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Ever play Dungeons & Dragons? How about Call of Cthulhu? Not into those types of games? Think they are a bit too nerdy for you? You obviously have never tried World of Darkness. Even so, I used to knock these types of games all the time. “I’d never play D&D.” I used to say that. Now I’m a part of a group of friends who have a D&D campaign, a Cthulhu campaign, and multiple World of Darkness stories going. You see, when you start these things up you’d find it hard to stop. It’s like playing a really in-depth RPG video game. You start by creating your character to the guidelines of the game and then you just go. Kingdoms of Amalur is a great example here as once you finish you the tutorial, the game lets you off in an open world of dungeons, monsters, quests, and loot. That’s just like Dungeons & Dragons or World of Darkness. The difference here is that you get very attached to your character. It can be whatever you want. The only limits are Game Master imposed rules and your imagination. Hell, you could be Gimli trapped in a different universe if you wanted to so badly. Or, in World of Darkness you could literally play as Hulk Hogan who was bitten and is a fresh Vampire. Silly, but possible. Your imagination runs these games.

The thing about World of Darkness that, in my opinion, makes it the best role playing game is the modern themes and mix of supernatural forces. You have, I guess you can say, a variety of “races” like in other games. However, these “races” are actually legends, myths, and fairytale-like creatures all mixed in the same world. You could start a Werewolf and join one of the numerous tribes that each have their own powers and traits. Feel like playing a Vampire? You could jump in a clan as one of many different types of Vampires like a Nosferatu or Ventrue. Even Mages have a place in the world as they aren’t considered Mortals. Things get weirder beyond those as you start to delve into fairies, undead creations trying to become human again, slashers in the night, and more. World of Darkness has a lot to offer players and the real fun comes when you have a story spanning years full of creativity and in-depth, established player characters.



When the announcement came back in 2006 about a World of Darkness MMO, the news fell on deft ears quickly. We heard some news here and there about the promise that CCP Games (EVE Online) would throw a full force of devs on the project. Finally, in 2009, the day came when the project was finally moving on. Then they decided to work more heavily on EVE instead. Currently, we’ve learned that at least 60 people are working on the game. We even have  a few pictures of a city backdrop and a refreshed logo. The game is following the Vampire side of the world and focusing on player politics and social concerns among the clans. This plays well into the Vampire gameplay but it feels a bit limiting. With Star Wars: The Old Republic we saw plenty of origin stories and areas accompanying the different classes. I feel that this MMO would benefit greatly from exploring more than just the Vampires.

Splitting the story from just one aspect of World of Darkness into, say, three sounds a bit more enticing. Perhaps besides the Vampires they could include the Werewolves and Hunters. This would give a near-human choice, undead human choice, and a vicious creature to play as. You could even introduce the other “races” as enemies, allies, or expansion races. There is just too much in the World of Darkness to just continue to focus on the Vampires. Granted, the Vampires have quite an interesting lore and options available to them but you could say the same about a few other choices such as the Mages. White Wolf doesn’t half-ass anything with World of Darkness. Everything has a story, a set of bylines and guides, and options.

If they go strictly with the Vampires, however, it could end up being interesting if they include the clan division. There is always urban warfare happening between the Sabbat and Camarilla sects. Using those as the two factions would be interesting. Camarilla players would be able to pick from different Vampire types then the Sabbat. This would give the game more choices and allow the devs to split the clans up and institute a kind of Trinity system (healer, tank, damage). It wouldn’t be just Vamp vs. Vamp action, however. Of course, the Werewolves and Hunters would come into play. Both hate the Vampires and actively seek their demise.

As you can see, the World of Darkness features a lot of content and the possibilities for this upcoming MMO are near endless. Even certain cities have a ton of content ready for them like Boston, Washington D.C., London, and many more. Even with a focus on just one aspect of the world, CCP Games have plenty available to them to make World of Darkness Online a huge hit.

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  1. Baudolino05

    Man, I think you TOTALLY miss the point. Like EVE Online, this game gonna be a sandbox MMO, no a theme park one.

    The story will be user genereted, not written by a team of developers like in TOR. Focusing on a single race -at least in the first phase of the game – is for the sake of the community. Players have to recreate the dark society by themselves. This gonna by hard for Vampires only. You wanna add also Warewolves, Mages e Golems to the recipe?ps: sorry for my English. I’m Italian 

  2. THE

    CCP said they could add other races later and in the case of Werewolves they would fight for different resources. So, their interaction with Vampire players would be just for the sake to fight a vampire and vice-versa. I would like to fight PC Werewolves, that would be a great experience in WoD where the game not makes the classic “Race 1 Vs Race 2” as a reason to play. But no doubt, Hunters could act as antagonists just like the Kuei-jin do. But, the Hunters not only hunt Vampires, they have more businesses in their part of the “World Of Darkness”.

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