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One game I thought that I would never get into was Angry Birds. I used to stare at it in the App Store and say, “no way.” When I finally caved in and got the original, I was hooked. The simplistic gameplay and fun graphics were enough to make me sink hours into trying to 3-star all the levels I could. Most Angry Birds stories are like that. You won’t hear any Game of the Year proposals for Rovio’s mobile hit but you will see a ton of people playing and talking about it. Angry Birds is by no means social but it sure does create a ruckus.

Rovio is back with the second sequel to their record shattering franchise, Angry Birds Space. Does the change in scenery bring enough to keep the series going or are the birds finally about to hit a wall?


Yeah, I don’t know what you want to hear about the basics of this game. It’s Angry Birds. However, the space aspect is what brings the unique-ness here. You still pull back the bird on a slingshot and aim for the best but this time there will be plenty more obstacles in your way. The space pigs are guarded by asteroids, clumps of debris, other planets, and even gravity wells. The wells create the most interesting new gameplay addition as you have to calculate how the trajectory will change once you enter a planet’s field. As your game progresses, multiple gravity wells bring more challenge but much more interesting stages. I got to say that the gravity wells are the best part of Angry Birds Space.

You’ll find plenty of challenges along your space travels that range from “oh crap”, to “hah hah, should have realized that”, to “I’M GOING TO BREAK THIS IPAD!” Thought I never got to that point where I didn’t want to play anymore, there are a few stages where trying to get 3-stars just makes you hate Rovio for a period of time. It doesn’t help that certain stages aren’t about keeping as many birds alive as possible and more about the destruction and points. You aren’t told this at all. I found myself on one stage gaining around 65,000 points, use one bird, and still only get one star. I found out through a YouTube video that you have to use all three birds to create as much destruction as possible. I got the 3 stars my first try after that. I literally sat there going, “really? I wish I knew.”

The worst part about Space is that the game is still way too random. You never know if your “perfectly” lined up shot will do anything. I had a shot kill every pig on the map except one. I restarted the stage, did the same thing, and got 3-stars after all piggies died. There is just not enough emphasis on skill here to allow you to get “good” at it. I guess that is Rovio’s way of keeping Angry Birds interesting instead of gaining a pro, elitist side of the fanbase.



Rovio brings the fireworks to Angry Birds Space with exceptionally cool menus and music. The soundtrack have a sci-fi superhero-ish theme to it that exemplifies the new characters and their looks. Each planet that you orbit have a unique aspect to them that never gets boring. From a lush forest planet, to the frozen wasteland and a bomb filled disaster zone, all three (technically four) starting planets each have something that brings more entertainment and vibrant graphics to the game. In a great move, Rovio even included a satellite in orbit on the planet selection screen that brings you to the NASA website to learn more about space.




For $2.99 you gain access to the first two planets, an unlockable third one, and hidden stages. The game will be updated with more stages but initially you’ve have around 60 to try and 3-star before then. If Rovio will stay active like they did with prior releases, you’ll see plenty of bang for your three bucks which makes Angry Birds Space worth every penny.



If you’re tired of the series, pick this up and give it a try. The new additions to the gameplay spruce things up enough to breathe new life into it. Even if you’re busy with the original, Seasons, or Rio splitting time with them for Space is recommended to change things up. Space brings plenty more to the table. So much, it makes you wonder what Rovio could come up with next that would trump this. Angry Birds Myths & Legends? Maybe even Angry Birds vs. Disney?

You can get Angry Birds Space in the AppStore for 2.99

Angry Birds Space HD - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

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