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iPad Louge – Potato Escape

Watch out, those forks are out to get you and make you a tasty treat! Nothing to but run like you’re never ran before, I did not see this for Mr. Potatohead, it’s Potato Escape, today on iPad Lounge.


Nothing could be simpler than Potato Escape, you click the screen as your potato dude runs like crazy trying to escape the impalement from a fork chasing after him. You need to tap the screen jumping over objects and NPCs through out each level and collect coins. The coins add up to unlock other characters in the game, but you’ll need a lot to unlock some of these guys. Of course, if you pay for the game, you’ll be given the other characters.

You start off running like crazy through out a massive kitchen, passing all the different isles of foods, kitchenware, etc. The game does not stop, you’ll pass into each different level by a few secs of nothing but brick wall background and collecting a few coins. You’ll start off in the potato housing, where I’m sure you came from, hop on your way past the eggs, tomato’s, onions, etc.


Simply put, this game is fun. it does have a sick bit of humor though, as in what happens if you trip and the fork does its bidding. But all around, this game is quick, very easy to control, and the funny characters make for a good time of fun. As of writing this review, I have yet to pass the sixth level, where you need to hop from dish to dish.

You can get Potato Escape in the AppStore for FREE or 1.99 for Gold:

Potato Escape - One Touch Runner - The Alpine Republic