Upcoming Betas

Starting now, you can get your hands on some upcoming games to check them out before release. For the PC, there are plenty of MMO’s beginning their closed or open betas and Ghost Recon has begun theirs just a few days ago. You can check out Jason’s impressions here. As for what’s out there or coming up, check these out:



TERA Online

Duration: April 20th – April 23rd 2012

With an amazing combat system, TERA looks to change the MMO genre forever. Blending third-person action RPG combat with the persistence of online world, journey across the backs of two gargantuan Titans as you seek to end the coming invasions from the underworld. TERA features skill-based party roles where tanks will have to remember to raise shields or roll away while damage dealers need to focus their aim. Check our TERA this weekend for a free sneak peak before its May 1st launch!


Diablo 3

Duration: April 20th – April 23rd 2012

Blizzard surprised everyone by opening up the beta for its upcoming click-and-loot giant. Try the highly anticipated dungeon crawler this weekend and experience every class up to level 13. You’ll find yourself traversing New and Old Tristram as you search for Deckard Cain and the Mad King. Diablo is scheduled for a May 15th release with the beta servers closing on May 1st. Time to get your demon killing back in shape.


Guild Wars 2

Duration: April 27th – April 29th

ArenaNet’s first beta weekend for its ambitious MMO begins next weekend. To get in you’ll need to pre-order on the website or at a retail store and obtain a code. ArenaNet is planning at least one beta weekend every month as we approach a still unknown release date for Guild Wars 2. In the first weekend, you can look forward to the ability to create characters out of three races (Charr, Human, and Norn) and has access to eight classes. You’ll get to experience those three races and their starting areas and the giant city of Lion’s Arch. There will also be PvP for players to test out.


Dust 514

Scheduled for April 2012

CCP Games has schedules their open beta test for Dust sometime this month. The PS3-exclusive will be open to EVE subscribers only. The details of the open beta are unknown but expect a good chunk of the game to be playable. The online, free-to-play shooter works hand-in-hand with EVE. Players on the space game will be able to contract Dust mercenaries to carry out operations and scenarios on planets. The unique MMO has no firm release date.

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