iPad Lounge – Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock

Do you like puzzles, seek and finds, twisted with the theme of murder? Well do I have the perfect game for you, the guys at Big Fish have launched their newest collection of seek and finds, Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock is one of adventure, mystery solving, and seek n find galore, today on iPad Lounge.


Gravely Silent starts off with a small background of the story, you’re off into a dream, thinking of your sister and she’s missing. You wonder what has happened to her, only to find out that she is no longer living, as you panic, you awake to hear the phone ringing, It’s Richard, your sisters husband. He informs you that indeed, your sister has died and that is that. Suspicious about her mystically dying, you decide to go and visit the house for yourself to confirm her death. And so begins your journey to find out the truth behind the man and what has happened to your sister.

Let me say, hands down this is a fun game if you’re into puzzles and find and seeks. Clicking on objects to find clues and completing tasks to put pieces together to solve the case of your missing sister. You can use a “hint” orb on the right of the screen to show you where you should be clicking to find a piece of the clue. The game play runs pretty smooth, the puzzles can be indeed quite a challenge. What started out for me as a quick review ended up costing me about six hours of play time to complete the game and finally figure out what has happened. Now, I’m not to say that the story would be anything close to reality, but that’s just the fun part, a romantic, mystery novel type game with a good amount of suspense.

The detail of the game seems to work out well, some times too well, as in I have no clue what I’m looking for in the game. Some of the seek and finds will be very challenging, leading you to after some thought, clicking on the hint to find the last remaining piece. The soundtrack for the game also blends in nicely, creating the spooky feeling you get looking around the house and yard.

My biggest issue I have with the game is the pay to unlock the rest of the game. Now, I have no problems paying to unlock the rest of the game to complete it, what I mean is, there is really no description telling you, “oh hey, if you want to continue on your journey, you’ll need to pay for it”. It just basically says get the HD version, for the pro access. I don’t know what that is? Which leads me to do you have to pay to unlock it, or is this some type of advertising to unlock it? Because a in about two different areas in the game, you’ll be asked, a screen will pop up telling you to Unlock the Game Now or Buy. No cancel option. However, if you go to unlock now, and then when asked if you want to make the transaction of paying, click cancel, the game returns to normal unlocking the rest of the game… I don’t know if that’s a bug and you should be paying for the rest or this is an ad for more features in the game, I’m confused.


I recommend this game for anyone who is interested in playing a seek n find romance novel. This is definitively geared towards the female audience, with your character and all other characters being female, a more romantic game play, and feminine objects in the game. But honestly, its fun and challenging no matter who you are.

You can get Gravely Silent: The House of Deadlock in the AppStore for FREE, and 4.99 for more features:

Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock Collector's Edition HD - Big Fish Games, Inc