5 Games You Might Have Missed

There are those games that everyone knows of. Every platform has developers making truly fantastic titles that gamers wait in anticipation for. Then there are the games that not many know of. Sometimes they just aren’t as good, but every once in a while you get lucky and stumble upon a hidden gem no one else knows about. With every ground breaking blockbuster release there are those games that get pushed out of the limelight. Here is a list of 5 games you might not have played that are worth checking out.


Champions of the Norrath, PS2 – 2004


Here’s a PS2 era RPG you might not have heard of. Champions of the Norrath feels like a Dungeons and Dragons video game because it uses an updated engine from Baulders Gate. It takes place in the world of Norrath which is the same setting as Everquest. Sure it’s a hack and slash game but it’s customizable, and it throws characters into many different environments and against so many different enemies the game stays fun. It has a unique ability tree for each of the five classes/races. The equipment that players find is interesting and diverse. The best part is you and three friends can enjoy hours of gameplay together with the multiplayer campaign option.


1602 A.D. (Anno 1602), PC – 1998-2000

This Austrian game is what jump started the Anno series. This hidden gem is a colony building, resource managing real time strategy classic. It has sophisticated trading mechanics and both land and naval combat. Between collecting food, making clothes, hunting and fishing, mining for ore and managing your citizens you might have a run in with pirates that can be hired to attack your competitors, or sell you beer and cannons. This game just has it all. Unlike similar strategy games like Civilization or Age of Empires there is no technology tree. The player only gets access to advanced buildings and resources by growing their population and keeping them happy. It gives the old RTS a different feel with more focus on city management.



Battle Tanx: Global Assault, N64 – 1999

This tank shooter game is a demolition classic and should be a part of every gamers collection. Battle Tanx: Global Assault has five different versions of tanks unlike the original that only had one. There are 18 unique power ups spread throughout levels that make this game’s combat packed to the brim with excitement. The levels are almost entirely destructible, and blowing buildings or enemy tanks is super rewarding. It has a fun campaign that can be done in co-op, but it’s the multiplayer that makes this game really shine.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Xbox/PC – 2002


Now I know I might get some flak for putting this one on the list, but hear me out. Morrowind is a well-known game that got plenty of spotlight. But with the release of Skyrim it seems like everyone has jumped on the Elder Scrolls bandwagon… lots of people who haven’t played previous Elder Scrolls. More Skyrim copies sold on the first day of release than Morrowind’s entire lifetime. So there must be plenty of gamers who haven’t given this game a shot yet. The graphics might be lacking compared to Skyrim but there are so many things to gain. Morrowind has a more freelance feel than its sequels with more diverse skills, weapons, monsters and spells. Skyrim doesn’t give you the ability to fortify your acrobatics by 1000 and jump across the world. Morrowind does.


Fallout 2, PC – 1998

Before Bethesda took over the Fallout series and made Fallout 3 there were already a couple of Fallout games out. My favorite was Fallout 2. It used an updated engine of the original Fallout but added a new story and a much bigger map. This game takes place 80 years after the original and 30 years before Fallout 3. Fallout 2 allows players to customize their followers and direct their actions in combat. It’s defiantly a Fallout game, requiring players to start off with crappy daggers and slowly work their way up to incinerators and rocket launchers. Combat is difficult and you’re going to want to save often if you’re thinking about giving Fallout 2 a shot.


So here are five games worth going back and giving a shot. Anybody else have old favorites you wish every gamer had the chance to play? Post them in the comments below so the rest of us can give them a play.

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