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Skyrex, what is there more to say. I saw this game when I was browsing new ipad games to test out. Skyrex is a game where you control a ball and move it through a labyrinth of buildings and mazes to get as many points as possible before exiting. After you complete the level, you’ll receive your score, which I believe is compared to other scores online. Without another ado, this is iPad Lounge

Game Play

Skyrex by Istom Games Kft. is played by tilting your iPad or iPhone device to move your little blue ball through a crazy course filled with obstacles, moving platforms and massive pits to end your little fellows travel. And boy, did I do that often. That is to say though, this game is catchy, the more it got to me from falling and dying over and over, you can easily restart where you left off by pressing the little button on the right hand side when traveling. Let me be serious for a sec, you will want to press that button as many times as possible. I’m not entirely sure when you are allowed to use that button, but I started to guess it was after you collected points from gathering other balls on the field.

You will run into machines that drop stuff, pits, red balls that are on fire, toxin sludge, missing rails on your track and loads more. Do not be fooled and think you should load this baby up right after you were playing something more subdue, like Sims Freeplay, this game means business.

Although the challenges are nice and overall design is nice too, the instructions and story at the time didn’t seem to work and it does have its bugs. If you pause the game while your ball is rolling, there is a chance that during resume the ball will fly off screen and get stuck in the ceiling, making you have to restart the level all over again. Also, you may get stuck on some rails, I’m not sure exactly why it’s only a few curves here and there that cause this, but if you do, it will always happen at the same spot. Another bug perhaps is if you make a horrible move and save your position when you fall off you track and into the toxic goo below. You’ll restart over and over again above the goo and drop back in, depleting all your points. I found out that if you click on the “x” button, it will move you back to the beginning of the level, while annoying, it does fix the issue. One more weird issue, and I’m not sure if it’s just related to my device, the screen is fixed, and will not rotate towards you, you’ll need to rotate the iPad around to where the button is on the left hand side of the device.

Game Design

The first 4 levels are free to play, 0-3. Afterwards you need to make a purchase to unlock the next level set, or as they call it a level pack. There are three level packs to purchase, 0.99 cents each or all 3 together for 1.99. With all it’s quirks and bugs, which I hope they do fix, I really like this game. I feel the challenge is hard enough and the thought process into the levels detailed enough for a good amount of fun.

You can get Skyrex in the AppStore for: FREE
Skyrex - Istom Games Kft.