Would you, Could you? The quest in an open sourced review score.

Besides going crazy this past week working out some bugs on another project (which you’ll soon find out, but may not care about), we’ve been doing a lot of talking here at the HQ (if you wanna call it that). Besides all the crazy talk and loads of arguments over which games are better, release dates and will the vita succeed, our brain storming department (lol) when not having brain farts has been a thinking, and thinking of something really cool. Or so we think…

The idea, simply to create a universal, democratically controlled review score site. Much unlike MetaCritic, which you have to pass a load of bureaucratic paperwork to even be considered, our approach was running a non profit, open sourced site for submitting and returning a median score for every game known to man. The non profit’s code will be placed on github for review and submission work to keep up with the site and the control process would be dictated upon you, the tribunal community, to pass judgement on filtering out old and dead links to approving new games to the index.

The site would offer many different plugins for blogs to read the score numbers and show (if they want to show the number) or just for submitting the review score the site themselves put on for their review of the game. This would create a all-in-one location for all sites to submit a review score. Obviously some sites will have more weight to their score than others (which I have put some thought into).

Well today, I can announce that this project is now officially under way. VidyaRank.com will be the non profit (no ads), open sourced, game database. I will keep everyone updated on the process and the updates on when you too can help out. We’re working on a way to make sure the site and database stays open sourced for everyone to submit. Let’s finally make something awesome and controlled by us, the gamer.


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