iPad Lounge – Where’s Waldo?™ The Fantastic Journey

The famous books everyone remembers looking at when a child now comes to the appStore. That crazy guy who travels all over the world and sees some interesting stuff to say the least has hit the digital age, Waldo. Personally I have spent many hours glancing over all the details in the pictures trying to find every interesting event or person, haven’t we all? Today I review Where’s Waldo?™ The Fantastic Journey, this is iPad Lounge.

Game Play

The game couldn’t get any simpler or more confusing when the main menu loads. You’re greeted by a main menu, you have the option of choosing Single Traveler, Party, or Explore. To my knowledge, the Single and Party options are like a campaign mode for the game. You’re taken from one world to the next, finding all the objects. If you choose Explorer, you’ll be given the option of browsing all the worlds on a map and selecting which one you want to visit. If you didn’t know this, there is no guide to help you along. You may be clicking around for a bit to realize that there are more than one mode, each with different sets of scenes/persons to find.

The game play from here on out changes depending on which option you selected. If you choose Explorer, you’ll be given the task of finding Waldo, Wizard Whitebeard, and Wenda, which in most cases are the easiest to find. After completing the first set, you’ll be given another set of characters of scenes to look for in the picture. Unlike the Traveler selection, you can search the whole picture looking for these objects or people. In the Traveler mode, you are guided to a section within the whole picture where the scene/person is. This makes finding the scene a tad more challenging. Also, in the Traveler mode, you’ll be given an amount of attempts to find the scene/person before you need to retry the world over again. This can be confusing, as you move the picture around by swiping, sometimes this is gestured as clicking on the location, depleting the stars you have. In traveler mode, Woof, Waldo’s loyal companion, will help find the person/scene for you if you click on him.


Presentation with the menu’s and buttons can be a bit confusing. It’s not so clear what function does what when you play for the first time. I really like the voice over’s for the directions on finding different people or describing the world for the first time. Wizard Whitebeard usually does most of the talking or narration. One thing I tried right away was trying to zoom in or out of the pictures, which you can not do. If i had one major I would like, it would be this. Over all though, the game doesn’t crash, there doesn’t seem to be any bugs with it either.


Overall, I would say this app was well worth the investment to find Waldo. You’ll probably spend a good amount of time trying to find all the objects in the different worlds, and if you go back and reset the world, don’t be surprised if it asks you to find a different set! With some neat animation thrown into the scenes, Where’s Waldo can be just as fun and time consuming as the books of yesteryear.

You can get Where’s Waldo?™ The Fantastic Journey on the AppStore for 0.99

Where's Waldo?™ The Fantastic Journey - Ludia