The Saddest Moments In Gaming

Going hand-in-hand with today’s new poll, we bring us some heart breaking scenes and tear inducing events that have graced games over the years. Have you ever teared up because of a game? To be honest, there are a lot of games that try too hard to give that kind of scene to gamers but its the rare stories, amazing characters, and the tug of emotions that make these games the saddest of them all. If you go through this list without feeling a shred of sympathy for the involving characters and those around them then you must be The Man Who Never Cried. That, or, just too cool for emotions. Who cries at games? Pfft.. :'(

By the way: SPOILER ALERT!!!



Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Ending

This was a shocking thing to see even though the script leading up to it made it a little unsurprising. As soon as a character talks about “seeing you when I/you come back” or being proud of you like a son/daughter then you know something is going down. The thing about this ending is that it’s not only sad to see but hard to watch. Eli Vance is a great character and important to Half-Life’s story. You also get pretty close to his daughter so when you both get stuck to a wall and watch Eli’s brains get sucked out after a tearful goodbye to Alyx is just wrong. Such a character shouldn’t be brought down by a method like that. The worst part about all of this? We still don’t have Episode 3. Or Half-Life 3. Or any news. Or announcements. Or hope left. That is the real crime here.



Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Ending

I know some of you may scoff at this since we knew about it before it happened but the script and final realization of Cloud’s initial mission in Final Fantasy VII make this that much better. Crisis Core follows Zach Fair. A minor character in the original game but as the story went on from after Nibelheim to Advent Children and then Crisis Core, Zach ultimately became the main character. Think about it: Cloud takes on Zach as his living legacy. In FFVII, Cloud actually believes in this false life until the truth is realized. Why? Because he literally became Zach until he broke free and proved that he did his old friend justice and could finally take on his own life. That is what makes the story for Final Fantasy VII so amazing. Put aside the raving fanboys and see the whole story. Zach’s life was cut short. He couldn’t finish his mission. He couldn’t see the love of his life again. He couldn’t save them all. So he entrusts Cloud with his life, his mentor’s sword, and his legacy. Ever wonder why Aeris and Cloud got together so well? Because they were living out the rest of her and Zach’s relationship. The ending to Crisis Core brings so much realization and answers but also the visualization of Zach’s demise. His brave and final stand against Shin-Ra.



Metal Gear Solid 4, The Wedding

Not the ending. Big Boss’s final scene was the last wrap up needed to close shut the doors of Solid Snake’s story. Meryl’s wedding contains some of the most heart wrenching words said in a series filled with emotional turmoil and tragedy. In Metal Gear we’ve follow Solid Snake from stopping the uprising of his own father and becoming a tool of the Patriots just to foil their grand scheme in the end. We’ve watched as Snake goes through love, pain, revenge, sibling rivalry, genetic age advancement, and disease. We’ve followed this man from the dawn of his career to the final stand. If you played the Metal Gear franchise from start to finish, you were too invested to not feel something here. Which part? Well Otacon puts it perfectly: “Snake… had a hard life. He needs time to rest.” It wasn’t just Otacon shedding tears. Invested fans felt the same way. After what we had just witnessed in the Microwave Room and the intense, edge of your seat scene there, you just knew that Snake has to rest. He can’t do this crap anymore, man. He stopped a nuclear launch with a full-scale Metal Gear prototype. He helped Raiden end the threat of the Sons of Liberty. Then took on the Liquid-Ocelot rebellion single-handed. It was time to stop and Otacon told us the only way he could. With no regrets and tears in his eyes for his dearest friend.



Gears of War 2, Dom’s Wife

I’m not a huge advocate of Gears. I find the games to have little to no advancement between sequels and the multiplayer gets worse with every number added to the title. However, no game showed reason behind conflict better than Gears 2. In one scene you found out why the humans fought against the locust. It wasn’t just the invasion. It was the tragedies the Locust put on the human race. The loss. The heartache. Dom knows this all too well. In a scene that started with joy as you finally found Maria soon ended in tears. The horrible and tragic thing that Dom went through brought Gears fans to a realization. It wasn’t just a game filled with shooting and chainsaw guns. There is a story behind everything and it made you take up your Lancer and want to kill everything that wasn’t human in your path. Damned Locust.



Final Fantasy VII, Aeris

While a sad thing in its own right, put it together with your knowledge of Crisis Core and weep. Aeris’ story is a sad one. She was given one more chance to be together with Zach and she lived through it with Cloud. Did any of them fully understand? I doubt it. However, the fact that she was able to be happy again made it worth it. The Golden Saucer ride comes to mind vividly. Nothing really happens between Cloud and Aeris but the events that play off of them tell the whole story. This was the life meant for her and Zach. As Zach’s living legacy, Cloud was able to give both of them the happiness they wanted. It gets even sadder when Sephiroth comes into the picture. Knowing of the importance she held, Aeris attempted to save the one thing she and Zach held most dear: life. Her actions were cut short when the Masamune cut through her body. Watching Holy drop into the waters below was the start to such a beautiful cutscene. Aeris died with a smile on her face. Why? Because she knew that she would finally get to be with Zach again. Something that we see visualized in Advent Children. Everything about Aeris is sad. A wonderfully woven tale of lost love, last chances, and a lust for life.



Silent Hill 2, In Water

I wouldn’t wish Silent Hill on my worst enemy. James was brought to Silent Hill after the tragic death of his wife, Mary. The trials he goes through and the encounters with Pyramid Head are terrifying and symbolic. Finally, when it is revealed that you killed your own wife, everything comes into play. Pyramid Head was your conscience chasing you. The trials throughout the game was the guilt punishing you. Every wound, every step was meant to make your hurt yourself. If the conditions were right, you could have been treated with the saddest scene in gaming history. In Water starts with the last conversation with James’ wife. Then it ends with a heart wrenching and tear streaming letter read out loud by Mary herself. The way the voice actor reads the letter is key here. The way her voice breaks and bites back tears makes you wonder if she is actually crying while reading this in the studio. You can literally hear her heart breaking. The most tragic scene in gaming.




To end this article on a high note, I want to add a picture that truly sums up the real story behind Final Fantasy VII. Thanks for reading.


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