Is It Time to Buy A New Xbox?

Like so many other gamers I have held onto my Xbox since the old days when there were only two Xbox 360s to choose from. But after six years of use, two encounters with the three red rings of death and a couple times being dropped while moving, my old system is beginning to putter out. Her disc drive hums and she takes a long time to start up (if she does at all). It seems like it’s time to buy a new one, but there are concerns that every gamer has. When is the technology today going to be replaced? What model should I buy? Should I try repairing my old 360 or just buy a new one? What is the cheapest option?

Microsoft has stated that there will be no new Xbox 360 model coming out in 2012. That means that the Xbox 360 Slim will continue to be the newest model of Xbox you can buy for at least another year. Microsoft has also stated that they want the Xbox 360 to have at least a ten year lifespan before they release an entirely new console. That means it probably won’t be coming out until late 2014 or early 2015. But this is good news if you’re in the market for an Xbox 360 right now. There is still time to buy the Xbox Slim at retail price without worrying about it getting replaced anytime soon.

Back when I bought my first Xbox 360 it wasn’t hard to decide between the Core and the Pro systems. An Xbox with a hard drive sounded way better than one that didn’t allow you to save. Now the Xbox 360 has over 10 different models before you count special editions and different bundles. As a previous Xbox 360 owner I already have a hard drive with enough memory. The problem is Microsoft made the Slim incompatible with the old hard drives. I don’t want to spend an extra $100 on memory I’m not going to use. I’d go with a brand new elite but they are no longer in production. The only new models on the market are expensive not backwards compatible Slims. What are you doing Microsoft?

Repairs on an old 360 cost about $140 dollars. The Xbox 360 slim with 250 GB runs $300. The built in wifi is a great feature that’s worth $60. The difference then is $100 between a refurbished 2006 model and a new 2010 model. Is $100 worth the sleek look of the Slim? Maybe not, but it is worth getting an entirely new Xbox 360 and the extra memory you might not need. Microsoft isn’t doing old fans any favors with the Slim’s new incompatible hard drive port. Still, I’m ready to spend the extra $100. It’s time to bite the bullet and get the Slim.

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  1. Saberwulf34

    there is a way hehe to make your old 360 hard drive fit in the new slim though microsoft dosent want you to know about it ….simply take the covers off your old drive and inside you’ll find a standard sata hard drive that will plug right into the slim plus if you have friends that still use the older models you can save the short adapter cable to hook up with the old versions…..thats what i did and it worked just fine

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