Five Movies that could make Great Games

There’s no denying that most game adaptations of TV shows and movies are poorly constructed cash-cows. Occasionally there will be the odd gem that just gets the transition just right but games like that are few and far between.

That’s not to say that with the right budget, studio, and commitment some great tie-ins couldn’t hit the shop shelves either retail or digital. Some of these movies already have a game but the spin-off was either terrible or it’s simply been too long and the movie if crying out for a gaming update. Here’s a list of movies that could make fantastic gaming experiences.

5. Sucker Punch

Regardless of what you thought of the movie, Jack Snyder, who also brought 300 and Watchmen to life, has an impressive imagination. This game would have Nazi zombies, and let’s face Nazi zombies are the best type of zombie, Samurai who while not quite as awesome as ninjas are still pretty badass, robots, which are usually quite good in anything (C3PO aside).

The game would also feature that staple of so many videogames, girls in skimpy clothing that make no practical sense whatsoever.

The movie even had a standard game setup whereby the characters ripped through some weaker enemies before meeting that “level’s” boss. This would make a decent third person co-op I think.

4. Total Recall

Now apparently there already is a game of Total Recall and by all accounts it was dreadful. The internet also informs me that an MMO is in the works. But I think you could make a third person shooter out of this or possibly even an RPG, this would be a game based on the original Paul Verhoeven movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (although in my quasi-professional opinion the trailers for the remake actually don’t look all that bad).

Total Recall could make it as a retail release by neatly filling the void left after the demise of the Red Faction franchise. Hence the need for it to follow the course of the original, which actually visits Mars, you’d have everything here; shoot-outs, car chases, political machinations and plenty of opportunities for slightly hammy dialogue. What more could you want from a movie adaptation?

Well there’s always that prostitute with the extra features…

3. District 9

In a stunning revelation by Hollywood that aliens are aware of the existence of countries on Earth that are not America District 9 brought a giant space ship to the skies of Johannesburg. It was a also surprisingly good movie with the ending nicely set up for a sequel but what if they made that sequel a game?

You’d get to play as either the prawns fighting for justice or as the humans of the Multinational Untied Corporation intent on continuing the racial segregation the District system entails. There would be powerful alien weapons coupled with experimental prototypes reverse engineered by Multinational.

And then there’d be the obligatory clash against the Nigerians simply because every FPS is legally required to have AK47s or some variant thereof. The game would also feature an excellent team deathmatch mode.

2. Inception

There is a Facebook and browser title, Inception: Mind Crime, but in order to truly get into an Inception based game you’d need a fuller experience. Christopher Nolan, the movie’s director, has said that he will be working on something, possibly once the Dark Knight Rises hits cinemas this summer.

Looking at the film there’s a lot we don’t know so there’s room here for a prequel to the movie, maybe with new characters. It could be a look at how the technology and chemicals to allow inception and extraction were actually created.

Who developed it? Was it always intended for crime? Before Moll came up with the idea of tokens what did people use to keep track of reality? Who came up with the idea of a kick?

This could either work as an MMO or follow the template of Assassin’s Creed’s multiplayer with different teams racing to extract the information from a target’s mind and get out before he or she realizes what’s going on while at the same time building up the background universe established by the film.

1. Blade Runner

The point and click game based on this particular movie was in some ways ahead of its time. Player actions affected the outcome of the game, it had 13 possible endings (note to Bioware: 13 endings in 1997 and I bet they weren’t colour coded either). It was also the first adventure game to use both 3D character rendering and a game world which progressed in real-time

Blade Runner received generally positive reviews, and was nominated for “Best Adventure Game” of 1997 at the PCGamer awards.

But this game didn’t follow the story of the movie instead casting you in the role of Ray McCoy, a blade runner tasked with hunting down several replicants, the movie’s protagonist Deckard only appeared once in a non-speaking role.

This new game however could actually work quite well as a science fiction Grand Theft Auto while following the plot of the movie and adding side-missions that fit in with Blade Runner universe.

And if last year’s Deus Ex Human Revolution taught us anything, apart from the fact that the cities of tomorrow will require unusually large ventilation shafts, it was that there’s a market for cyberpunk and in fact there were more than a few subtle nods to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece in that particular game.

Anything else?

What other movies could make great games? What adaptations have actually worked? Should Hollywood just give up?

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