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iPhone Lobby – Magic Piano

From Beethoven to Billy Joel, you can attempt to play (stress the attempt) the same songs of your favorite artists. Magic Piano, also available on iPad, lets you become the piano man that you always wanted to be (no pun intended). Now I know what your thinking… piano keys are going to appear in front of you and they are going to be tiny as hell and you’re going to have a hard time playing them, well not really. I will explain below.



Magic Piano let’s you play with ease and can play with either just a single note or you can put in the hard setting and play with four finger cords, or if you would like to adventure into the unknown and you can set the game to auto and it lets you play the song the way it was intended to be played. I tried to play Angry Young Man by Billy Joel on auto and lets say it didn’t sound like Angry Young Man, it just sounded like someone that was getting tasered while playing the piano. On another note the easy setting you only use one finger to play the notes but you still have to keep the beat going. The longer you play in tune with the song the more your score goes up and the more Smoola you get. Smoola is what is used for the currency in the game to buy different songs and instruments. Also if you’re as impatient as I am you can just buy the Smoola’s or you can earn them through doing various things, one would be watch a video ad and others by signing up for a credit card etc, etc.



When you go to the main menu, the free song of the day pops up and they ask if you would like to download the free song and a bunch of various apps made by the company. The main menu is fairly easy to navigate with a play option which brings you to your song list. Then there’s a solo option where you can create your own masterpiece. The main menu also comes with the option to listen to other people play songs, and then there’s your profile option where you can sign in with Facebook and let your friends see your inner Mozart.



Magic Piano all and all I had a lot of fun with this game, it’s the kind of game that you can play for hours and hours or if you’re standing in an elevator you can provide your own music for everyone in the elevator which we know that music sucks. I mean come on you are the next Billy Joel after all. Did I mention that to download the game was free. Yes, that’s right, this awesome game is F.R.E.E. free.

You can get this game Magic Piano in the AppStore for FREE:

Magic Piano - Smule