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The Sims FreePlay

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up The Sims were all the rage. Even though the graphic were a bit blocky, the very idea of building your own home and running a life in a virtual world seemed like so much fun, and for the longest time around, The Sims was it. Today, on my iPad I decided to check out the new release from EA, The Sims FreePlay. This is iPad Lounge

Game Play

Character Menu

The game plays almost like playing any of the The Sims games you may be familiar with. You have an array of options to select in making your character; from hair color to the clothing your sim wears. Once you select the gender, clothing options and your name (don’t forget that!), you’ll be taking into your sim town through the tutorial. A few clicks later, you’ll start in your pre built house with furniture ready to go.

From here is where the game turns though. In The Sims, the full game, you have tons of options to choose from building your house to traveling around town to visit friends and neighbors. I can tell from the game play that the game is more designed in completing tasks and growing things in your garden to accumulate points to spend on better objects in game. These points or LP (Lifestyle Points) can unlock some neat furniture, better clothing, and all around options in the game.

When you first move into your house, you are introduced to your pet, a dog. Your dog will help you find free goodies but searching your property and a bubble notification comes up for you to give him the go ahead to dig up what lies beneath. The tutorial walks you through buying some objects for you home and planting your first garden, which in return gives you points for harvesting. This reminds me way too much like some farmville game mechanics, which may be your thing.

To say the least, the worse part of the game is it’s designed to play in real time, meaning if you have a sim job from 8am – 5pm, expect your sim to be away for that time in real life. All the while just reminding you why did you start playing the game in the first place? Perhaps you have more time to kill playing World of Warcraft… This part reminds me so much of playing the original Sims game, where the amount of time playing was brutal and felt more like grinding in some Massive Multiplayer Online game than a fun sim based game. I believe this is all geared twoards you spending some real cash for in game lifestyle points to speed things up.

Game Design

Besides some of the flaws of the game play, the design reminds me of the original game too. I have to say, I think the touch interface brought in for the iPad works out very well, even better than the keyboard and mouse on the PC. It’s very easy to zoom in and out on your character and rotating the screen with the two touch is a breeze. Perhaps a small complaint would be the over abundance of point screens to congratulate you that you just planted something in the garden or to introduce you to a dog you find in the beginning.

Over all I like the idea and the controls a lot, I feel that they are defiantly onto something here, but I can’t throw the game under the bus, after all, the game is free. The Sims 3 for the iPad may be exactly what your looking for if you want the sims play.

You can get The Sims FreePlay at the AppStore for: FREE

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