The Gamer’s Chronicle – March 2012

March was a very busy month for us here at Leviathyn. We changed our layout and style. Added a name to our growing list of writers. Updated our scheduling. The list goes on but the buck doesn’t stop here. March was very productive for us and we’ve only just started. Something that I had planned for us to do was a monthly collective of all of our best articles to give new readers a chance to see them – or returning viewers some lookback on the prior month. Steve and I had planned on an e-magazine where you could flip through and read our monthly best but I felt that it was too much of a chore for people. I wanted this to be quick and painless. A simple look into our work. What’s simpler than a bunch of links on the page? Every month we’ll bring you The Gamer’s Chronicle. It’s not just our tagline but it will serve to show people just what we do here at Leviathyn. Sure, we have previews and reviews but we don’t want to be just another gaming blog. You can get your daily from hundreds and thousands of other sites. Most people go to IGN or Joystiq for their news. Why try and pry them away? We aim to challenge the status quo of gaming journalism.

The staff here is very opinionated and we give free reign to speak. You won’t find needless rage articles or pure hatred towards something but you’ll find honest opinions on the latest gaming topics or trends. You won’t see “Xbox 720 and PS4 to feature always-on DRM”. Instead you’ll see “Why always-on DRM will crown Nintendo king once again”. We want to show game developers and companies that this kind of writing isn’t something to be feared. It is something that is being said in a lot of different places on the internet and it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. We want to give the gamers a voice. Leviathyn is dedicated to the gaming industry. We love games. We want games to prosper. That is why we write.


March 2012



Hot Shot’s Golf: World Invitational
The Legend of Dead Kel
Mass Effect 3
OCRemix’s Marverick Uprising
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Vita)



13 MMO’s To Look Forward To In 2012
Diablo 3
Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita)
The Secret World
TERA Online
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria


Highlights of the Month

Jason Fanelli

The 10 Best Launch Titles Of All Time
A Few Predictions for E3 2012

Could Kickstarter Become A Double-Edged Sword?
Counter-Point: Why Nintendo is Just Fine
If Famous Franchises Tried New Genres
In Defense of Mass Effect 3
The Music of Childhood: The Top Songs of Gaming’s Yesteryear
My Assassin’s Creed 3 Wish List
Stop Making Me Wait, Start Making These Sequels

Ron Hoffecker

A Very Gaben Industry
The Apple TV and its Potential
The Best Console Exclusives Ever
Microsoft vs. Sony: The Fighting Game (and The Dream Roster)
Nintendo’s Future: The New Sega?
Stale Experiences: What Games Need Reimagining
Top 10 Cities in Gaming
Top 10 Plot Twists in Gaming
What Dragon Age 3 Needs


 Stephen Daly

Angry Birds Turn Their Gaze Onto Their Natural Prey: Mickey Mouse
Games Are Growing Up
Five Game Endings That Developers Should Have Changes — That Are Not Mass Effect 3

*Stephen was new towards the end of March. Look for much more from the newest member of the team throughout April and in the next Gamer’s Chronicle.