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Like tower defense games, this could be the king of all tower defense games that will make you go crazy! This week on iPad Lounge I review Wood’s Defense, the hardest tower defense game I think i have ever played.

Game Play

Ok, so the game play is fairly simple, you need to keep the monsters coming down the trail from entering a portal at the other end, your weapons of choice are defense towers, whether a bow n arrow or magical laser tower. While the object seems simple, the game play is not. You are also given a fairy which enhances the selected towers you drop it on for a certain time limit. These come in handy, but you should only really really use these as a last resort. Everything I’ve just explained should make for a great game, and all around I think the idea is a really good one to work on, however, this game is impossible to beat. Now, I know what you might be thinking, I just stink at playing these types of games, fair enough. But not only me, I’ve had a few others test this game out, and it would appear to be impossible to get past the fist zone.

You are given 20 life points, for each monster that passes into the portal, you lose a point. The biggest issues, you do not have enough cash, resources to beat the levels. Just not going to happen. After trying for about four hours, it would appear the game is designed so that the paid version unlocks more fairies (your’re only given one), which would no doubt defeat the monsters and level the game play. Like I said, I like this game, but I get the feeling the game is not playable unless you pay for it, which kind of defeats the free part. I’m just a tad confused and perhaps others who do not have as much patients as me will just drop the game all together. I think the developers were going for free to play, buy add-ons to make it tons more fun and instead ending up making play the first three levels free, never beat the fourth because you needs items you won’t get unless you pay, with the no focus on that’s what you need to do to complete it. I was not aware you could unlock this game until I went back to the main menu to start putting the pieces together. My hope is that the guys who made this will realize this and change a few small details to either let players know or make the game a tad easier to play.


The game is a tad confusing, this may be my fault for not really knowing all “how defense tower games are played” part down. Although you’re given a quick key index on what your icons do, it doesn’t really tell you what fairies are used for. The game over all has a simple detailed look to it, everything seems to match well.


What I like is the game play, this is a no nonsense hardcore defense tower game, you will not be given any chances to test the waters. Those monsters will plow right through your defenses if you make the simplest mistake. It sets a very tactical game play to make the right moves or the game is clearly over.

You can get Woods Defense in the AppStore for FREE:

Woods Defense: Fairy's Power - LIMING CHEN