labeled as useless or terrible features, just features that annoy you personally. In game drunkeness is fun for me, the challenge is quite entertaining.

  97. daniel

    The woodcutting in Skyrim I think is kinda neat, it’s also completely voluntary. I wish there were more ways to immerse yourself in the world like that without any of it being required.

  98. Varum

    Come on guys, you all should not use such harsh words like hate, terrible. These developers sacrifice their time for all you gamers. Why do you all write all these thing about the games on such a world famous website? You can just send some reviews to the developers they would surely improve themselves in their upcoming games.

  99. Nefnoj

    NUMBER TWO?!! YOU SPEAK BLASPHEME!! Playin’ a co-op Zelda was the greatest part of my childhood!

    And apparently, someone’s never played Freshly Picked: Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

  100. topotamolder

    Nice list but you forgot a good one, being forced in Shemnue to actually go to work from 6 am to 2 pm… lifting crates non stop.  I hated it so bad I was continuously asking myself when my last day of work in that hell was going to be…

  101. Kyithios

    No reward for the saw mills in Skyrim? Sure, okay. So the wood you saw doesn’t go to your house in Lakewood or the other places so you can build your house up the way YOU want it.
    The rest of this list is just whining and complaining about features that are either fluff, or a minor inconvenience. It’s like complaining about a small graphics glitch in a beta. Get over it.

  102. Kyithios

    To break it down a bit.

    Halo’s announcer? Unreal Tournament was the same way and nobody cared. I guess because it was a better game. Halo is balls to begin with in the multiplayer. I don’t know past Halo, since I didn’t bother with 2 and on.

    Collectibles are optional, you either get them or you don’t. You aren’t expected to do anything, and in some games (like Ratchet and Clank) it gives you more than just an achievement. It gives you access to other features, like new skins, or developer videos and images, or even access to cheats themselves. If you’re willing to collect, that’s what it’s there for. Complaining about this is like saying the developers meant for you to collect everything in order to progress when that’s not true. I can still finish ANY of my games with these features in them.
    Also Crash Bandicoot, one of the best games ever apparently (I disagree but whatever) was ALL ABOUT THIS PREMISE.

    Pokemon Trading for Evolution I can agree with, but…It’s not their fault you have no friends to trade with or play with. The fact is that Pokemon was meant to be a social game. Get over it.

    Alcohol – One word. Immersion. Even if it messes with your POV unrealistically, it’s there for aesthetics, and little more.

    RDR’s minigames, same as above.
    GTA’s phone calls and internet – Annoying, but same as above. Saints Row 3 had people calling you about rival gangs while you’re in the middle of a fight with – gasp – RIVAL GANGS!

    Death Streaks – Do they really matter that much? If the person getting them sucked to begin with, they’re gonna suck with them. None of the death streaks EVER HELPED ME when I played CoD, except maybe a little. If anything it’s a device to keep people from rage quitting. Developers do want people to play their games.
    Tingle…I tip my hat to you for saying what we were all thinking. Screw Tingle.
    Also, the cut scenes you can’t skip are only annoying or frustrating if you’re raging at dying. Sure enough there’s games I play where I wish I could skip the cutscenes, but it doesn’t irk me so bad as to include them on a top ten where they’re terrible. It just seems like a minor inconvenience. If you already played you know what’s gonna happen anyway, so get up and go get a drink or something.

  103. ColinHasse

    “1. Skyrim’s Wood Cutting”

    If you play Skyrim on the computer, it would blow your mind how many mods people have made to add to immersion, and many of them, are even more stupid than cutting wood.

  104. ericmelnibone

    Kyithios The only thing worse than the guy who complains about every little thing he finds annoying, is the guy who complains about the guy complaining about everything.

  105. TylerPinkert

    10 – What a stupid complaint. Seriously, the passive announcer is the only thing you can think of?
    9 to 7 –  Completely optional game features that give you things to do when you’re bored. All three have proof of OPTIONAL positive side effects based on frequent doing and/or completing. Another stupid complaint.
    6 – It’s Call of Duty, of course it’s not the hardcore super realistic multilayer title with only RAW realistic combat. It’s a fast passed arcade shooter with (very slightly) realistic elements. Kill streaks make the sad act of playing a guilty pleasure game go faster. Death streaks do exactly the same, but instead rewards players for their misery. Stupid complaint number three.
    5 – I agree, Rockstar has a terrible online service. Nothing more to say.
    4 – Again another optional item, except this time for comic relief. Go to your nearest rehab clinic if it’s such an unavoidable choice for you to make.
    3 – Usually a sign to pay attention, come to that conclusion first. If you can’t handle that simple task still then you should then come to the conclusion that if you can’t sit and watch a short story element then you obviously don’t enjoy the game enough to keep playing it. Ups and downs in video games, just like life.
    2 – Side character, has short (sometimes important) conversions and sells unneeded maps you can get by without if you live without any form of internet (a very subtle percentage). When you got to using the Tingle Tuner in Wind Waker it’s a great time and actually helpful because vertical flight without cyclones and the ability to drop bombs damn near anywhere is a big plus for the title.
    1 – Part of being a person in a post modern world. And yes, you get things to sell. In the end you basically are complaining about an activity you do in Skyrim because it gives the NPC’s something to do. Have you ever noticed that every character in game can interact (the same way) with everything you can. In the end it’s not for you but there if you forget, like you have showed us, that you are playing an open world RPG that you have to go off and cut useless wood.

    My conclusion, your so unbelievably naive that you should of never wrote this article in the first place.

  106. MorganBenjaminPartridge

    TylerPinkert Everything else I agree with, but #3 is implying that the player is going to enjoy the cutscene as much as they’re going to enjoy blasting monsters or whatever the game is about. They probably won’t.

  107. almulo

    Besides from agreeing completely with some comments about how whiny this article is…

    Quite a few of the complains in the article refer to the same thing: immersion and role-play. Cutscenes, booze, minigames, “useless” activities… They’re there to engage you in the setting.

    I understand some players do not enjoy that kind of stuff, and that’s why they’re (or should be) optional features. But saying they’re “terrible” and that they shouldn’t be in those games is disrespecting those players that actually like them!

    Do you really believe everyone likes to play the same way you do? Or you’re simply a jerk that would be happy to get rid of other people’s fun just because you don’t understand it?

  108. almulo

    I don’t go around saying “Extreme difficulty modes are stupid, who would like to get killed a dozen times each level?”, just because I prefer to play on easier modes and enjoy the plot more than the challenge.

    Because I understand that there are people who actually like those big challenges, and the existence of those modes doesn’t bother me!

  109. Ewookie1

    Just wanted to clarify the purpose of being able to saw logs in Skyrim. And, yes, it does have a purpose, if you have the Hearthfire DLC. The purpose is to allow you the option of cutting your own lumber for building your home(s), or to buy the lumber. So, if you own property, that’s where the lumber goes once you cut it. Also, you may be able to sell wood you “chop”, but the wood you “saw” is only used for building a house.

  110. jlalvarezgar

    Elvis_Pretzel206 and what if one is deaf, you should expect the people read the lips?, or if somebody ist english speaker, or is a japanese game with sub english?

  111. Dirkser_Dude

    Most of the mini-games in Skyrim and RDR I actually liked.  I didn’t play them most of the time, but I found it interesting to try every so often.  Arguing about something you don’t have to actually do if you don’t want to is kind of foolish.  The whole Death Streak thing also helped players that were not quite as good as those people obtaining 30+ kills in the match.  Again I think you could have found something else to complain about because it helped people more than it hurt I think.  A few kills to the new or amateur player is a big deal, but losing 1 or 2 kills from the 30+ Kill Streak doesn’t mean quite as much to that skilled veteran player.

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