Sly Cooper Design Competition



PlayStation opened their design contest for the new Sly Cooper game yesterday. This classic game is getting creative input from their fans for the sequel. In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time fans have the chance to win PS Vitas, Sly Cooper themed PS3s and the chance to have their concept made into the game.

In the new Sly Cooper players will collect treasures that are spread throughout the levels. These treasures are like other games collectable items and it looks like getting them all will lead to some kind of achievement. PlayStation is looking for fans to design these treasures for them.  You can create your design in any medium, but there are several restrictions on what the treasure can be. No live animals, no weapons, and something that can fit on a shelf. Developers want fans to be creative and make something Sly might find in his adventure through time.

This competition is open only to fans from Europe. PlayStation is asking for a copy of your design along with a description of what the item does. One winner from each country will receive a PS Vita. These winners will continue to the second round for a shot at the winning item and a Sly Cooper PS3. If you’re interested in submitting an idea you can read the full list of rules and give your submission here.

Fan based input and competitions are becoming a popular way to get fans pumped for the new release and a cool way to get their creative input. ESPN is allowing the cover of Madden 13 to be voted on by the players which is another interesting way to promote the game. You can still vote between  the final players here.