The Unsung Champions: Superheroes & Villains That Should Have Their Own Games

There are so many games that focus on characters that have been in the Avengers, Justice League, or the X-Men. We’re up to our ears in Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. We rarely see a comic book game use someone out of the ordinary as a main character. Even some of the characters that are on those teams are left out of the spotlight or pushed in the back as little NPC’s. It’s time for the unsung heroes and villains to take center stage. Grasp the main role in a game and show us what they got.




5. John Constantine

Game: L.A. Noire investigation mixed with Max Payne combat… with demons.

We’re going to forget that “thing” that released in 2005, alright? Constantine isn’t a model citizen. His habits are terrible and he’ll die young. That isn’t entirely because of his habits, however. John hunts demons for a living and is very good at his job. He’s had more than one bushing with the devil and hell is his second home. You could say he’s a mortal Lobo. Heaven don’t want him and Hell kicked him out. John’s amazing skills of tracking and exorcising the demonic would make for a sweet game. Take what L.A. Noire did and just add some more combat. Max Payne’s bullet time and sloppy shooting would translate perfectly for Constantine. Plus, what sounds cooler than those two games combined with demon hunting?


4. Iron Fist

Game: Side scrolling beat ’em up

Iron Fist’s game doesn’t need to be revolutionary. His powers champion his fighting prowess and allow him to beat people up easier. Put Way Forward on the title and you’ll have a master piece of side scrolling fun. Those guys make these types of games with the vigor that once was back when every game was side scrolling. Iron Fist has plenty of enemies and an awesome story so getting a full game out of him isn’t a challenge. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 did a great job at exemplifying his powers, shrink that down and put it on the Vita, 3DS, and maybe PSN/Live and you got a winner here. Also, read his comic if you haven’t. Highly underrated.


3. Nova

Game: Skyrim’s combat mixed with that leaked Iron Man footage from the first-person Avengers game

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check this out and look for the Iron Man section. ….. Okay, now that you’re done drooling, could you imagine a first person action game with Nova? I’m talking a game with Nova Prime fighting the Annihilation Wave. You could easily get two or three games out of this guy just based on both Annihilation books. It is an event in Marvel that doesn’t get enough recognition outside of comic books. Nova is extremely powerful and would take the dual wielding hand blaster combat and perfect it. Skyrim showed us great dual wielding magic mechanics. Mix it with what THQ was doing with that Avengers game and we’d have a great game here. Nova versus Annihilus, Ultron, and maybe even branch off all the way to Realm of Kings. So much for Nova.


2. The Flash

Game: GTA mixed with DC Universe Online

Central City isn’t that big. If you could take the whole city and map it out into an open world game, slap Wally West in there, and use some aspects from DCUO (super speed, brawling, lightning) then The Flash would have a proper game. Wally is a well rounded character and, in my opinion, the best Flash ever. I got too used to Wally’s humor and overall attitude towards his job that when Barry came back I couldn’t get into his always serious demeanor. You could probably unlock the other Flashes and change the story up a bit. It would be cool to play as Professor Zoom in a kind of alternative, evil story (ala Ultimate Spider-Man’s Venom mode). Fighting the Rogues around Central City and running into Grodd would be too fun.


1. Marv

Game: Okay look, Sin City: The Game. Good enough?

Come on now, who on this world wouldn’t play a Sin City game? The highly stylistic art and characters would make for one hell of a game. Think MadWorld mixed with 2005’s The Punisher video game but with Frank Miller. I’m already sold. MadWorld really reminded me of Sin City and not just because of the black-and-white tones. Jack just felt like a playable Marv but just not as sadistic. The story and setting of Sin City would be amazing to play in and seeing the characters in an interactive adventure would be a fan’s dream.





5. Magog

Game: Venom mode from Ultimate Spider-Man meets God of War

For those of you who are sitting there with your necks cocked to the side saying, “who?”, go read Kingdom Come. Right now. He is everything you’d fear Superman to be. Magog kills. Being the polar opposite of Superman, however, would be a great game. Unbound by honor, Magog seeks his own kind of justice and playing that would be great. Smashing enemies into the pavement, ripping an arm off, killing someone for murder. That sounds almost like… well put Kratos in some tights and slap a Justice League logo on him. That’s what I want out of a villain game with someone as powerful as Magog.


4. Deathstroke

Game: Assassin’s Creed combined with Sniper Elite

Say whaaa? Sniper Elite? Yes. Snipe Elite. That game is ridiculously hard and it is a great way to show how difficult Deathstroke’s would be. Deathstroke is a master assassin. He can kill you from any distance and with any kind of weapon or item he gets his hands on. The close-up combat and maneuvering would be the Assassin’s Creed. The Sniper Elite part comes in the preparation and execution of the kill. Everything must be right or you will be in over head. That doesn’t mean Deathstroke can’t defend himself. You still wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe with this guy.


3. Thanos

Game: Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction meets Metal Gear Solid

That is a really weird combo now that I think of it. The game would mostly play like the Hulk side, though. The MGS comes in with the intrigue and complex story that always surrounds Thanos. He never has just a straight arrow story. There are ulterior motives, hidden objectives, terrifying enemies, and a huge reward at the end. Thanos isn’t a chump, either. He can take it to nearly anyone. He’s punched Galactus in the face. That punch took off his giant helmet-thing. Yeah, Thanos is a badass. The man from Titan has held so many of the universe’s greatest treasures that several events have focused on him in Marvel’s history. The Infinity Gauntlet. The Cosmic Cube. You name it, he’s probably owned it at one time. Thanos is no stranger to god-hood. Hell, he’s even created gods. The story alone in a Thanos game would be incredible.


2. Doctor Doom

Game: Kingdoms of Amalur mixed with King Arthur’s time and modern day Manhattan

Alright, check this out. Morgan le Fey gets pissed off at Doom enough to finally strike back and do it big. She captures all of Manhattan and Latveria in a time wrap and threatens to destroy them both if Reed Richards doesn’t help her siphon the powers out of Doom. Well you aren’t going to take that, are you Doom? As the badass Doctor Doom, you have to foil le Fey’s plan by traveling through King Arthur’s realm and the two captured Earth areas. Upgrading your magical powers and suit along the way to accommodate the increasing dangers of le Fey’s power. “I am…DOOM!”


1. Magneto

Game: Dragon Age and Mass Effect

Don’t think X-Men Legends. Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister have teamed up to take over Genosha and are building a weapon to turn every one on the planet into mutants. Magneto, since he knows the island the best, brings in the Avengers and the X-Men to help him stop those two and get his island back. Why wouldn’t Mags help them? Let’s say they found something secret that Magneto hid on the island and he needs it back. That will make things interesting. So you always play as Magneto but you have have up to 3 other heroes (or villains) on your team to help you. Magneto will have to go through the game making decisions and liberating sections of the island. Put some tower defense in the game where you station teammates in sections to protect the island. These stationed characters cannot be used in missions. The main objective is to liberate the whole island, stop Apocalypse and Sinister, and destroy the weapon. The decision making coupled with Magneto’s awesome powers and strategic mind would make for a sweet game. The tower defense is an added bonus but will keep the conflict alive as the enemy forces attempt to win back the island. Alternatively, you could make the perfect Magneto game where he plays chess against other Marvel characters as he strives to win the World Marvel Chess Championship (ed. note: thanks for that Monica!).


If any game companies see this and want to make these games, send me an e-mail first! Except the chess game with Magneto. Please make that now.

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