Horror Movie Icons: The Fighting Game

The classics. The modern marvels. The remakes. Horror icons have gone through many transitions and changes over the years. While a top list for these masters of evil would return you with the same five or ten names, there are many more out there that deserve recognition. What else would be better to hold all these names and legends than a fighting game? While playing Mortal Kombat the other day with some friends, we started going over how Jason or Michael Myers would fair in the game. I recalled an interview with Ed Boon saying that slasher villains had always been on the table for Mortal Kombat games in the past. He even tried to get Myers and Vorhees in the latest brutal fighting game alongside Freddy Krueger.

So my friend and I began to compile a list of at least 20 horror icons that would be the definitive roster for this kind of game. Some of this list will surprise you. Some of it will be guessed before you even look at number 20. All of them deserve to be in. As a bonus, I’ve even included a 5-character DLC list featuring the best monster hunters in history. Let the bloodshed and nightmares begin!


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20. The Mummy (Imhotep)

Movie(s): The Mummy (1932)

We’re not talking about Brendan Fraser’s adversary here. This is Boris Karloff, the best Mummy ever. At least Karloff looked like a Mummy. For this game, the Mummy may not be the most exciting roster spot but it is an iconic character that you can’t forget to include. He is slow as hell but can pull enemies closer to him using his wrappings. When you’re close to the Mummy that is when he becomes very dangerous. His grip is very strong and can drain you of your health quickly due to his stiff strikes and chokes. Imhotep can also spread plagues like locusts and raise scarabs to strike from afar.

Alternative Costume/Form: Arnold Vosloo’s Imhotep (1999’s The Mummy)


19. Candyman

Movie(s): Candyman (1992)

A weird addition, you say? Candyman has a horrifying story attached to it that has a slave in relations with a white woman get his hand chopped off and replaced with a hook, covered in honey, and then stung to death by bees. The tragedy lives on as a legend for the housing project of Cabrini-Green. Candyman is like the male version of Bloody Mary. Saying his name three times in a mirror summons him and means you must die. His actions turned a woman from innocent bystander to psyche ward patient to town martyr. I always thought it was shame they never went into Helen’s reign as the new Candyman in the sequel. Tsk. Candyman uses his bee swarm, hook hand, and intimidating stares to best his opponent in battle.

Alternative Costume/Form: Helen


18. Mr. Hyde

Movie(s): Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

In order to overcome the evils of temptation and lust, Dr. Jekyll creates a potion to release it all from his body and mind. The outcome, however, was much worse. The good doctor turns into a hideous monster called Mr. Hyde. Hyde terrorizes those Jekyll is close to. His overwhelming power and wild nature makes him extremely dangerous. He can burst out of nowhere with a flurry of strikes and his ground slams send tremors out that stun his opponents. Hyde is quicker than The Mummy but not that fast. He can cover ground quickly with his large steps, though.

Alternative Cosutme/Form: Modern Hyde (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)


17. Predator (Hunter)

Movie(s): Predator series, Alien vs. Predator series

I, myself, don’t see this as a horror character. However, I was pressured into including him from a number of people since the first movie had a good amount of suspense (I guess?). I found it more of an action flick. I digress! The Predator is a master of the hunter and assassination. Using his various weaponry and gadgets, he can get the jump on anyone or strike lethally from afar. His shoulder-mounted cannon deals high amounts of damage but must recharge before another use. The Predator primarily uses his battle staff and is very efficient with it. Up close he can make use of his claws and even activate his bomb to deal damage to both him and the opponent.

Alternative Costume/Form: Elite Predator


16. Chucky

Movie(s): Child’s Play series

A serial killer’s mind stuck in the body of a doll. I absolutely hate Chucky. I don’t find the movies good but you can’t deny his impact on the horror genre. The devious and cunning killer doll is very small which makes him immune to high attacks and take only 50% of medium attacks. That leaves low strikes and specials as the best way to combat this little terror. His knife is powerful and leaves you in a bleeding state which will continuously drain your health until you damage Chucky again. He is slow due to his stature but he is formidable if he closes range.

Alternative Costume/Form: Bride of Chucky


15. Leprechaun

Movie(s): Leprechaun series

Also a small character but big enough to have all three types of attacks work on him with high strikes doing 50% of damage. The Leprechaun is fast and can teleport short distances. This allows him to close a gap or open it up in times of need. His bites and claw attacks chip away at health bars while his curse lowers opponent’s defenses to allow him to deal more damage.

Alternative Costume/Form: Gangstah Leprechaun (Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood)


14. Xenomorph Drone

Movie(s): Alien series, Aliens vs. Predator series

Unlike the Predator, I can completely agree with this choice. The first Alien movie was terrifying. The dark ship and constant thoughts of being surrounded were bad enough but when you add in the acid effect and swarms, it gets a bit much. The Xenomorph Drone is the basic unit in the Alien movies and games. They are very fast, able to crawl for fast speeds (but lower defenses), and can spit acid from their mouth. Their tails are very effective and can be used for medium ranged attacks giving the Xenomorph a lot of space. Up close the Drone can grab the opponent and shoot out its inner mouth for massive damage.

Alternative Costume/Form: Predalien


13. Zombies

Movie(s): Way too many to name

I tried to think of one type of Zombie to add to this roster but I can’t just bring it down to one. There are so many variations of Zombies (or Zombie-like creature) that it is impossible to pick a favorite for me. For this game, the Zombie will feature some cliche moves and a couple exciting ones. First off, he is very slow. Zombies don’t run. The Zombie’s slashes and bites chip away at health for a certain amount of time making almost every attack formidable. The Zombie can also call on some of his friends to raise up and help him by grabbing an opponents feet, slashing at them from the ground, or vomiting left over waste to make the floor slippery.

Alternative Costume/Form: Rob Zombie. It would just be funny and awesome. Living deaaddd girrrlll.


12. Creature from the Black Lagoon (Gill-Man)

Movie(s): Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

The Gill-Man is a terrifying looking creature that lives under a lovely looking lagoon. He stalks his prey and picks targets off one-by-one. He is unimaginatively fast underwater but out of it he is normal speed. Gill-Man is strong and his grip is tough to escape. His claws can tear you up and he can spread water to make you slip towards or away from him.

Alternative Costume/Form: Crane’s Crusher Zoanoid form from Guyver 2: Dark Hero


11. Ghostface

Movie(s): Scream series

This tormentor is a killer that won’t stop. While the torch passes on from movie to movie, the motive is the same: torture and kill the Prescott family. Ghostface is a sadistic killer who tries to find the most creative way to murder with his surroundings. Remember the garage door one? Ghostface is fast and can pass through opponents acting like he is teleporting. He has short range but his grabs can take hold at medium range. His knife strikes are powerful and leave a bleeding effect.

Alternative Costume/Form: Scarecrow Ghostface


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