iPad Lounge – Do The Dark

What type of puzzle game is there where you try to move all your light boxes into the corner to make the entire board dark? Do The Dark, that’s who. You’re in for a treat, this time on iPad Lounge

Game Play

What is there more to say, this game is fun. A good challenge accepted as I say, Do The Dark is a simple yet fun puzzle solver. The object is simple, you have to clear all the lighted boxes out, you have only 100 trys or 10 mins time to complete the task to move on to the next level. Although be careful, went you turn off a box, all the boxes surrounding it change (that may be good or bad). Usuallly you will want to move your boxes into one of the four corners to complete the task.

The first 74 levels are free to play, after that there is a fee to unlock more levels. At this time, I did not get that far to see what the price is.

You can get Do The Dark in the AppStore for: FREE

Do The Dark - gamekabila