WrestleMania 28 Reaction

Note: Sorry for no posting in awhile guys! We’ve been heavily working on sister site Leviathyn. I’ll try and have some updates as much as possible going forward.


So, this is a bit late. However, I feel like this site needs t have a reaction post before getting into post-WrestleMania things like BROCK LESNAR! More on that later!

WrestleMania 28 has passed and what a show! Right? Good show? Or was it a half show? That first hour or so held half the card which included the now infamous 18-second World Title match. The second half of the show was pretty rocking, however. All wasn’t lost for WWE’s main show of the year but it was really rocky at the start. Let’s go through the matches!


Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan – World Title Match

It took me longer to write that bolded headline than this match to end. 18 seconds? Really? How do you justify putting two rising stars in a huge match featuring the World Champion and the Royal Rumble winner and have it last 18 seconds? Brodus Clay and the Bridge Club had more time. The filler match on the car, Orton/Kane, was almost a 10-minute match. The Diva’a match was longer! (note: don’t take that as a bad thing but this is the World Title match) One year after these two were snubbed off of WM27 for a US Title match, we see them rise to the top of the company only to be put down like dogs. Come on, man!


Randy Orton vs. Kane

This was what you’d expect out of these two, honestly. I could have seen this on any other PPV during the year but to call it a WrestleMania-caliber match would be wrong. I can’t get into Orton anymore since his “angry guy” gimmick is so stale it is unbearable. I like Orton! I was a big fan of his during his Evolution, Legend Killer, and even the Legacy days. The guy has charisma and can work a mic way better what he is doing. WWE needs to let him stretch his legs like he used to. He was so much more entertaining. As for Kane, I like his current style and renewed vigor but I don’t feel like he has anything going for him. He’s just attacking random people and hoping it works with the crowd. To be fair, this week’s Smackdown was pretty good with Cowboy Bob Orton so we’ll see.

As for the match? It wasn’t bad. Like I said, exactly what you’d think an Orton vs. Kane match would be. The high spot at the end with the chokeslam was great and I was very surprised to see Kane go over on Orton at WrestleMania. Kudos for the spot-on, well performed match, and surprise ending.


Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

I’ve long said that Big Show’s matches are way passed being fun these days. Show is a great character and I enjoy him but he doesn’t do much in the ring anymore. You can’t blame him. Afterall, he’s been doing this for a long, long time but if you’re going to put him on in a title match at WrestleMania you should expect nothing and hope you come out with something. Did we? Well, sorta. Cody did a great job selling Show’s moves and making it seem like he was exerting a lot to bring him down. I wasn’t happy with the result on Cody’s behalf but I was glad to see Show get his moment on the grandest stage of them all. Grats, Show! Now Cody can win Money in the Bank!


Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

Kinda ticked that Natalya didn’t get this spot over Eve. She was featured twice on the show and only once did she feel in the right place. This would have been the perfect starting point for the supposed Beth vs. Nat feud coming up. Instead we had to get a tweet from Nat trying to start it up after the show.

Anyways! Ouch!! I felt bad for Maria in this match. Not only did Eve’s make-up come off in a bad place but it looked like her Dancing with the Stars injuries were coming into play big time. I know she came out and said her ribs were fine and if that is correct then she needs an Oscar or a WWE contract now. She really “sold” those “non-injured” ribs very well. Still, Maria does a great job in the ring whenever she’s here. She has natural talent, a smoking body, and one hell of a cute face. She’s welcome on my TV anytime. As long as it isn’t Extra. Or Dancing with the Stars. The match result was expected. You don’t think WWE would bring in a star and have them lose in a planned match, do you? Come on, man!


The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Match of the night. Pure hell and war poured into a ring. Unlike last year where Taker looked frail and dying, he was in the best shape we’ve seen him in since HBK Take 1 and sporting an actual badass haircut. Everything about this match screamed career boost for The Deadman. I went from saying this was his last year to hoping we see him at WM29 and even 30.

Both sides had plenty of offensive and it wasn’t nice, either. The 100 chair shots in the match brought me back to memories of Bret Hart vs. Vince but without the… terrible-ness. Shawn’s role in the match was brilliant with Trips telling him to end it or he would. The Hell’s Gate on Shawn was unexpected and I’m not sure why Taker would do that. I felt the Superkick to Taker’s face was justified but at the time I was very worried that it would be the end of the streak.

I don’t think the streak should end unless it is to someone who needs it and can run with it. Someone like Wade Barrett could end the streak and be set for life in the WWE. I’m glad Triple H didn’t beat Taker but I’m more glad that we witnessed a pure fight. The embrace at the end was perfect for the tagline of the match. I don’t believe it is an “end to a era”, though. Jericho is still going at it.


Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

Hey! Eve fits here! What do you know! This match turned out to be a cluster bomb and a bad one at that. There was no structure to it and it served nothing to help people like Ziggler, Henry, Miz, Ryder, and… well most of them. It didn’t exactly harm them, either. This would have been better as an elimination-type match with only four stars on each team. The result makes sense as Johnny Ace’s heat with the crowd is still fresh but I just can’t stand the guy. It’s like Michael Cole heat for me. It’s not that he’s isn’t doing his job that well, it’s that I don’t want him on my TV.


CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Great match! These guys did enough to showcase their talents and put on a straight forward match with an up-in-the-air result. My issue is that it doesn’t seem like they pushed themselves. I didn’t get that CM Punk vs. Cena Money in the Bank feeling. That match had everything you wanted out of it and more. Edge of your seat action. We’ve seen Jericho do this plenty of times at WrestleMania and I was really hoping to see it again with Punk. Either way, we got a great match and I was happy to see Punk win. The continuing feud after this show is even better then before.


John Cena vs. The Rock

This was everything I hoped it would be. You remember hearing the announcement of a Rock and Austin match? You knew  how everything would go down and you were still pumped for it. This was just like those! The Rock still has it. It looked like he never left. The only change I saw was his extreme overselling. The Rock always oversold moves but this was “give me an Oscar for this”-type of selling. The bear hugs from Cena and shoulder thrusts are perfect examples. When Cena “woke up” and realized he underestimated The Rock, it exploded after that into a great match with solid spots and a good tale to tell. I was extremely surprised by Rock’s win. I didn’t think that Cena would drop that match to him. There’s always those people who think that they wouldn’t bring The Rock back just to lose but both sides had legitimate reasons why they should win. With Cena being on the main roster and staying on it, I figured him the winner. Glad to see I was wrong. The Rock winning was the right choice and brings him into conversation as one of the best ever. No one else beaten Hogan, Austin, and Cena at WrestleMania.


It seems like the quality of my opinions of this PPV went up in time but it is kind of bad to know that four matches happened in the first hour. If they cut out the Brodus Clay thing they could have expanded the Team Teddy/Johnny tag match and made it work better. Overall, WrestleMania felt more memorable than last year’s, but I can’t call it better. On par is more like it.