If Famous Franchises Tried New Genres

I’m always hearing gamers clamoring for change in the industry. Sometimes it’s something small, like a fix to a glitch that got past the QA testers. Sometimes they’re bigger, like a new ending to a successful series because the current ending doesn’t sit well. There are times, though, where the request for change affects an entire franchise that has gone stale, and fans are pleading with the creators to shake things up in the interest of, well, interest.

What if these well-known names did shake things up, changing the entire focus of the game to something new? What I describe below are some of the best ideas I could come up with, so try not to judge TOO hard. I’d love to hear your ideas, too. I won’t judge, and I don’t bite, I promise.

Metroid Survival Horror

I’ve heard this idea before, and the more I think of it the more successful this idea could be. Imagine traversing a planet like Zebes shrouded in darkness, with foreboding roars and growls coming from a distance. Imagine tight spaces, enemies popping out in every direction, and a sublime, subtle music style that would get loud when it needed to be. Basically, think of Metroid Resident Evil without the tank controls. Wouldn’t that be a better representation of Metroid than what Team Ninja did with Other M? Metroid needs a comeback, and a survival horror title (even called it Metroid Dread!) would be just what the space doctor ordered.

Star Fox Turn-Based Strategy

This idea would require two established Nintendo franchises coming together: Star Fox and Advance Wars. Think of an Advance Wars-style game, set in space, that has you controlling Fox and his team against the forces of Andross? You could gain allies, build your army, and establish strategies to decimate the opponent. I love Advance Wars and I love and miss Star Fox, so combining the two would completely be relevant to my interests.

Legend of Zelda Open-World RPG (a la Skyrim)

This is an absolute no-brainer. Skyrim is as popular as it is because it takes the fantasy genre and expands it unlike anything seen before. The world of Skyrim is gigantic and beautiful, alive with flora, fauna, and other warriors. You get into fights, you help needy travelers, and you can accomplish your tasks however you wish. Now, combine that open, endless feeling of Skyrim with the storytelling of The Legend of Zelda. What if Hyrule was the giant land players crossed as they adventured? If they made a Zelda game like Skyrim, they could include every town and area from every Zelda game ever made. Hyrule Castle Town, Goron Village, Clock Town, Skyloft, ALL of it could be incorporated. As I sit here and write this, all I can think about is how cool it would be to play this type of game as the final Zelda entry. I hope everyone at Nintendo played Skyrim and took notes, because a Zelda game like that would be a money MACHINE for the Big N.

Call of Duty Real-Time Strategy

While CoD is still the highest-selling franchise in any given year, a major complaint is that nothing sees radically different from game to game, regardless of the dual-developer approach. The shooting feels the same, the online plays the same, etc. Well what if Call of Duty went the Halo Wars route and produced a top-down real-time strategy game. This would probably anger a lot of rabid Call of Duty fans, but sometimes change is good. Halo Wars was a pleasant surpirse of a game, I feel like a Call of Duty real-time strategy game would be another success.

Street Fighter MMO

I know, I know, everyone asks for a POKEMON MMO, not a Street Fighter MMO. But follow me on this one. There would be six classes: Shotokan (Ryu), U.S Solider (Guile), Killer Bee (Cammy), Russian Brute (Zangief), Interpol Agent (Chun-Li), Muay Thai Fighter (Sagat). Each class would have its own stats, buffs, nerfs, etc. Battle would occur when you walk up to a person and challenge him or her, which would then switch the screen to a top-down MMO experience to a classic fighting game 1-on-1 view. I feel like a fighting game MMO would broaden the story of the game to a point where fans would stop laughing at it. Of all the games I suggested here, this is probably the one that I would push hardest to make it real. I’m not an MMO guy, but I would make an exception for this.

What do YOU think should change? Which of these should be left alone? Let me know, I’m always open to new ideas.

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