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Sunside’s Crow roams onto the App Store with a squawk and some interesting gameplay. The story here is also something that catches the eye. Crow takes some familiar iOS game mechanics and throws in a depressing and somewhat morbid quest to vanquish enemies in order to power up something worse.



Think Infinity Blade with air controls. You control your Crow as your explore small areas looking for hidden objects and story focuses. It will probably take you around 1-3 passes of the area to find everything there is to and that is when you proceed to fight a guardian. Guardians keep the area’s boss safe. Battles are all on-rails while your drag your Crow around the screen to dodge debris and attacks. There are gems to collect in order to build power and retaliate back. Looks easy to collect them but the way the view is makes the distance and actual depth of the gems a bit difficult to decipher. There is foliage and other attack-able objects on the ground that give you skill points that you can spend.

Tackling the guardians and bosses will take different gameplay mechanics. It’s not all hack-and-slash like Infinity Blade. This gives each area some sort of breath of fresh air.



The graphics are Crow are very good. A lot of work went into the environments, enemies, and the Crow itself. I would put this up close to games like Infinity Blade or Mass Effect Infiltrator. The eye candy runs into the items that fly at you or are stationary around the maps. The swirls of power and vibrant colors in this game are a joy to look at it.

The menus do their job well and touch responses are near instant. Nothing special here but you can’t complain since they pop up and get you back to the game relatively quick. On screen UI is subtle enough not to attract attention away from the graphics and game.




There is a moderate amount of spells to gather here. You can even buy new ranks of a power to increase its usefulness. Aside form that, each map holds a couple fights before the boss then you move on. The longest part of the game comes with exploring the small regions for items and stories. The exploring is slower than the battles. Our crow doesn’t seem to want to move much outside. There are challenge maps to find which will reward you with more skill points. The game isn’t very long though the multiple fights on  a given map seem to prolong the experience.



Crow is a cool experience. The gameplay is actually fun while battling and the graphics are a charm to look at. The story is interesting and the quest choices could give you a reason to play twice. I have a feeling that after two playthroughs you may not find much of a reason to come back except for the gameplay. There isn’t much like Crow on the App Store and the price tag is just about right for the amount of content and effort put into this game. I’d say its worth experiencing it and a download.

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