Sony aims to outdo Durango with PS4 (Code)name

Rumors of the PS3’s successor have been floating around for a while but we may now have a codename, “Orbis.” This is apparantly Latin for a circle or loop and could hint at PlayStation 4 Vita connectivity in the same way the Wii U controller will work with that console. Orbis Vitae meanwhile translates as “circle of life.”

Of course this could be nothing more than a rumor but go to and you’ll be directed to a page for PlayStation developers. Nothing here about the PS4 obviously but the fact that Orbis is in the address certainly seems to suggest that it is something PlayStation related. Try replacing Orbis with PS4 in the address and you receive an error message.

The newest rumors about the console, which could actually be called Orbis on release, say the system will launch around “holiday season” 2013 according to a “reliable” Kotaku source (isn’t it amazing how many reliable sources there are out there?). Said source reports that the system will have an AMD X64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU which will be able to show Orbis games at a resolution of up to 4096×2160, far higher than most current HDTV sets.

Orbis will also be capable of playing 3D games in 1080p, the PS3 could only display up to 720p. Apparantly developers have been receiving dev kits since the beginning of this year.

Now this is were we just have to hope Kotaku’s informant is wrong. Apparently the console will feature a block on used games just like the Xbox 720, currently code-named Durango, is rumored not to. And buying the game and staying offline isn’t going to work either, according to the source, you’ll need a constant internet connection and a PSN account to play anything.

Even more worryingly the system won’t isn’t supposed to play PS3 games. Of course after the 60 and 20 GB models the PS3 dropped backward compatibility but for Sony not to bother at all seems unlikely.

In February Jack Tretton said  “I’m not thinking about trying to launch PS4 anytime soon,” saying a major launch would be a distraction. Of course, you’d expect him to say that.

Taking all of this with a pinch (or barrel) of salt if Sony is planing on launching the PS4, or Orbis, or whatever they end up calling it  next year we’ll almost certainly be introduced to the system in June at the company’s pre-E3 press conference. Until then what do you think? Will the name work? Should they block used games? Should Sony learn a modern language?

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  1. Discipulus

    PS4 is going to suck. Sony is losing money like crazy and won’t have the cash to really push the limits like they did with the PS3. Also because of this look for them to ca$h in on their customers as much as possible, but it’s not like they don’t do that already (PS Vita Memory Card and USB Cable I am looking at you!).

    Then consider that it will be almost impossible to have backwards compatibility to PS3 games because they are kicking their much ballywhood Cell processor to the curb…

    Hold onto your wallets Sony fans, it’s going to be a rough ride!

  2. dOOm

    discipulus there is one thing that is fucked up and that is a dumb comment from a xbot. and that playstation hating dumb ass of a xbot is you….

  3. Russell Morrison

    sonny wouldnt be able to block used games simply for the fact that they have contracts with gamestop. I know this because i used to work for them. everytime you preordered a game the companies and gamestop pay each other for rights, extra content and so forth. to stop a company from being able to sell used games would surely make gamestop possible not want to sell there merchandise.

  4. forbidden666

    thank god just bought a ps3 a week ago. sounds like the next gen gaming systems are gonna suck @ss. I’m cool with my trio of systems, wii, xbox 360, and ps3….also ps2 n64, super nes and gamecube!!!!!! no more systems for me in a long time 🙂

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