iPad Lounge – Kitten Sanctuary

Meow meow! All is fun and carefree in the kitten paradise, nothing better than soaking up the warm rays of sunshine and drinking the finest milk, that is until they’re trapped and need some freeing from those pesky aliens! It’s time to save some kitten’s in this adorable kitty paradise by completing the traps (match 3 puzzle) to unlock their cages, setting them free. It’s Kitten Sanctuary time, today on iPad Lounge.


You start off by visiting the island screen, with a few options such as How to Play, sound options, and different modes. You can choose (which I did) Easy, Normal, or Tricky mode, each with their on set of features. You can also select Tile Movement, standard or dynamic. Dynamic will move the tiles in the puzzle around to make the game a bit more tricky to play, or in some cases, help out making a match.

Once you select your options, head right on in to the first Day on being on the island and save your first kitty! Accepting the challenge will lead you to the puzzle, where the option is to match the tiles (three or more in a row) in the red lit tile zones, often called a “Match 3” game. Once you match all your tiles in these red zones, the kitten will be freed and you’ll be able to take him/her back to the sanctuary, where paradise for felines is priority number one! In the sanctuary you have options like playing with your new kittens, reading up on their bio (of course, each one has his/her own likes, dislikes and tastes), bringing out the toys and gadgets to play with, and picking them up to move around the sanctuary. They may wonder around on their own, jump on your mechanical mice, or lay in the sun catching the Z’s, as each has a mind of their own. When you’re ready for Day 2,  to go save some more kittens, off you go on the adventure completing a new match 3 puzzle, usually with a new twist in game play to free another kitty from those pesky aliens.


There is a ton of content in this game, and if your like me, you’ll only want to collect more toys for your kittens or go on another adventure to rescue another kitten. All shop items in the game are unlocked by earning in game points, no need to purchasing items in a mall (No in app purchases or IAP), which makes for a great value. You’ll most likely spend time and time again checking back in on your kittens to make sure everything is fine in your sanctuary. Saving more kittens will unlock more sanctuary locations on the island, up to a total of 4.

The matches are easy to beat and fun to play, with all the power ups and tiles moving around, it gives you a feeling your completing something even if you don’t match any tiles on the current move. Every time you think you have the game down, another new twist or tile in the game appears, which adds to the excitement. The creators guarantee no ads in game, HD graphics and 100% kid friendly, I can say they hit this quota out of the park.


Kitten Sanctuary overall is just fun to play and cute to the eyes. I highly advise jumping on in and getting the paid version, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a cute cat game, collecting more cats on the way, and being able to interact with them; this is the game for you. But don’t just take my word for it, when I started this game, hardly anyone knew about it; now visiting the AppStore, the reviews speak for themselves.

You can get Kitten Sanctuary in the AppStore for 1.99 or the Lite version for FREE:

Kitten Sanctuary - Clockwork Pixels