The Leak Week: 4/15/12 Recap

The games industry was in overdrive this week with a litany of announcements, delays, and rumors. Here’s a guide to the biggest stories of the week to keep you in the know.

God of War: Ascension

Originally leaked via Sony’s Facebook page, fans were teased with a wall post that read, “Will vengeance bring redemption?”, and an official announcement date of 4/19/12. On Thursday, we finally got to see a teaser trailer for the next game, which is rumored to be a prequel to the original God of War, rather than a direct follow-up to  2010’s God of War 3. While there is much speculation about what the game could possibly focus on, it’s hinted in the trailer that the game takes place in a time “before rage consumed him”. A God of War game where Kratos isn’t screaming at the Gods or killing everything in a mad rage? Say it ain’t so.

Crysis 3

EA and developer Crytek officially announced the release of Crysis 3 this week. The third installment in the Crysis series, games widely acclaimed for their great visuals, Crysis 3 picks up after the events of 2. Much like the second game, the scene is still set in New York. However, the city has become a literal urban jungle, the climate dramatically changing it into an overgrown rainforest, thanks to being contained within a Nanodome by the evil Cell Corporation. Armed with the new compound bow, players will take control of the nanosuit-clad Prophet, who seeks to bring the Cell Corporation to justice and make things right in New York again.

Although all we have to go on is a short trailer and a handful of screenshots, it’s safe to say that already the game looks really good. The all-new environment looks to provide gamers with new challenges, and it’s been confirmed that we will see the return of human and Ceph enemies.

Dead Space 3

While we haven’t seen an official announcement of Dead Space 3, file the sequel in the “definite possibilities” folder in your brain.

It was first rumored about a year ago when an image from an Israeli television show about the developer revealed a poster in the background of the studio depicting the logo for Dead Space 3. After some other oddities, such as suspicious job postings and the announced plans to make Dead Space into a trilogy, we received another tidbit of info when South African retailer BT Games started taking pre-orders for the game. While it should be noted that this sort of information would normally be considered lacking credibility, BT Games has proven to be something of an oracle in the past by accurately predicting the Jak and Daxter HD Collection, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and the aforementioned God of War 4. Make of it what you will, but it’s safe to say that even the possibility of blasting necromorphs again gets us excited.

Darksiders 2

THQ dropped the d-word this week when it announced a delay for its upcoming sequel Darksiders 2. Originally slated to come out in June, the game has been pushed back to August 2012. While no specific reason for the delay was stated, THQ claims that the delay will allow for additional polish and finishing touches necessary to make the game an even better experience.

It’s known that THQ is in trouble financially, and Darksiders 2 is one of its bigger releases for 2012. So, while the delay is disappointing, it’s not surprising that they would want the absolute best they can get from the sequel. Hopefully the additional time to work allows the developers to make Darksiders 2 one of the better titles of the year.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Everyone’s favorite mustachioed hero is returning in all his coin-collecting, platforming glory. Announced by Nintendo this week, the game has a targeted Japanese and North American release of August 2012. We don’t have a ton of information about the game yet, but released screenshots show us that the power leaf and Raccoon Mario will be present, along with Mario’s green-clad brother Luigi, per Nintendo’s Facebook. Titled New Super Mario Bros. 2, the game will debut on the 3DS, adding another title to an already outstanding lineup of games coming this fall.

Prey 2

We all thought it was gone forever, but it appears that Prey 2 has returned from the dead. Bethesda announced Thursday that the game had not been cancelled, but was delayed for not meeting the company’s quality standards. An open-world style shooter revolving around galactic bounty hunting, what we’ve seen of Prey 2 in the past looks promising. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing much more of it anytime soon, since the game has been delayed “beyond 2012”.


Metal Gear Solid meets BioShock in Arkane Studio’s new title Dishonored. The game’s official trailer released this week, showcasing impressive visuals and epic kills. A steampunk stealth/action game, Dishonored centers on a man named Corvo, a disgraced ex-bodyguard accused of murdering the empress he was meant to protect. After a mysterious encounter in prison with a man who gives Corvo a “gift” (most likely in the vein of special abilities), we see the protagonist don a skeletal mask and set off to bring those who wronged him to justice.

While there is no actual gameplay footage in this trailer, if the game plays as good as it looks, this could be a potential hit upon its release later this year.

Black Ops 2

Fans of the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise were thrown a bone this week when a poster depicting the Treyarch and Activision logos, a date of 5/2/2012, and the line “Return for Debriefing” was leaked to the internet. It’s rumored to be the official announcement of Black Ops 2, which isn’t surprising, since Call of Duty has become an annual franchise. We don’t know much of anything about it at the present, but expect an announcement with more details to surface on the 2nd of May.

Halo 4

Master Chief is officially set to make his return to the Xbox 360 this November 6th. The release date and several screen shots were handed out this week. From the screen shots, we learn that the covenant has returned, Cortana’s got an all-new look, a new HUD will be implemented in the game, and multiplayer will consist of multiple Spartan IVs duking it out in several new gameplay modes. Even with the new information, little about the actual game itself is still known, other than Master Chief is returning with Cortana at his side to fight an “ancient evil”. With a solid fan base and promise at being one of the best installments in the Halo franchise, it appears that Halo 4 is setting itself up to give Call of Duty a run for its money.


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